The Daily Feature: Ámaris’ “Endless Possibilities” Features Synthpop Melodies From This Decade

Happy Friday! Today’s Daily Feature is “Endless Possibilities” by London-based Indie Rock recording artist, music producer, actor, and songwriter Ámaris. The artist had this to say about the tune: “I wanted to create the warm, nostalgic feeling of the music I can remember playing in the background as a kid, the soundtrack of the movies I grew up with.”

“Endless Possibilities” is a tune that is drenched in heavy 90s-style synthpop melodies. It features the singer-songwriter’s diverse vocals from rich, low tones to high, silky tones. The melody is mainly in the vocals as it goes back and forth in precise melodic patterns. The vocals help to present the most important that is found deep in the lyrics: follow your dreams and always think about new beginnings. It is a relaxing, honest track that inspires you to follow your dreams while featuring a throwback to the 90s in its synthpop vibes. You got to listen to it today!

Make sure to check “Endless Possibilities” down below and let me know what you think in the comments.

About the Artist: Ámaris

Ámaris Wen (also known as “Ámaris”) is a London-based recording artist, music producer, actor, and songwriter. The recording artist, who is known for far-flung futuristic electronica and unconventional blends of genres, not only produces, sings, and composes, but also co-produces music videos and short films.

The artist received her formal training at a drama school, where she also started to listen to electronic music for her dance courses. She then started the dance floor project “Geiko– female electronic dance music”, the first album of which was released in 2014. She then worked as a playlist manager for major record labels before releasing her first R&B and the synthpop-influenced album “Neon Colours”, which was well-received by critics. Ámaris went on to produce albums such as ‘Aquamarine’ in 2018, and the most recent ‘Dream World’ in 2020.

As one of only a few female music producers, Ámaris’ skills in combining genres such as neo-soul, R&B, and electronic have defined her music as being genre-defying. ‘Creativity is my fuel,’ says Ámaris, ‘I can rely on it. I’d say that this is probably my actual skill.’

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