You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: The Wide Range of Emotions Featured in ameliarose’s “NOSEDIVE”

The Daily Feature: The Wide Range of Emotions Featured in ameliarose’s “NOSEDIVE”

Today’s Daily Feature is “NOSEDIVE” by American Dream Pop/Indie Pop singer-songwriter ameliarose. This is what the artist had to say about the song:

“NOSEDIVE” is about the defenseless feeling of repeated losses, due to emotional manipulation. Love is vulnerable, and ameliarose perfectly encapsulates how risky it can be to become attached to someone who is clearly unwell. At just nineteen years old, she evokes this tragic falling-out in the chorus lyrics; “I saw my own reflection in the back of the necklace you gave me. I looked so distorted, you asked ‘what’s so important about all this anyway?’”. Through the song, we follow her journey to speak up for herself, take ownership of her body, and leave the audience aching for more. 


ameliarose’s “NOSEDIVE” is all about emotions and you can hear it everywhere: the vocals, the lyrics, the melody, the volume. The song starts off soft with a beautiful, light piano melody. The vocals also start off with dulcet tones. But, that all changed by the midpoint of the song as ameliarose discards the gentle facade for bare emotions. Vigorous vocals cry out in melody, showing all sorts of emotions in each note with elevated volumes. How the singer-songwriter performs this is so incredible as ameliarose’s vocals are full of power and flair.

Although there is a showcase of two diverse types of emotions in “NOSEDIVE”, it is important to listen for the rawness and realness in the vocals, the lyrics, and even in the instrumentation. The vocals are the main star of this song as they drive the mood and tell the lyrics’ story with so much passion. But, don’t forgot to listen for the instrumentation as it helps the vocals out and creates a soothing atmosphere with piano melodies mixed in with electronic ones.

What do you think of ameliarose’s newest single? Make sure to check out “NOSEDIVE” down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: ameliarose


ameliarose is a nineteen-year-old poet/songwriter/singer from New York. Encapsulating audiences with bold lyrics, edgy piano, complex, organic harmonies & slam poetry – she keeps her fans on their toes. Her intense, heartfelt, lyricism and melancholic production is how ameliarose’s voice and songwriting stand out in a crowded atmosphere. Self-produced and self-recorded, she takes inspiration from life-long loves, Fiona Apple, Jeff Buckley, St. Vincent, & Radiohead. 

Her live-streaming journey began at the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when her senior year of high school got cut short, and her academic life ceased to exist. Streaming for 4-6 hours per night on average, she built her audience from scratch by performing primarily original music & poetry for the entirety of the streams. As she began to rise in the live-streaming community, she coined her own genre, “Emo-Jazz”, which is a combination of her two biggest influences on her work. Streaming became her home while taking advantage of technology when the rest of the world was shut down. 

Check out ameliarose at the following:

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The Wide Range of Emotions Featured in ameliarose's "NOSEDIVE"

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  1. renee

    Talk about emotions! What a soft and Beautiful song. I love being introduced to new music

  2. Cindy Nico

    What a beautiful song. Love listening to some of your favorites.

  3. I love the song, it was painful tho. I will save it so I can always listen to it.

  4. Dominique

    I like the music in this song. I noticed some interesting sounds in the background and tried to id the different parts n my head. Makes me wish I hadn’t stopped playing when I did.

  5. Jasmine Martin

    This song reminds me of something I may have heard in a sad scene from a show in the early 2000s. It’s an absolutely beautiful song.

  6. Barbie

    The melodies of the song is really catchy. I love her voice and how she performed it. She’s so tough.❤️

  7. Thanks for sharing this daily feature of this indie pop artist, love the emotional captured in the song shared here. Cheers Siennylovesdrawing

  8. Kenneth

    You always feature nice songs and I thank you for you sharing them all the time 🙂

  9. Alita Pacio

    I love the song 🙂 I can listen to it everyday

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