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The Daily Feature: Amelie Rose’s “Feeling Good” Is Superb Because of THIS

Amelie Rose's "Feeling Good"

Today’s Daily Feature is “Feeling Good” by Italian Bedroom Pop / Contemporary artist Amelie Rose. The premise song is this: “This song talks about the path that you have to go through in order to recognize your own worth and the importance of your own happiness. You have to be happy even if sometimes it’s hard because of the people that walk out of your life or that criticize you. You must keep your head up and not be afraid to shine.”

The song features Rose’s big vocals that are filled with dynamics and an impressive range. These two qualities entice listeners as they pack a punch. But, her soulful, smoky vocals also guide the listeners through the song’s journey and helps to tell the story. These vocals are the main character that is accomplished by an acoustic piano, synthesized percussion beats, and snaps. I really love the piano accompaniment as their light, higher tones really highlight Rose’s deep and soulful vocals.

Amelie Rose’s “Feeling Good” is a must-listen for the singer’s dynamic, soulful vocals. They pack a punch as they tell the song’s story is a powerful, deep, and rich way. Don’t forget to really listen to the message found deep within “Feeling Good” as it is an important one: always keep on being positive and going for your own self-worth and happiness. “Feeling Good” is a superb start for Rose’s budding music videos and leaves the listeners to ask what will the artist do next.

Make sure to check out “Feeling Good” by Amelie Rose down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Amelie Rose

The artist had this about herself:

Hi I’m Amelie Rose! I was born in Bologna in 2003, music has always been a part of my life, a part of me. Ever since I was little I have always loved singing, but I started studying it in 2017, then I started to study the piano in 2019. I studied dynamic contemporary dance for six years, contemporary jazz dance for five years, Graham contemporary dance for five years and ballet for nine years. I’m an explosion of emotions and I’m a songwriter that loves to express them in my songs. Through music I write about things that are difficult explain with words and I hope you can identify in my songs too!

Make sure to check out Amelie Rose at the following sites:

Instagram | Spotify | Youtube

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