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Amey St. Cyr Talks About Her Latest Release `The Wild World EP`

Hey everyone, I am back with another interview!

I had a chance to talk to UK singer-songwriter Amey St. Cyr about her latest release entitled The Wild World EP. Continue on to read more about the EP, Amey St. Cyr as an artist, and listen to the EP. Let me know what is your favorite track in the comments below!

First of all, could you introduce yourself?

Hello there, I am Amey St. Cyr. I am a singer/songwriter mainly, but I also act and model when the opportunities come my way.

According to your bio, you were a vocalist for such bands like Thompson Twins and Baby Ford. How was it like being in those bands? How was it like working with some popular artists at the time?

Working with popular artists of the day like The Thompson Twins and Baby Ford was really good fun and easy. Both bands were really down to earth and I didn’t feel any different from them even though they were big stars back then. They all made me feel comfortable and part of it.

You also mention in your bio that you had suffered from postnatal depression as well as alcohol and drug addiction. How has illness and addiction as well as overcoming them influence your music?

Overcoming mental health issues and getting clean has given me a sense of gratitude for the full and amazing life I have now. I’m in a really positive space now and I think that is reflected in my choice of genre to work in – House music, and also in my choice of lyrics.

You co-wrote and performed with your daughter in a theatrical piece called Dreaming Diasporas. How was it writing for the theatre? Any different than writing music?

The theatre piece I wrote with my daughter, Zakia Sewell is called “Voices of the Motherland” and was written mainly through improvisation, there’s lots of singing in the piece. I use the same method when I’m writing songs. I improvise over music sometimes and record it and if it’s any good it gets to be part of a song.

Can you talk about your newest EP “WILD WORLD EP” and the four songs on it?

The Wild World EP was two years in the making. I split from the funk-rock band I was in previously and really enjoyed the freedom of being a solo artist. I have been a fan of House music since the late 80s so it seemed the perfect choice of genre for me.

Wild World” was the first song I completed for the EP. It was a comment on how the government’s austerity policies were actually having a negative effect on a lot of working-class people. Most of the MPs of the time were millionaires and seemed to be out of touch with the majority of their own people. It’s a call to arms to fight against inequality in all it’s forms.

“Dance Floor of Freedom” is about that Friday night feeling when you’ve finished a week at work and it’s time to party!! “You can dance your cares away, meet lovers on the floor. The stress of every day doesn’t matter anymore”. I was trying to emulate the club culture in this song. I’m sure many people will be able to relate to the lyrics.

“Do You Feel It Too” is about that chance meeting at a club when you instantly click with someone and you want to take it further.

“Life’s Too Short (To Be Unhappy)” is about exactly what it says. Let’s enjoy life while we can, even in lockdown!

How was it like recording WILD WORLD?

Recording Wild World was a joy!! I recorded it at West Eleven Studios on All Saints Rd In Ladbroke Grove, where I live. I didn’t have to travel very far. I’d spend the morning on the day that I was laying down the vocal practicing than do the vocals in the afternoon. I like to thoroughly rehearse so that I know exactly what I’m doing when I’m in the studio. I can’t stand wasting time as time is money.

Kevin, who works at the studio was a great help. He’s really laid back so I felt really comfortable making mistakes in his presence. It took on average about three hours to record each vocal.

“Life’s Too Short” was originally a completely different song. Same backing track but different lyrics and melody. I wasn’t happy with its first incarnation so I changed it, for the better in my opinion. It was the same with “Do You Feel It Too”. When I got the new idea for that song I just knew it was right. When I listen to the songs now I am really proud of what I’ve achieved.

Amey St. Cyr

According to your bio, your mission is now to write “catchy songs with an uplifting message”? Why is that?

There is so much in the world which can make us unhappy and I have taken it upon myself to try and bring joy to the masses with my music. I have come through my own personal struggles and listening to music really helped me. If I can help just one person feel better with my music my work is done.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are to make more music. Write and record more songs and release them. I’ve already started working on 2 new tracks. Also, I’d like to release a remix of the “Wild World” track. And If I can get some more opportunities to act and model, that would be great too.

What do you want listeners to listen for in your music?

The joy.

Do you want to say anything for the readers of ai love music?

I’d like to say that this COVID 19 situation won’t last forever. Stay strong, stay vigilant. Music is the healing power of the universe.

About the Artist: Amey St. Cyr

Amey St. Cyr

Music has been in Amey St Cyr’s blood her entire life.

She provided vocals for several bands in the 1990s, including The Thompson Twins and Baby Ford, and was well on the way to a successful career in music when fate intervened. After giving birth to her daughter, Amey developed crippling postnatal depression and her band broke up, leading to a period of alcohol and drug addiction. Now free from her illness and addiction, she is able to commit herself to music once again.

Amey makes uplifting, retro-tinged dance music with a positive, uplifting message at a time when the world needs it most. Music has helped her throughout her life and she still believes it has the power to help and inspire people.

As well as singing, Amey is also an actor and has appeared in music videos for the likes of Krept & Konan and Big Narstie.She has also recently written and performed a theatrical piece with her daughter Zakia, called Dreaming Diasporas, exploring their relationship and touching upon issues of immigration, race, family and identity.

A confident, inspirational artist, Amey is currently performing at gigs and open mic nights around London, and is guaranteed to get the dancefloor moving.

Make sure to check out Amey St. Cyr at these places:

Website | Spotify | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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Amey St. Cyr Talks About Her Latest Release `The Wild World EP`

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