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The Daily Feature: The Beauty in Andrew Kurtz’s “Mercy Says”

Today’s song is “Mercy Says” by American pop-rock singer-songwriter Andrew Kuntz. According to the artist himself, this song is about:

There’s something about life that tends to chip away at our confidence. When we go through hard times many of us become unsure of ourselves and insecure, ESPECIALLY when it’s our fault through mistakes we’ve made. But God’s mercy has a different story to tell. Mercy says is a song that reminds us of that different story; one of forgiveness, healing, and hope.

Andrew Kuntz

The message in the lyrics is very inspiring and well-written. Yet, the melody and the instrumentation are something to listen too. Kuntz’s smooth yet vibrant vocals really match the higher-pitched, synthesized instrumentation. The melodious, bright tones in his vocals are super compelling as they are wondrous to listen to. Kuntz also shows that he has a diverse range, from smooth low notes to those beautiful high ones, as he showcases it throughout.

Andrew Kuntz’s “Mercy Says” is a must-listen for its inspiring lyric, uplifting vocals, and instrumentation. Kuntz’s vocals, as well as the melodies, are vibrant and melodious as they express a diverse range, full of pleasant tones, and full of talent. With all of this, “Mercy Says” is such a beautiful song! How about you: What do you like about “Mercy Says”?

Make sure to check out “Mercy Says” by Andrew Kuntz down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Andrew Kurtz

Andrew Kurtz

Fusing his life-long pursuit of songwriting with his roots in gospel and church music, Andrew Kurtz has created a fresh and rich sound, seamlessly pairing acoustic and electronic rhythms. You’ll hear elements of pop, rock, gospel, and even church hymns when listening to Andrew’s first and latest EP, Mile After Mile.

Make sure to check out Andrew Kurtz at the following sites:

Official Site | Spotify | Instagram | Youtube | Facebook | Twitter

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The Daily Feature: The Beauty in Andrew Kurtz's "Mercy Says"

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