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The Daily Feature: The Mellifluous Sounds Featured in Animal Souls’ “Lessons Love”

Today’s Daily Feature is “Lessons of Love” by Canadian Indie Rock artist Animal Souls. The artist is back with a new single, having previous ones being mentioned before on this blog. “Lessons of Love” deals with the anxiety from a toxic relationship. And how we can find ourselves drawn in deeper no matter how hard we try to leave.

Animal Souls’ newest track features mellow instrumentation that takes influences from country, folk, hard rock, and classic rock. It features sounds from the past as well as including ones from modern times. A fusion of electronic and acoustic, the pivotal part of the song is the vocals with dulcet tones in the main female vocals joined with mellifluous harmonies. But, don’t just focus on the vocals as each part (the instrumentation, the vocals, the soundscape) features a unique sound that should be heard.

Make sure to check out “Lessons of Love” down below. et me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Animal Souls

Animal Souls

Animal Souls is an alternative rock/pop ensemble headed by bassist/producer Michael Fisher. ​Originally from Burlington, Ontario, Michael settled in BC in 1983, stopping first in Courtenay, BC, which at the time was a hotbed for musicians and artists and provided the inspiration to make a go at music. In the ensuing years, Michael played in a few ‘Feldman’ bands, studied recording and music marketing at Columbia Academy in Vancouver, took a stab at artist management and promotions, and wrote and recorded a lot of songs at his home studio in Vancouver’s West End (Holly Lodge).

​Fast forward to 2020 and the onset of Covid… it had been a long time since he wrote songs but the changing times inspired him to write a few new ones and also drawing from his catalog of past writings, released a home studio/self-produced EP, ‘Reborn’. ​Currently, Michael is back in the studio, this time partnering with Pete Cordalis at Green Room Studios in Abbotsford to produce a follow-up LP, ‘Tongue In Cheek’.

Make sure to check out Animal Souls at the following:

Official Site | Spotify | Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Soundcloud

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The Daily Feature: The Mellifluous Sounds Featured in Animal Souls' "Lessons Love"

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