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The Daily Feature: Anna Shoemaker Explores Vulnerability in Her Newest Album

Today’s Daily Feature is not a single, but an album entitled Everything is Fine (I’m Only on Fire) by American singer-songwriter Anna Shoemaker. The singer’s debut album captures the complexities of young adulthood. It reflects on all aspects of growing up: love, loss, toxicity, heartbreak, and mental health. The artist has this say about the process of writing the music featured on the album:

Everything Is Fine (I’m Only on Fire) is made up of bits and pieces of my diary over the past two weird yearsIt’s about a fascination with self-destruction but also redemption. It’s about forgiving yourself when you have every reason to hate yourself. It’s about falling in love when you have every reason not to trust. This album is a destruction fantasy. It’s about burning down expectations until the only thing left is you?

Inside the Whirlwind of Emotions and Sounds

The first thing that listeners will listen for in this 11-track album is that Shoemaker doesn’t hold back. In songs like “On Me”, the singer-songwriter weaves upbeat, catchy melodies with authentic lyrics that don’t hold back on the emotions. Anna drops some words that would surprise some listeners, but it is necessary to draw from those raw emotions to display that genuine vulnerability, Each track is a page of Anna Shoemaker’s personal diary over the years, but these issues featured are real yet relatable.

Is it hard to specifically define Everything is Fine (I’m Only on Fire) musically. There are tracks like “Scared of Your Ex (Brooklyn Cowboy)” that take influences from R&B and pop-dance genres to create its addictive, slick hyper pop soundscape. Then there are tracks like “Until I Die” that show a side of rock music with its gritty and punchy tones. Listeners hear the softer side of Anna’s artistry with such tracks as “Long Drive Home”, but then you hear harsher sounds like in “Until I Die”. This diversification of sounds, musical textures, and genres is what makes this album so special as the singer-songwriter is able to craft them brilliantly together to create a super album.

Final Thoughts

My favorite tracks off Everything is Fine (I’m Only on Fire) are the punchy rock track “Until I Die”, the groovy “Scared of Your Ex (Brooklyn Cowboy)”, and the driven yet gorgeous acoustic track “Change Your Mind”. Yet listeners should listen to the whole album as Anna Shoemaker has brilliantly crafted something that drips with genuine vulnerability, and honesty, and weaved different genres into the album’s soundscape. The artist honed on her talent for creating honest yet catchy tracks with each melody, lyric, and soundscape. Everything is Fine (I’m Only on Fire) should be on everyone’s playlist today!

Make sure to check out Everything is Fine (I’m Only on Fire) below. What is your favorite track? Let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Anna Shoemaker

Anna Shoemaker

Anna Shoemaker has quickly emerged as the next indie-pop darling to watch. Combining alt-leaning production, intoxicating pop melodies, and notably honest lyricism, her songs capture the turmoil, charm, and introspection of young adulthood. Over the past few years, Anna has become a main player in New York City’s indie music scene alongside artists like Middle Part and Richie Quake and producers like Kristos and Invisible Will, all of whom played a part in bringing Anna’s album to life.

Make sure to check out Anna Shoemaker at the following:

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The Daily Feature: Anna Shoemaker Explores Vulnerability in Her Newest Album

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