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Anni’s “Sedona”: A Dedication to Those Lost but Never Truly Gone

Los Angeles native Anni has recently released her first single entitled “Sedona”. Previously known as Annika Grace, the artist is a poet, singer-songwriter, and creator of a house concert series in Venice Beach called ‘Saturdays at Seven’. She is using the new era of music to create authentic tunes. This new era of music explores the more vulnerable, authentic, raw, and sometimes ugly sides of music.

Anni recently talked to ai love music via email about the single “Sedona” as well as her influence and behind the scenes. Find out what inspired Anni to release “Sedona” down below as it is something dear to the artist. While you are reading the interview, make sure to listen to the single as well. Tell me what you think in the comments!

Hello! Please introduce yourself! How did you get into music?

Hey! My name is Anni! I am a singer/songwriter and poet from Los Angeles. I got into music when I was about 7 or 8. I started writing poetry when I was little and my parents forced me into piano lessons (very grateful now) but at the time I had no clue how much those lessons would shape where I am now. I realized I could create songs using my poetry as lyrics and composing on the piano and it just took off from there.

What has your musical genre been like since the start? What is one thing you have learned?

I first went a very folk route until the age of around 18 when I started an art project ‘Annika Grace’ that went more down the pop route which was a fun era. I went to college in New York and I think that really shaped my sound now. I realized I really loved artists like Phoebe Bridgers, Maggie Rogers, and Lucy Dacus. I wanted my music to be more influenced by my poetry as well and decided I wanted to start fresh. That is why the new project ‘Anni’ was created. I think my sound now is contemporary pop/songwriter vibes and the new project reflects that.

What artists and/or genres influence your music?

I’d say my big influences are Phoebe Bridgers, James Blake, Holly Humberstone, and Maggie Rogers. I really love that raw dark singer/songwriter vibe where the lyrics are really front and center.

What is one goal that you are tackling in 2022 with your music?

A big goal for me is to release an EP by the end of the year as well as release my first poetry book. I have been working on it for a few years now and I’d love to get it published or self-publish it by the end of the year.

Let’s talk about your newest “Sedona”. What is it about?

“Sedona” is a goodbye letter to my mom who died of cancer last year. It is a dedication to those lost but never truly gone. After my mom passed, our family and friends packed up last minute and left on an adventure to Sedona. Those days under the Arizona Sky I’ll never forget inspired me to write this song about the experience.

What inspired you to release this song?

The project itself ‘Anni’ is also dedicated to my mom because she called me ‘Anni’ my whole life. I wanted the first song to be for me so I knew I wanted ‘Sedona’ to be the debut single. I also wanted others who have lost a parent to be able to connect and have a song that might help them through as it helped me. 

What was the production behind the song like?

My good friend Wayne Miller produced the song for me. I had written it in my bedroom in about an hour and then brought the song to him. We have been working together since I was about 19 so I knew right away he’d be the perfect fit.

What was the most important thing you wanted to show in this track?

The original song was a poem I had written so I think the most important part to me was the lyrics. I wanted to make sure every word was heard and that the production complimented it. We also added in sounds of Sedona in the background like birds chirping and the wind through the trees which I really liked since it brought me back to that time.

What do you want listeners to listen for in “Sedona”?

I’d love for them to hear the story behind the song and also all the little momentous we put throughout like the birds and the recordings of Arizona.

Any future plans?

Future plans are to release my next single ‘Run into You’ in the next two months. I have a few songs I’m getting ready to release so just planning out a release schedule for that as well as performing around Los Angeles. My favorite thing to do is live shows so it’s so nice to be able to do that again. 

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