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Drift Away to an Island Paradise with Anri’s “Windy Summer”

Summer has finally begun here in Japan. “Umi no Hi” Sea Day is the unofficial start of summer as the rainy season is over and it’s time to enjoy the sun. But, unlike the photo above, Japanese summer is nothing like a tropical paradise. We have reached the dog days of summer! Today’s temperature was 40°C (100°F) with humidity levels hanging around 80%. It’s a perfect day to hide indoors and dream about a cool tropical paradise with Anri’s “Windy Summer” under the air conditioner.

City Pop: The Music for Driving

City Pop

This tune is labeled under the genre “City Pop”, which is no stranger to me. City Pop is a genre that was created in the early 80s. It has roots in AOR (or Album Oriented Rock), jazz, and R&B. This genre is said to have an urban feel to it. The music site Electronic Beats mentions that City Pop features “a “cosmopolitan” image with various types of musical sounds ranging from soft, album-oriented rock to sophisticated boogie disco.”[1]

The genre distanced itself from the disco-flavored beats of the early 80s to more of an electronic sound by the end of the decade. American AOR songs featured more and more of a darker mood with a heavier guitar presence when the 80s were over. However, City Pop was the opposite: it was lighter, more electronic, and incorporated more synthesizers.

A lot of fans and observers have linked City Pop to the miracle of the Japanese Economic Boom of the 80s. The site A Bearded Gentlemen music nails it when the author explained that the 80s in Japan was “a decade of innovation and forward-thinking that was reconstructed within a reconstituted easy listening genre narrating a hopeful and laid-back ideology set in place by financial security from a surge in advanced Japanese progression.”[2]

Yet, the bubble burst in 1989, and the Japanese economy suffered a major depression through the 90s or “The Lost Decade”. City Pop too faded from the music scene when Japan’s economy floundered. But, the style has been recently making a comeback in small waves. Thanks to the reviving interest in vinyl records and various vaporwave artists sampling City Pop in their works (which I mentioned last month), it looks like this 80s’ genre is going to be sticking around in the hearts of music enthusiasts forever.

Analyzing the Tune “Windy Summer”

City Pop has been described as the genre of driving music. And, you can hear the reason why in “Windy Summer”. The song starts off strong with a bold brass section. With the brass section, an electronic guitar is strumming along. And, the synthesizers going up and down the scale in a fashion like a kaleidoscope. This opening reminds how Omega Tribe’s “RIVER’S ISLAND” opens up, refreshing yet calming.

One part that one should focus their attention on is the pre-verse, which is around the 1:01 mark. How the composer, Toshiki Kadomatsu, built up this part for listeners could delightfully expect the chorus is brilliant. It starts off as a gentle wind with the backing vocals singing the “oohs”. But once Anri approaches the chorus, the backing vocals crescendo into full force. Even Anri goes along with the crescendo as she sings up the scale, reaching a high note at the phrase’s end while becoming a little louder.

The chorus is my favorite part because of how Anri’s sings the “Windy Summer” part. She first goes down the scale with “windy su-” and then leaping to a higher note with “-mer”. I love how the closing “Here we are, windy summer” progresses musically, especially with how the backing vocals are placed against Anri’s main vocals during the “Here we are” part. It is beautiful!

Final Remarks

As I am a huuuuuuuuuge fan of music composed by Toshiki Kadomatsu, “Windy Summer” has a place in my heart. But, it doesn’t matter if you are a fan of Kadomatsu or not as Anri’s song is a perfect example of a city pop song as it is dreamy, relaxing, and makes you feel good. Don’t you want to take a trip to an island paradise after listening to this song?

About the Artist: ANRI


Anri, or Eiko Kawashima (real name), is a Japanese pop singer-songwriter. The Kanagawa native has been playing the piano since she was little. Growing up, she was influenced by the music of Yumi Matsutouya and Paul Mauriat (whom her father loved). She made her debut in 1978 with the song “Olivia wo Kikinagara” While Listening to Olivia.

Her major break came in 1983 with the single “CAT’S EYE”, the theme song to an anime with the same name. This upbeat disco single reached #1 on the weekly Oricon charts and stayed there for five weeks, eventually selling over 1.3 million copies. She has had moderate success since then.

An interesting fact is that Anri was engaged to American jazz guitarist Lee Ritenour from 2005 to 2008.

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Drift Away to an Island Paradise with Anri's "Windy Summer"


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  1. Joseph Luma

    Very insightful post on the City pop genre! Listening to it does remind me of cool jazz with a little more electronic flare.

  2. panushwari

    I absolutely have been loving this genre.


    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the song. Will give it a listen myself. 🙂


    Ooo I do like that 80s vibe! I haven’t heard about the genre “city pop” before, so this was interesting! I liked Anri’s song, I think it was dancy to, I got me movin’ my shoulders 😛

  5. Stephanie

    I didn’t know it gets just as hot in Japan as it does in south Texas! Sounds like we are having the same weather. We’ve been spending a lot of time inside lately, and my boys love to do a dance party some days!

  6. KateLovesTravel

    I’ve never heard of ‘city pop’ but I love 80s music… will give this track a listen!

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    I love 80s pop music from the US and UK. I’m starting to get into Japanese pop so this is perfect timing for me! I really enjoyed this song and your commentary!

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    It’s always fun to listen to some new summery music! I’m not familiar with City Pop but it sounds like something I’d enjoy.

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    I love reading how different countries and cultures classify and listen to their music!

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    I didn’t know that Japan had such hot summers. We are also having hot spell, but thankfully not that hot. My toddler loves music so we will give this a listen together soon.

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    This genre is new to me but I’m looking forward to checking it out.

  12. Eileen Mendoza Loya

    I like listening to pop music from other countries. Music is a universal language and sometimes, even if I don’t understand the lyrics, it is the beat that makes listening to these kind of music really enjoyable.

  13. Angela Tolsma

    I have totally listened to city pop before though not the songs you’ve recommended so I’m adding them to my list! I had no idea Japan got so hot in the summer, good to know!

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    I haven’t listened to city pop before but I love 80’s music!

  15. marjiemare

    That beach picture is so beautiful and peaceful, I want to be there as I am writing this comment.

  16. Summer is my fav season and I had recently my Bday! Didn’t know that summer In Japan is very hot and so humid that’s why I understand why you love Anri’s “Windy Summer” song! Never heard of this artist before, so thanks a lot for the great introduction to her and City Pop!

  17. helenevlacho

    It’s so hot here in Greece too! Need to check further this kind of music, my first impression is positive and the singer looks so good!

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    I am glad to learn something about music and artists from another culture. It is always interesting to listen to new music. Thanks for letting me experience a nice, upbeat song! I enjoyed it.

  19. I have never heard of this Japanese pop singer and songwriter before. Off to dig out some of her music.

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    I have never heard of this genre. I will have to check it out.

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    i have never heard of this before but def need to give it a listen! Thanks for sharing

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    This is so interesting! I love pop music here in the U.S., so I’m sure I would love “city pop!” -Tonya Tardiff

  23. April

    I hope you have a fun full summer filled with good music and adventures! Love the music!

  24. Steph

    Omg I used to listen to a lot of Japanese songs back in high school and my fave was yuna ito… Will definitely check this track out!

  25. Sigrid Says Blog

    Lovet! Soo cool to the ears. It’s perfect for the chilling during hot summer nights by the beach, sipping your favorite cocktail. 😀

  26. This is amazing to know the other artists and their art .Keep sharing such posts…

  27. sarahandfamblog

    Great opinions. I will have to check it out. Never really been a fan of Japanese music but there is always a possibility i will love it

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    I like that jazzy tune. A fun summer song for sure. Great horn arrangement.

  29. Kat&Phil

    Great vibes! Solid summer suggestion. Thanks for sharing!

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    This took me back in time to my childhood in Asia in the 80s! Glad to see this genre is still going. Nipa

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    I love the meaning behind music! Thank you for sharing.

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    This music sounds really interesting. I always enjoy learning about new artists. Thanks for the info and review!

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    I hadn’t heard of City Pop before. Loved learning about that and reading your analysis of the song, too.

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