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Indigenous Wyandot Singer-Songwriter ANYMA Talks About Her Latest Release `HUMANS`

Indigenous Wyandot singer-songwriter ANYMA recently talked to ai love music about her musical journey, influences, and the release of her newest EP entitled HUMANS. ANYMA offers glimpses into what she sees as the key components of her artistic vision—community, introspection, love, nature, wisdom, and humanity. Check out the EP down below and find out what is the EP is all about! Let me know what you think!

First of all, please introduce yourself!

I express myself through many art forms but choose music as the main purpose. I am an Indigenous Wyandot singer/songwriter from Wendake in Quebec, Canada.

I am here on earth to give my personal healing from my human experiences through sound. My tribe (which means all my relationships, but also all the humans), Nature, spirit, and music are the most important things to me.


How did you get into music? What has that journey been like?

I have always been submerged in music. My father was a passionate musician, and he definitely shared his passion and vision with me.

I used to get involved in my school’s talent shows and participated in my father’s production “Ozalik”. Due to my father’s passing, and other traumas in my life, I put music aside for a while. I had a lack of confidence and went into anxiety and depression. In order to heal, I had to make my way back to music and understand that it was the healer itself. Through this form, I could let go of all the emotions inside.

This EP is honoring those emotions and hopefully will be a support to other humans who are going through similar situations.

What artists and musical genres influence you?

Hans Zimmer, Noga Erez, Aurora, Willow Smith, Billie Eilish, Pink Floyd, Bring Me The Horizon, Nothing But Thieves, Florence and The Machine, Post Malone, Nina Chuba, PVRIS, and so many more.

You mention that your artistic visions include community, introspection, love, nature, wisdom, and humanity. Why these and how do you incorporate them into your music?

Well. I mean those are really strong words and have very strong meanings to them. It is for me at the basics of being human to incorporate those values or tools in your life. Once you do art, inviting those values as guides for people to find their true self or purpose.

The way I incorporate this in my music is by being true to myself, my emotions, and the lessons given at the moment.

Let’s talk about your newest release HUMANS. What is the central theme for the whole EP or does each track have a theme?

Every song has its own themes, I speak mainly of my observations of society, my relation to all that exists, depression and anxiety, and finding true love.

What inspired you to write this EP?

My observations and emotions as a Monkey.

What was the production like?

Challenging. I work with a very special human, very close to my heart. His name is Pierre-Olivier Couturier and he is just a mind-blowing producer and a great musician. He has been part of my life for 10 years now and we have a long history. He came up with a unique and powerful production to build my sound. The songs are born when we both put our hearts and minds to the experience. Truly grateful to share this journey with him.


Were there any musical themes or lyric themes you wanted to explore in this EP?

No, everything just flowed in a natural way without any control over what I wanted to say. I definitely have learned many lessons along with the creation of HUMANS and want the second EP to go in a particular direction.

What is the most important thing you want listeners to take away from your music?

The most important thing? I had to reflect on that because honestly, the most important thing for me isn’t necessarily the most important for someone else. I would say that I want the people to get exactly what they need at the moment. That the music I write can be medicine for their souls in whatever form this means.

Any future plans?

SO MANY PLANS!! But for my career: live shows, writing music, getting better at singing, healing my spirit and body to be ready for creating something really magical and powerful for the people.

And to whoever reads this article, I light up some sage for you, sending love and healing energy.
Tiawenhk inenh’ (“Thank you”)
To all my relations.

Make sure to check out ANYMA at the following:

Official Site | Spotify | Facebook | Instagram | Apple Music

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Indigenous Wyandot Singer-Songwriter ANYMA Talks About Her Latest Release `HUMANS`

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