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What Should You Listen for in Canadian Alt-Rock Artist Apricity’s “The Fear”

Canadian Alt-Rock artist Apricity is back with her sophomore single “The Fear” which was released on June 11, 2021. Building on the success of her debut single “All My Lies”, the artist continues several themes in her debut single with “The Fear”. Two major themes are found in the latest single’s music as well as the video: an anthemic rock tune with a horror-themed music video. However, both themes really go hand-in-hand with each other as they help to create something amazing and enjoyable.

“The Fear” is a mid-tempo alt-rock tune that is inspired by the 90s alternative rock genre. It features strings, drum sets, bass, and an acoustic guitar. You have to check out the wicked bass line, especially at the end of each chorus, as it is dark but all so good. The song also features a down-to-earth and mild acoustic guitar. However, the main star of the song is Apricity’s vocals as they are full of such emotions and feature an impressive vocal range that vibes well with the alt-rock tone. Each part featured in the song delivers their A-game as they really jive together well and are outstanding.

Finally, the theme found in the lyrics for “The Fear” is something that most listeners can relate to, especially during today’s world. The theme is based on the pandemic as we live day to day not knowing what will happen to us next. We are constantly living in the unknown and fear; it is really distressing times. Apricity really does a wonderful job capturing that spirit of fear and unknown we have experienced in the past year with such lines as “I’m lost in fear”, “how does it feel to brave the unknown”, and “scared to have what I can’t live without whole”.

Be sure to check the music video below too! It is really something like the video features really cool visual effects, makeup, and a theme of a post-apocalyptical world full of monsters, zombies, and creatures. Apricity was inspired by the comic book and TV series The Walking Dead, which she is a big fan of! Check out the video, listen to the song, and let me know what you think the comments below!

About the Artist: Apricity

Apricity (a-PRIS-i-tee) is a Scotland-born, Canada-based Alternative Rock artist who made her debut last year. Her artist name means “to bask in the sun” in Latin. The idea behind the name is that basking in the sun was the thing she would like to do during frigid Canadian winters. She enjoys being in the sun and wanted her name to reflect on something she likes.

Like a lot of people, Apricity grew up in a family that was musically inclined. “My mom sings and plays the guitar, my dad too,” she explained, “it was something I grew up with.” She was inspired by many bands when she was growing up, often mimicking them. Then, when she was older, she went to the School for the Arts in London. There, she was involved with musical theatre while started to write some songs.

Asked about what genres and artists influence her, the singer answered that she was influenced by the music she listened to growing up. “I grew up to listening to anything by ABBA,” the artist answered, “And my mom was a really big Kate Bush and Blonde.” Apricity also cites Avril Lavigne, Tori Amos, and Evanescence as her influences.

The singer said that she admires Evanescence for their lyrics, Amy Lee’s creativity, and their music. But, the most important thing she loves about Evanescence is their storytelling. It is something that Apricity strives for in her music and wants listeners to listen for. “I feel it is important to tell a story,” she explained, “It is important for the song to engage with people.” The singer further explains that she also wants people to watch the music video for that storytelling element.

Make sure to check out Apricity at the following sites:

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What Should You Listen for in Canadian Alt-Rock Artist Apricity's "The Fear"

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  1. Sonia Seivwright

    Nice to see a fellow Scottish marking move in Canada. I love her music

  2. Stephanie

    I’ve heard quite a few songs about the pandemic lately. It’s always interesting when artists can take real-world current events and turn them into songs. I love the meaning of her artist name.

  3. Kelly Bolen

    I completely understand the point of the song, but I cannot/will not live in fear. I have a strong faith and no one is going to keep me from living life! Love the music itself though!

  4. Knashz

    I’ll make sure to keep this in mind should I listen to the music.

  5. Neely Moldovan

    I will for sure check them out! They sound awesome!

  6. Angela

    I’ll make sure to listen to this music especially during my lonely time. Thanks for sharing.

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