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Arcadia Sun is Back With Their Major Debut: “Can you see me now?”

Arcadia Sun is back at it again but this time it’s their major debut! 

I talked about this alternative rock band from Liverpool last year when they released the songs “Pause, Rewind” and “All We Were”. If you haven’t listened to these songs, you must as they are wonderful pieces filled with mellow yet powerful melodies, instrumentation, and lyrics.

This five-person band released their debut single entitled “Can you see me now?” a couple of months ago. The single is coupled with “Pause, Rewind”, which was released last year. If you recall my review of “Pause, Rewind”, I talked about how the lyrics were “beautifully crafted to tell the need for pausing and rewinding in one’s relationship”. I also further went on and said that “the singer and the instruments help further solidify the emotions with the soft piano introduction, the blazing guitar arpeggio, and the gritty vocal tones” to make “Pause, Rewind” a wonderful and well-rounded mid-tempo rock ballad.

But, how about their latest: “Can you see me now?”? Can it live up to the well-crafted “Pause, Rewind” or “All We Were”? Let’s take a listen to see!

Arcadia Sun and Their New Song: Can you see me now?

“Can you see me now?” is something akin to the 90s’ musical scene with its atmosphere,  the tone of the vocals, and how the instrumentation is arranged. 

Although in the past, I have compared this band to post-grunge bands with their song “All We Were”. It featured a stripped-down, softer tone of the harsh grunge sound. However, “Can you see me now?” remind me of songs from the likes of 90s alt-rock bands like The Rembrandts, Beck, Green Day, and mellow Pearl Jam. The reason why is found in the guitar riffs. Sometimes, they’re mellow in sound, where you don’t really notice them. But, there are other times where they are in a higher range, edgy, and full of energy.

The high-energy, rock atmosphere is piece together with this instrumentation, but also with the vocals. The vocals have a certain edge and a subtle gritty tone that compliments the edgy guitar. The vocals fit perfect for this song with a soft rock presence. 

Overall Impression

“Can you see me now?” is a great listen to anyone who is interested in rock or not. It features somewhat of a subtle atmosphere as the edgy guitar and gritty guitar are tone down to make this a relaxing, easy-to-listen rock song. It might make listeners hark back to the days of 90s’ alt-rock/post-grunge, but  “Can you see me now?” is unique in its own right with the guitars, vocals, atmosphere, and a well-crafted melody. 

You can give the song a listen by listening to the link below. Let me what you think of “Can you see me now?” by telling me in the comments. 

About the Artist

As stated above, Arcadia Sun is an alternative rock/indie rock band from Liverpool, England. The band members are Anthony Manley (Vocals), Adrian Nally (Guitar), James Marc Donnelly (Bass), Gareth Robert (Guitar), and Bart Gazdowicz (Drums). They currently play at various venues around the Liverpool area.

You can follow the band on these platforms:

Twitter //  Instagram // Facebook // Reverbnation

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