Argentinian Musician Cielo Pordomingo Talks Her About Latest Release and Reflects on Her Music

I recently talked to Cielo Pordomingo, a musician from Argentina, about her newest release as well as her musicality. This was my first time conducting a live interview, so I was a bit nervous and anxious about how it would turn out. Initially, it was supposed to be a video interview, but I could only capture the audio.
Take a listen below the cut!

The Interview

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My Thoughts on R-MIXES & +

I didn’t hear about Cielo Pordomingo until I got an email from her agent, asking me to promote her music on my website about two months ago. But, since then, I have become a big fan of her music!
Each track off her newest remix album has their own charm as well as their own personality. The remixes of “Quieta” Still and “Pequeño Mundo” A Small World have dark electronic elements within the notes. While “Don’t Speak” has that 80s’ flair to it that seems to be addictive and mesmerizing.  To balance out the energetic tracks featured on R-MIXES & +, “Sin Sentido” Without Sense, “Caida Libre” Freefall, and “Green Drops” are featured songs that have a calming aura and slowed down tempos.
My favorite tracks are “Quieta”, “Don’t Speak”, and “Green Drops”. What are yours? Tell me in the comments below!

About the Artist

Cielo Pordomingo is a musician, composer, and singer from Argentina. Her music reflects her soul and her Pampas folk origins fused with electronic rhythms and orchestral elements. She is a winner of the 2014 Emmy Award for her work in Composition & Musical Arrangements for the TV show Atencion Atencion in Puerto Rico. Pordomingo has settled in Mexico since 2003.
In 2013, she released D FRET, her debut solo album, where she composed music, lyrics, vocals, and arrangements. She received enthusiastic reviews in Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
In 2016, Cielo presented her second album FUGALINE, with a tour in Argentina and Mexico. Then in 2017, she continued the tour in Europe, with 10 concerts in cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London, and Paris.
In April 2018, she launches the digital EP R-MIXES & + with remixes of songs from her two previous albums, which include remixes of guest producers.
This year she has been invited as part of the official selection of the Indie Week Fest, Toronto, Canada.
You can check out Cielo Pordomingo and her recent news, releases, and tour information at the following sites:
Official Site / Twitter / Youtube / Facebook / Instagram / Spotify / Soundcloud / iTunes / Google Play 
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  2. With Love Moni

    I have never heard of her before but it sounds interesting. I will go ahead and listen to her…

  3. With Love Moni

    I have never heard of her before but it sounds interesting. I will go ahead and listen to her…

  4. Jessica Lyles, LMSW

    My favorite song by her is Dont Sleep mainly because of the beat and her into to the song. I didnt know that she had another album in April of this year, I will have to check it out.

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