You are currently viewing Find Your Own Paradise with Ariel Rose’s Flavorful New Single “En el Paraiso” 

Find Your Own Paradise with Ariel Rose’s Flavorful New Single “En el Paraiso” 

Born and raised in Miami, Ariel Rose has always had a love for Latin music. She began posting Spanish covers on Instagram and Youtube and has been reposted by artists such as El Cata, Alejandro Sanz, CNCO, Gente de Zona, and others. She also released a salsa version of Adele’s “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” and her original song, “Somebody Loves You,” that garnered over 70k views on YouTube. Through the release of “Somebody Loves You,” Ariel partnered with the United Way to raise money for their Pandemic Response Fund.

The singer recently talked to ai love music via email about her latest single “En el Paraiso”. Keep on reading to find out what kind of message and musical flavors Ariel Rose wanted to include in this single. And how was it working with the Latin Grammy-nominated duo Mike Munoz and Gio Fernandez? You have to find out down below! While you are reading, listen to Ariel Rose’s newest single too! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Hello! Please introduce yourself! How did you get into music?

Hi! My name is Ariel Rose and I am an artist based in Miami. I got into music from a very early age. I have been performing since I was 6 years old and come from a very musical family. My great grandfather and both of my grandfathers were musicians, as well as my father, who is a classically trained pianist. Growing up, I was exposed to all different genres and was particularly influenced by classical, Latin, pop, musical theater, and so many other different styles of music.

Ariel Rose

How has your love for Latin music and growing up in Miami shaped your music?

Growing up in Miami has definitely exposed me to so much Latin music from an early age. I used to sit on my swing set in my backyard and play Ricky Martin’s self-titled album on repeat and would sing along to every word. And for my kindergarten graduation present, when I was 6 years old, my parents surprised me with tickets to see him live in concert and I was so excited! Here in Miami, you hear Latin music at street festivals, clubs, and bars and it is such a fun and lively atmosphere.

When I was 15, I released my first album in English and Spanish called “Rhythms of Life” and I co-wrote it with the Latin Grammy-nominated producer Juan Vicente Zambrano. That was such an incredible experience and definitely helped prepare me to get to this moment now, where I am releasing new music along with my EP that drops in May, In Paraíso. In fact, my vocal coach, who has taught me since I was 13 years old, is from Cuba and doesn’t speak much English, but we have been able to communicate effectively all these years!

There is so much culture in Miami and I love to celebrate that diversity through my music.

What artists and/or genres influence your music?

I absolutely love pop music, Latin music, classical music, musical theater, and so many different genres. I like to incorporate a fusion of those sounds in my music. You’ll notice my single, “En el Paraíso” is a Spanglish song influenced by bolero, reggaeton, salsa, and pop sounds. My EP, as a whole, also combines trap, reggaeton, salsa, and pop.

You have been involved with the Suncoast Emmy-winning project, “River of the Last Valley”. How was that experience?

That was such an incredible experience! The director of the Miami-Dade College Orchestra, Albert Bade, asked me to be the featured vocalist on a composition by the Italian composer Michele Josia, and I was really honored to be able to work with such talented musicians. It was all filmed during the quarantine period of the pandemic and it featured musicians from so many different countries all in their homes. I was able to film at the Miami-Dade College Campus recording studio since schools were shut down at that time. I was thrilled when it won an Emmy and it was really quite an accomplishment for everyone involved!

Let’s talk about your newest “En el Paraíso”. What is it about? What inspired you to release this song?

“En el Paraíso” is about leaving the things behind that no longer serve you and finding your own version of paradise. It was actually the very first song I wrote off of my upcoming EP and I wrote it during the pandemic when I was ready for change and constantly dreaming of not being home! You’ll see this imagery a lot when you watch the music video

What was the production behind the song like? What was the most important thing you wanted to show off in this song?

The song was produced by the Latin Grammy-nominated duo Mike Munoz and Gio Fernandez. They are extremely talented and have worked with very successful Latin artists such as Pedro Capo, Prince Royce, and many others, so it was really amazing to be able to collaborate with them on this song. It features beautiful Spanish guitar and a reggaeton beat, mixed with a really fun salsa-influenced bridge that leaves listeners in a dreamy state of mind. I wanted to relay in this song that it’s okay to move on and finally make the decision to start a new chapter in your life and do what’s best for you.

What is the inspiration behind the music video?

The music video was super fun to film! It was directed by Jose Alejandro Gonzalez of JAG Productions. We actually took out all of the furniture in my brother’s room and converted it into “my” bedroom for the music video shoot. (He wasn’t too thrilled!!) We wanted to make this vision come alive of me living a dull life in my bedroom dreaming of an exciting life somewhere else, in my own version of paradise. To portray that, we shot very neutral scenes of me in the bedroom singing and juxtaposed them with colorful and vibrant scenes of me in animated form in a tropical and beachy paradise.

We actually put green screens over some of the images that we used in the music video so that we could add transitions to the animation. The animation was hand-drawn and created by Ariana Aguilera, who did such a phenomenal job! I was really happy with the way it all turned out. (And I love cartoons, so I was really excited to see myself in cartoon form!)

Ariel Rose

You will release the upcoming Ep In Paraiso in May. Can you talk more about it?

My upcoming EP, In Paraíso, features four music videos, all directed by Jose Alejandro Gonzalez. Every song featured in my new EP features a very tropical theme and with each song, a new part of the greater story gets revealed. I have two songs that are co-written and produced by the Latin Grammy-winning/Grammy-nominated producer Tony Succar. One of the songs I did with Tony features his talented brother Kenyi, and the Dominican rapper, LORS, and the other is a really fun salsa song that I wrote with Tony and another Latin Grammy-winning producer Jorge Luis Piloto.

I have got to say, working with two salsa greats on a salsa song was a dream come true and I am SO excited to share that one with the world!

What do you want listeners to listen for in your music?

I want listeners to listen to the cool instrumentation, Spanglish lyrics, and fun rhythms in my music. I want them to hear the fusion of sounds and I hope that people can relate to my music.

Any future plans?

YES! There is a lot coming, even after the EP is released. I have some fun collaborations coming up so make sure to follow me on social media to stay up to date with everything!

Make sure to check out Ariel Rose at the following:

Official Site | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Youtube

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Find Your Own Paradise with Ariel Rose's Flavorful New Single "En el Paraiso" 

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