Christian-Rock Artist Jodi Essex’s Take on THIS Modern American Classic

Christian-Rock Artist Jodi Essex is at it again, she just recently released another single. Inspired by the current events around the world, Essex decided to do her own take on a particular modern American tune. What tune is it? Read on to find out!

Behind the Scenes

Jodi Essex’s newest release is a modern take of “God Bless The USA”. According to the press release, the reason behind why she choose the song was:

July 27, 2020: Imagine looking out the window with beautiful signs of Spring cropping up as a sinking feeling sets in that you just can’t seem to shake; this contrast describes a moment Christian-rock artist, Jodi Essex, experienced late March 2020, as the world faced an unprecedented pandemic. With headlines ranging from senseless deaths to an ever-growing divisive political climate, ever-joyful-spirited Essex admittedly found herself wondering, like many others, if our nation is completely broken. Just then, an acapella video of Lee Greenwood singing “God Bless The USA” with the US Army Chorus caught her attention and she clicked “play.”

Swept up by the sounds, lyrics, symbol of the uniforms, and Greenwood’s soulful delivery, Essex was moved to tears.

“Though I had heard this song so many times before, it had never affected me this way,” Essex explains. “I was immediately consumed with the will to do a version of this song. I wanted to actually sing it, this amazing expression of gratitude for our country and all it stands for – home of the free because of the brave.”

“I want people to feel proud of their country once again,” Essex says, fervently. “Remember that men & women fought for our protection, for our freedom… nothing was in vain. Beyond what’s happening politically, there are so many reasons to be grateful for our country and the people in it, period.”

Jodi Essex’s Own Take

Jodi Essex’s take on the iconic “God Bless the USA” is dynamic, striking, and inspiring. You feel the exhilarating spirit of the song’s message in each part of the songs: from the electrifying guitar to Jodi’s passionate vocals. It is an outstanding modern take as Jodi’s vocals fit perfectly with the electric guitar and the rock beat. But, what is the most important element that makes this song a must-listen is its energy: lively, raw, and pure that comes from Essex’s own heart.

This take of “God Bless the USA” is a must-listen as it displays Jodi’s talented vocals as well as her big heart. Her own personal message, stories, and feelings are woven in throughout the song from her passionate vocals singing each note to the guitar chords. If you like songs with an electrifying guitar, a thunderous beat, or even with heart, then “God Bless the USA” is for you.

Check out Jodi Essex’s take on “God Bless The USA” below and let me know in the comments below.

About the Artist: Jodi Essex

You know the feeling of refusing to do something you feel like you’re supposed to do? It is from this place of resistance the song, “Irreverent,” came to be. After years of casually ignoring God’s prompting to write faith-based songs, Christian-rock artist Jodi Essex is ready to answer it boldly with her breakout single, “Irreverent,” set to release January 24, 2020; a fearless declaration, this song invites listeners not to rebel against God’s calling, but rather to live for Christ in an authentic way that is unapologetic to the world.

Jodi was born in the beautiful coastal town of Carmel located on the Monterey Peninsula in Northern California. She took great interest in the performing arts as a youth. Jodi grew up as a regular soloist in her church and also helped lead worship for her youth group. Her first recording studio experience was at the age of 12 where she recorded several cover songs of her then-favorite Christian contemporary artists.

She began to segue into commercial acting and landed her first episodic role on Candid Camera. Jodi continued to develop her vocal and performance skills which led to an interest in writing her own music. Influenced by so many artists and sounds, she sought to find her own style. She began focusing solely on a music career, playing and touring in two secular rock bands she helped to form.

Years later, after finally heeding strong promptings from God and feeling led to share some hard-learned life lessons and poignant, transformational experiences, she went back to her faith-filled roots and decided to write and produce a faith-based album, aptly titled “Irreverent.”