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Speaking to Canadian Singer-Songwriter Ashley Pater About Her Music

Canadian pop/R&B singer-songwriter Ashley Pater recently talked to ai love music. In the interview, she talked about her inspirations, how she ended up auditioning for a Canadian talent TV show, and the release of her two recent singles: “Sober” and “stuck on you”. Find out how she wrote “stuck on you” and was the inspiration for that song as well as “Sober”.

Make sure to check out “Sober” and “stuck on you” down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

Who is Ashley Pater?

Ashley Pater

Ashley Pater is a pop/R&B singer-songwriter based in Vancouver, Canada. She grew up dancing to music, singing in the car, and listening to music as her family was into it. But, her grandpa on her mother’s side taught himself how to play five different instruments. Her inspiration began first with her family.

Then when she was eight years old, she watched a Canadian talent TV show called The Next Star, a TV show that went across the country that auditioned kids to find the next star. Enthralled, Ashley told her parents that she wanted to audition for the show. Her parents were super supportive as her dad even lined up with her at 5 am to audition. She auditioned for the show twice: the first time she didn’t make it but she to the third round the second time around.

Although she didn’t make it to the finals, the singer-songwriter said she learned a lot from the TV shows. “The first time I auditioned, it was my first time singing in front of people,” she explained, “It was completely new. From that one, they told me that I had to project more and all the basics. So I returned the next year and they really like me as I made it through all the rounds. They told me that age didn’t matter, but at the final round I made it through, they told me “We really like you but we were looking for someone a little bitter older.””

Ashley Pater

Ashley Pater has been releasing music since 2015. Yet, she told me that throughout her music career, she has been growing up. When she started, she stuck with what she knew. She would feature such genres as country (since her mom was a big country fan) and pop overtones (since listened to the radio a lot). And with that, she came into a mix of folk-pop. Then when she discovered more genres like jazz, funk, and R&B, she was more of an alternative artist. Now, she is more of an R&B artist.

As for her inspiration, Ashley said that Shawn Mendes, Sabrina Carpenter, Allen Stone, and Anderson .Paak. She admires these people for their brilliant songwriting as Ashley said she loves their lyrics. She also loved the funk and the groove found in Anderson .Paak’s music. The singer-songwriter also told me that she love the “floaty feeling” atmosphere found in Giveon‘s music.

Her Latest Single: “stuck on you”

One of Ashley Pater’s recent releases is “stuck on you”. The singer-songwriter told me that the song was about realizing that you are living in a loop. She also told me that the song’s premise is all about relationships: falling for the same person over and over again.

The singer-songwriter had this to say about the songwriting process:

The whole thing started with a piano lick that you hear in the song. And, I didn’t have any lyrics at first. I was playing around the house and my parents said it was something they could hear in a musical. That inspired me to finish the song. So, I wanted to write the lyrics to see how it would turn out. I wrote the lyrics partially inspired by COVID. The first verse is about being an outsider looking in at your life and you don’t much control. As the song develops in the pre-chorus and chorus, I introduce the idea of being about a relationship. Then, the aspect of being stuck in a loop comes in.

I really like how simple the song starts off in the beginning. As the feelings of the song grew, I wanted the production to grow also. I had the whole thing swelling and developing into the whole production of the song.

Ashley Pater hopes that the listeners can relate when listening to the music. Even though she writes the stories in the songs, she wanted the listeners to be able to stick themselves in them as well and put their own story in it. She also hopes that listeners can feel better after listening to her music.

Also, check out Ashley’s newest single “Sober” which was released a week ago! Ashley describes it as a modern-day empowerment song: be yourself and stick to your morals even if they challenge some relationships you have. Staying true to yourself but also believing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel during these hard times!

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Speaking to Canadian Singer-Songwriter Ashley Pater About Her Music

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