You are currently viewing Today’s Daily Feature: Why Am I in Love With Atria’s “Love Theme”?

Today’s Daily Feature: Why Am I in Love With Atria’s “Love Theme”?

Today’s Daily Feature is “Love Theme” by American Alternative Indie R&B, Bedroom / Lo-fi Pop, Indie Pop artist ATRIA. What makes this tune a must-listen is the delicious vocal melodies. Listen to the vocals in the verses, I love them so much because those vocals dip and turn in such gorgeous ways. I also love the staccato rhythms at the end of the phrases, adding an addictive depth. Of course, don’t forget the chorus with those compelling melodies that will have you sing along in no time.

The instrumentation aids the vocals with their own funky grooves. Just listen to the guitar during the verses as that instrumentation highlights each unique rhythm with a funky lick. Then, check out the electronic piano during the chorus, creating positive, light, and dreamy chords. Though the vocals are the main stars of “Love Theme”, the instrumentation is just as predominant as they help support their unique tones and melodies.

ATRIA’s “Love Theme” is a fabulous listen that has become one of my recent favorites. Why? Because of its delectable and highly addictive vocal melodies. Yet, the distinctive instrumentation is also a reason as they added their own colors to the mixture. If you are looking for a positive tune to groove to, you have to check out “Love Theme” today!

Make sure to check out “Love Theme” down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

Make sure to check the artist newest album Moonbeam:

About the Artist: ATRIA

Travis Atria performed at Bonnaroo and SXSW with the band Morningbell before embarking on his solo project ATRIA. Their album Boa Noite was ranked by The Fire Note as best of the year. His latest album, and first solo release, is 2021’s Moonbrain

His writing has been translated into multiple languages and has appeared in Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, The Believer, Wax Poetics, as well as other magazines and newspapers. His first book, Traveling Soul, the definitive biography of R&B legend Curtis Mayfield, written with Mayfield’s son Todd, was recognized with an honorable mention by the Society of Midland Authors (past winners include Kurt Vonnegut and Studs Terkel). It was recently published in a Spanish translation as Alma Vagabunda.

His latest book, Better Days Will Come Again, is the epic true story of jazz great Arthur Briggs, a saga that races from Harlem in the Renaissance, to Paris in the Jazz Age, to a Nazi prison camp in World War II.

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Why Am I in Love With Atria’s “Love Theme”?

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