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Battle of the Bands: A Tale of Two 80s Songs

Hey! Like #SongLyricsSunday, it has been AWHILE since I did a Battle of the Bands segment on my blog. I really wanted to continue this but I just got so busy. I am so sorry to my “Battle of the Bands” friends that I have vanished without any word. But, here I am: back with another Battle of the Bands. I think I am going to do just only one battle of the bands for now until I know I can do more. Without further ado…

This Friday is January 8, which means David Bowie’s birthday. He would have been 74 years old. Also, this weekend makes the 5th anniversary of his death. There is an online musical concert, entitled A Bowie Celebration, happening this Friday to celebrate his life and music. I might buy a ticket as there are some amazing musicians, including David Sansborn and Joe Sumner (I hugged Joe once, a loooooooong time ago).

As Bowie had an amazing discography, it was hard to pick a song or two for this battle. I personally love The Labyrinth soundtrack from the 80s, but I wanted to feature something more and rare. That’s it, I thought, I have to feature his self-cover of “Girls”, which was included as b-side of the for Bowie’s 1987 single “Time Will Crawl”.

Wait a minute, did you say “self-cover”? Yes, I did! You see, Bowie wrote the song (with Erdal Kızılçay) for another 80s powerhouse, Tina Turner. So, I decided to make the battle about who sang “Girls” better: Turner or Bowie. Check out both songs below and vote for your favorite by commenting! I can’t wait to see who will you pick!

80s Song #1: “Girls” by Tina Turner

This was released as a single in 1986 and then featured on the album Break Every Rule. This mellow pop-rock song features Phil Collins on drums. You can hear the “Bowie sound” around the 2:00 mark with that bass part. Of course, Tina Turner’s powerful vocals really do this song justice as they are cusped with such power and emotions!

80s Song #2: “Girls” by David Bowie

David Bowie released his self-cover of the tune a year later as a B-side. To tell you the truth, I love the Japanese version better than the English one as I enjoy Bowie singing Japanese. Actually, it was the Japanese version that I found first this tune through Youtube videos back in 2005. It has a different feel than the original Tina Turner version, but it does feature David’s amazing vocals.

Who Will It Be?

Now it is your turn to vote! Who will be the victor? Tell me in the comments below! I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

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Battle of the Bands: A Tale of Two 80s Songs

This Post Has 32 Comments

  1. Nikki Wayne

    I love it both but the lyrics fits Tina Turner’s beats and voice more.

  2. Sundeep

    I just love above both tracks. I would love to attend this music event. Will definitely going to listen your personally favourite track l “The Labyrinth”.

  3. Crystal Carder

    These two picks are too hard to pick one over the other, LOL! Both songs are really good.

  4. Mosaic Artwork

    Tina Turner for me!!! I looooove her, she is amazing. Thank you so much for the amazing memories.

  5. Stephanie

    I have to go with Tina Turner. I’ve always loved her powerful voice!

  6. Neely Moldovan

    Always Bowie for me. I am a HUGE David Bowie fan.

  7. Joline

    I’m a big David Bowie fan so I’m biased. The two songs sound great but so different and that’s very interesting.

  8. Norma

    Gret that you are back with battle of the bands. The labyrinth soundtrack is excellent. I like David Bowie more than Tina Turner. I think he should be the winner.

  9. Gladys Nava

    I choose song #2. I really love the music and the the title. Nice blog!

  10. Emily Fata

    While I love both versions, I really like David Bowie’s version of Girls! Great comparison. 🙂

  11. Christa

    Today s David Bowie’s birthday, so he gets my vote! (Although, I’d vote for him on any day.)

  12. Yanitza

    I had never heard any of these songs. They’re pretty cool. I like Tina’s!

  13. Nathalia Voche

    This is sounds interesting and I really miss watching battle of the bands

  14. Oscar Oganiza

    I don’t have any idea about those bands. anyways, I think David Bowies sounds better.

  15. Kenneth

    well love both artist,,,,,but im mostly a 90’s person,,so it on jovi , mettalica, guns and roses….still listening to them most of the time especially when driving my wife loves it too

  16. Windy

    Yes Tina!! Bring on the 80’s and 90’s!

  17. Windy

    Oooo Yes Tina!! Bring on the 80’s and 90’s!

  18. Renata

    How fun – I do remember them. I like both – and both singers are legends, obviously.

  19. Fransic verso

    This is an interesting idea. I think I would go with Tina turner. She has a nice voice. I haven’t heard any of them before though.

  20. Marjie Mare

    Although I love both artists. I must say Bowie is my favorite.

  21. Marjie Mare

    I am an 80s baby so I love them both.

  22. Keerthana

    I have no idea about these songs, but I went and heard it for the first time after reading this post.. well I think I like both the songs

  23. Monidipa

    It is late night here and I really needed to hear them right now…. I loved the words!

  24. yeah!! I love their songs & this really making me indulging to their songs, have been listening this whole morning 😀 cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  25. Monidipa

    Update: I heard them both. Both Tina Turner and David Bowie’s lyrics are beats are great. But if it has to be one it will be David Bowie from my side!

    1. Rochelle

      Tina will always and forever be an icon!

  26. Alita Pacio

    I love both songs. And it’s really hard to choose.

  27. Ting

    Oh this is tough! I might have to choose David Bowie

  28. Natalia Voche

    I love Tina Turner and she always have a powerful voice.

  29. Nkem

    You introduced me to some new music today! I liked Bowie’s better this round. Great post!

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