Battle of the Bands: Who Is the Best Roxie Hart?

Welcome to another round of the. This month’s battle is inspired by a late-night scroll on Instagram. I was looking at random videos on the social media app one day recently when I spotted a video of Brandy Norwood, one of my favorite performers from the 90s, singing “Roxie” from Chicago (might I say that she did a hell of a job too!). Coupled with the fact that I will be performing a “stay-at-home” music video version of “Cell Block Tango” with my friends (which I will share when it is finished(, I thought to make this battle all about Chicago, specifically Roxie. All that jazz!

But, as I was researching about the various actresses who have performed as Roxie Hart over the years, I discovered that another favorite singer from the 1990s and 2000s had played the aspiring vaudevillian and murderess: Michelle Williams from the legendary group Destiny’s Child. As I made this discovery, I thought to myself: which one of my favorite singers in the 90s/2000s was the best Roxie Hart?

And thus, here we are today: this is the theme of this month’s Battle of the Bands. Listen to both versions of “Roxie” and choose your favorite. Let me know of your choice in the comments. Voting will end on February 28. Enjoy!

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