Battle of the Songs: Rock-n-Roll Girl Power!

My, my, my! 2019 is blazing by too quickly! I can’t believe that spring will be here in less than three weeks!

According to the National Days calendar, tomorrow is Hinamatsuri (or Doll’s Day here in Japan, click to read more about this special day) and March 8 is International Woman’s Day. March is also Woman History Month. So to pay tribute to these special occasions, it’s an all-female band battle in this edition of Battle of the Songs.

Fuzzbox – Pink Sunshine

Fuzzbox was one of my most-played artists on my Spotify last year. Initially named as We’ve Got a Fuzzbox and We’re Gonna Use It, this all-female English band got their start in 1986 with the release of their punk rock single “XX Sex.” They continue to release a couple of indies singles and an album until they were picked up by the major label WEA Records by 1989.

“Pink Sunshine” is the band’s second single off their first major album Big Bang!. The sound found in “Pink Sunshine” is entirely different than the band’s punk rock beginnings. Gone was the punk sound and replaced with a pop dance-rock beat, complete with over-sexualizing of the lead singer. I wonder if this change was the band’s choice or WEA’s. I wonder what the members thought about the sudden makeover was.

Whatever may be the case, “Pink Sunshine” is a delightful upbeat tune. I feel like the guitar part featured at final of the verses was influenced by the ones found in beach tunes of the 60s. But, it still sounds really wicked, thanks to Jo Dunne. Another part that I like is the deep synthesized sequence that leads up to the instrumental interlude.

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If you like Fuzzbox, you should check out their cover of Yoko Ono’s song “Walking on Thin Ice”. It is even better than the original.

PRINCESS PRINCESS – Sekai de Ichiban Atsui Natsu (世界でいちばん熱い夏)

PRINCESS PRINCESS is one of the influential girl bands in modern Japanese music history. And also, the first all-girl Japanese rock band. However, the girls had trouble during their rise. Picked from 1,400 applicants in a contest sponsored by TDK Records in 1983, Kanako, Kaori, Atsuko, Tomoko, and Kyoko didn’t release their first real single until 1987. Between those three years, the band, which was named Akasakamachi, was transferred from TDK Records to another agency in 1985 with a new name JULIAN MAMA and a new mission: pop idol. They changed their name to PRINCESS PRINCESS a year later and became a pop-rock band.

However, before the release of their first major single “Koi wa Balance” Love is Balance, the band was transferred again to CBS Records as the previous management refused to represent an all-girls band. The band went onto release many singles and albums. They also saw their first #1 in 1989 with the release of “DIAMONDS.”

“Sekai de Ichiban Atsui Natsu” The Hottest Summer in the Earth is an 80s power-rock song. Although Kaori’s vocals are a bit sweet, they are powerful and packs a punch. The instrumentation, too, packs a similar punch as it is lively, heavy, and interesting. “Sekai de Ichiban Atsui Natsu” is my favorite PRINCESS PRINCESS song because of the power and energy emitted from Kaori’s vocals as well as the instrumentation.

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You can find the translation of the lyrics here at this Tumblr account.

The Nolans, a pop girl group who was very popular in Japan during the 80s, released an English cover of this song in 1992, which sounds like this:

Ranetki Girls – O Tebe (О тебе)

I don’t know much about Ranetki Girls. I just picked them out a list from Wikipedia containing all-girl rock groups. I wanted to throw a curveball of sorts by adding something unique and different.

The band was formed in 2005 and starred in their TV shows as well winning a couple of TV competitions. The song that I featured today, “O Tebe,” was featured on the soundtrack for the video game Grand Theft Auto IV.

“O Tebe” About You seems like a simple pop-rock from the 2000s, sounding something like a tune from Avril Lavigne’s discography. It starts slow and quiet. But by the chorus, its tempo completely changes by transforming into a powerful tune that is focused a lot on the electric guitar. Yes, “O Tebe” seems like a calming, generic pop-punk song of the 2000s. But, the combination of the guitar and the strong vocals provided by Valeria Kozlova makes “O Tebe” a tune packed with lots of power.

Here is a rough translation of “O Tebe” done by Google Translation (which I usually don’t use, but I don’t know Russian and can’t find the lyrics in all English):

If you want to know about me now,
I’ll be there for you.
Maybe too late, maybe too late.
Or run after you.
All thoughts about you, all tears about you,
For you all the songs until the last day.
Maybe not too late, maybe not together,
Maybe forget and leave forever.
About you…
If you want to forget about me now,
I will be bad alone.
Yet it is impossible to love so desperately
But I want to be with you.
All thoughts are on you, all tears are on you.
Maybe not too late, maybe not together,
About you…

What Will It Be?

Now it is your turn to vote! Who will be the victor of the first-ever “Battle of the Songs”? Tell me in the comments below! Also, tell me why you choose a particular version! I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

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This Post Has 193 Comments

  1. This is awesome, I forgot about a ton of these songs. Which song is your favorite?

    1. I love Pink Sunshine because I love Fuzzbox

  2. I’ll go with PRINCESS PRINCESS. It had a slightly harder Rock edge.
    And incidentally, Fun Fact: I found that first video a bit hard to watch. There was a serious lack of testosterone in that video. I mean, if we can agree that “zero” can be referred to as a “serious lack”. Ha!-Ha!
    ~ D-FensDogG

    1. I am sorry for the lack of it. But thanks for the vote!

  3. I enjoyed hearing all of these songs, but after listening through them I’m going to go with “PInK Sunshine” by Fuzzbox. I like the bouncy energy and the look of the group. The song reminds me a lot of Katrina and the Waves “Walking on Sunshine” though I hear a lot of pop influence from other eighties groups.
    Give my vote to Fuzzbox “Pink Sunshine”.
    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Yes, it kind of reminds me of Katrina and the Waves when you mention it. Thanks for the vote, make sure to check back on February 13 for the results

  4. gonna have to go with fuzz box based on their awesome 80’s style;) Loving that wild hair!!!

    1. That hair was epic! Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

  5. I’m voting for Fuzzbox. I just lik their sound the best.

    1. They are great! Please check back on February 13 for the results!

    2. I think I am gonna vote for Fuzzbox! Just love their voice.

    1. Mary thanks for your vote! It is actually PRINCESS PRINCESS who is up for the battle. I just added The Nolans because they covered it.

  6. I have never heard some of these songs. Im going to have to get caught up on the music cause Im lost. lol. Thanks for keeping me informed!

    1. You are welcome! Please let know which artist you like?

  7. I love all kinds of music and though I hadn’t heard any of these before, I enjoyed them. Thank you for introducing me to some new music. I’ll be adding these to my playlists!!

    1. You are welcome! Please let me know which one is your favorite after you listen to them!

  8. Cool! Nice list of them. They are sure rare nowadays.

    1. This is an interesting list. I have not heard of most of these bands but they do look like they create good music.

  9. I love the Princess & Princess as I love the 80s vibe, the big curly hair and the 80’s make up. Pretty fun to watch how their dance too.

    1. Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

  10. Nice music♫♪♫ We vote for the second song, Walking on Thin ice, because the music reminds Granny of her New Wave time. Great song! Pawkisses for a wonderful swinging Sunday🐾😽💞

    1. Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results! I love the Fuzzbox’s rendition of the Yoko Ono song. The dialogue in the middle was translated in German and Japanese, which I love the latter.

  11. I honestly have never heard of these songs, but after playing most of all of them, I am voting for Ronetki Girls. I liked the upbeat tune the best.

    1. Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

  12. I do enjoy the list of songs. Nice post

    1. Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

  13. I have never heard the song before so I am completely open with opinion. The original is way better in my eyes.

  14. I have not heard of many of them. Thanks for sharing! I will check them out 👍

    1. Thanks! Tell me which one is favorite?

  15. This post made me reflect on visiting Harajuku in Japan. There is certainly a unique style of dress and music there. I haven’t heard of these artists but they seem really cool.

    1. It does, Harajuku is a great melting pot of Japanese and Western culture. I hope you can let me know which song you like.

  16. Hey, I really like FUZZBOX! Not familiar with the band previously…(I’ve very familiar with Yoko Ono’s stuff, lol, and I do like their own version of “Walking on Thin” Ice better).
    Nice battle!

    1. Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

  17. Princess Princess, has my vote. I can dig the rock edge.

    1. Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

  18. I’ll go for voting for Fuzzbox as well. Great post to feature all female artists in the lead up to International Women’s Day.

    1. Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

  19. I seriously have not heard of any of these before. Maybe I just don’t know my hair bands!

    1. It’s all cool! I am glad that you like the post though!

  20. After listening to each I’d have to side with Ranetki. The others were a bit to bubble gum pop for my taste.

    1. Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

  21. I secretly love this genre of music. I think if I had to pick I would go with the first one, but it is a very hard choice.

    1. Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

  22. I have never heard the name of the singer you mentioned. I will try to listen to their song. Upbeat songs and feel good songs for the best to dance and to listen!

    1. Let me know which one you like the best! There are three girl bands this time!

  23. I think .. I am not into music, I guess since I don’t know any of these…Oh my gosh!

  24. Great post.I have not heard of many of them. Thanks for sharing! I will check them out

    1. Thanks, let me know which one is your favorite!

  25. I like the Ranetki girls song. The beat is catchy and I always love a female drummer who also does the lead vocals at the same time. I will have to look up more of their songs.

    1. Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

  26. I loved this list! I’ll go with Princess Princess it’s quite funky and sets the mood. But the rest are also great to listen to. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

    1. Yay, a Fuzzbox fan! I love their outfits and their songs. Which was your favorite member? I love Jo and so sad she passed away about 8 years ago.

    1. Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

  27. The hair and clothing were quite a highlight in the videos. I vote Fuzz box.

    1. Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

  28. Amy,
    You introduced me to all new artists and songs in this round. I really dig the sound of all of these all-girl bands. I certainly want to check out more of each bands’ mewsic. However, I think the band & song that gets my vote is Fuzzbox ‘Pink Sunshine’. I loved the energy and the typical pop 80s feel!! Have a pink sunshine week! 😉

    1. You are welcome! Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

  29. I love ‘pink sunshine’ for the title of a song, sounds great. I also cant believe how fast 2019 is going!

    1. Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

    1. Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

  30. What a nice list of songs, I will check some of these out. Thanks.

    1. Let me know which one you like the best!

  31. I loved the pieces of music. Old classy, take away an old vibe to the next generation

  32. I’m going to go with “Pink Sunshine” as well. It was the one I liked the best.

    1. Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

  33. Indeed, this year is flying by so quickly and amazing idea to be involved in these occasions!

  34. Oh my gosh I think I am living under a rock because I don’t know them!

    1. It’s ok! Let me know which one is your favorite!

  35. Great! A battle of songs!!
    I am voting for “PInK Sunshine” by Fuzzbox, it’s not really my style, but I prefer it to the second one.

    1. Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

  36. while i am getting more familiar with bands and singers now thanks to my kids, these here are all new to me.. but think i like pink sunshine if i had to vote

    1. Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

  37. I am honestly not familiar with Fuzzbox but I’ll listening to their songs on Spotify. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Thanks! Let me know what you think of Fuzzbox!

  38. Rock and roll is certainly one of my favorite genre especially the 90s. Fuzzbox is not one that I am familiar with but I do need to become familiar with it looks like.

  39. Love finding new songs to listen to! Thanks for these.

  40. I haven’t listened or heard some of those songs. I have a lot of catch up to do. Thanks for taking your time to share this

  41. My son is a huge fan of Spotify. I haven’t listened to any new artists for so long. I’m way too far behind times.

  42. How neat! I haven’t heard any of these but the looks are totally retro. I bet they’re great.

  43. I never heard these songs. I am music lover and definitely I will check these songs

    1. Thanks, let me know which one is your favorite!

  44. I never heard of those before but Ranetki Girls sounds really cool!

    1. Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

  45. Of all the songs, I think I would choose “O Tebe”. Searching it now to listen to it!

    1. Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

  46. I love Princess Princess! Apparently, I love girl bands especially if they can dance around and raise their beautiful voices.

    1. Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

  47. I feel like I like Pink Sunshine the best!!! I had never heard of any of these people so thank you for sharing!!

    1. Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

  48. Pink sunshine is my winner! Love everything about this video. The balloons, the hair, the beat and how happy it made me feel when listening.

  49. Pink sunshine Got my vote! Love everything about this video. The balloons, the hair, the beat and how happy it made me feel when listening. I felt I was back in the 80’s

    1. Thanks for your vote, check back on March 13 for the results!

  50. Another great content aisasami. I’m always excited for your new content.

  51. You always have the most eclectic music mixes ever! They are epic! I always find new content when I come here. My all time favourtie girl band (not rock tho) was my childhood idols the Spice Girls! Girl Power! LOL good times

  52. I vote o tebe simply for the lyrics. I feel like many people can relate and it could have many different meanings

  53. I’m excited because I finally know a group that you’ve listed lol. As always, great music choices.

  54. nice playlist suggestion will check all of them.

  55. Thanks for translating the lyrics into English and I am confused in voting. Waiting for the results.

  56. You always introduce me to music I have NEVER heard of! Ha! Definitely not my kind of genres. Now I feel like EVERYONE has been a musician at some point in their lives – LOL!

  57. I love the music here. Never heard of any of them until now. Good you introduced me to the songs 😊

  58. I have never heard of any of these bands before but the music is cool. These videos brought back memories of the 80s — they were soooo 80s! Thank you for the memories — this was a fun post!

  59. This list is cool. I might not be familiar with them but it’s an awesome discovery. Their songs have catchy tune!

  60. These are all such awesome songs! If I had to choose, it would probably be “Walking on Thin Ice”

  61. What a great post just in time as we remember women’s day on Friday! I just love the great journey that women have had in the musical industry! Thanks for sharing!

  62. cool music, very retro. Thanks for checking out

  63. I am not familiar with this music. What a fun compilation of songs! It’s always fun to check out new music and learn about different artists.

  64. Wow such a fun battle. It’s hard to make a choice but I prefer Pink Sunshine the most.

  65. I am still liking the Fuzzbox! Their music is just fun to listen to. You’ve introduced me to a new artist.

  66. Im loving Fuzzbox! I dont remember them but Im sure to go and search for more after this 🙂

  67. The Nolans! That song brings me back to the early ’90s. I cannot get enough of that era, but man, it makes me feel old to embrace that and play it in the car with my kids 🙂

  68. Very Informative I came to know about a lot through your post. Fuzzbox is amazing.

  69. Oh my goodness I didn’t recognize any of these! But glad that you shared it and I got a listen! I like them all…don’t know if I can choose only one LOL! Thanks for sharing!

  70. Cheers to celebrate the beauty of women and the wonderful art we can create. I haven’t heard of any of these songs and it’s nice to hear something new.

  71. I am still in disbelief that we are already in March and so many great celebration for this month. I used to have a great collection of dolls that my daughters destroy. Now, I have to add doll’s day in my list of celebration in March..

  72. I am in love with these songs now….
    Thanks for sharing.

  73. I am late here but I give it the first song by Fuzzbox. It might be the 80’s style that got to me but they sang well and were not. High pitched like the 3 song. Anyway the first get my vote

  74. Out of all the songs, I think I’ll go with Fuzzbox. Love the tune and beat to it!

  75. All these songs are really great and interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  76. I’ve never heard their songs but I’ am glad to check all of these <3

  77. Im really happy that you added jpop to the list! PRINCESS PRINCESS is one of my favourites.

  78. I liked Fuzzbox. I wonder from where you get these songs. You seem to bring songs that are not familiar. 🙂

  79. These are so fun! I loved Fuzzbox! What a fun battle of the songs!

  80. These are before my time but I am so glad I’ve discovered them. Spotify is such a great source for finding new music even if it’s not new to everyone else.

  81. What a wonderful way to celebrate woman’s month! I would definitely go with pink sunshine!

  82. Honestly I’ve never heard of those artists before. Glad to hear you’re excited about them.

  83. Never heard of these girl bands and I’ve definitely passed teen years where I was into boy and girl bands lol. Interesting music.

  84. All of these bands are new to me. I love finding new music, especially girl bands. Princess Princess gets my vote this week. 😀

  85. Thanks for introducing me to some great new music, and for reminding me about The Nolans! I hadnt heard of them for years!

  86. I have never heard of this girl bands before but I really enjoyed listening to those musics it kind a rock and has really a unique sounds. I vote for Pink Sunshine for this week, too!

  87. I enjoyed listening to the songs.. I liked Pink Sunshine most so I’ll go with that 👍🏻

  88. Omg so many fun songs!!! My vote will be for Fuzz Box! Liked that one a tiny bit more than the rest!

  89. This has got me feeling all musical and motivated. I love listening to any genre, so rock and roll suits me just fine xx

  90. Wow, are Fuzzbox still around?? I remember them from back in the 1980s – I loved them! They definitely get my vote!

  91. I must admit I am not familiar with any of these songs. However they are great to get a hop in your step!

  92. This is a perfect tribute for International Women’s Day!!!!

  93. Fuzzbox for the win! As always you got an amazing list here. 😀

  94. I had never heard of this band before, but I love the songs you’ve displayed here. Thanks for sharing. Will have to download some on my phone!

  95. I never heard about this songs

  96. Love learning about new music-will check these bands out! Thanks for the suggestions.

  97. What a great post just in time for International Women’s Day! let’s celebrate awesome women who rock on and promote girl power! yaaas!

  98. I actually havent heard of any of these lol but i love rocking out so thank you

  99. I have never heard of any of these before but I am so excited to add them to my list. Such a unique sound they all have.

  100. I didn’t know about these girl bands until now… I’ll have to add pink sunshine to my list ; )

  101. I am sure I have commented on this but I can’t see my comment so I am guessing it might have not gone through. Anyway I am enjoying the battle of songs here so I don’t mind commenting again…lol

  102. I’ve never heard of any of these bands until I read your post. But I really enjoyed listening to FUZZBOX. 🙂 Pink pink sunshine ☀️ Adding it on my Spotify 🙂

  103. Well this shows me that there is more bands that I haven’t heard about, but I enjoyed Fuzzbox,the music in the video is really energetic, and the lead singer has the voice to boost 😀

  104. Was googling these groups. My money goes to the Japanese band. 🙂

  105. I am searching these on YouTube now.
    Thanks for the introduction of these wonderful songs.
    Keep it up.

  106. I seriously haven’t heard of any of these songs, so thanks for bringing them to my attention!

  107. This is so fun! We had a 90’s party last night and this is some total inspo for a fun party.

  108. Princess Princess for sure, but both are great in my book. Go girl power songs. Love them both!

  109. Happy International Women’s Day! Your song choice is great as always!

  110. It’s going to have to be Fuzzbox, great post I love these Battle articles!

  111. I bet when I am feeling unmotivated, this song is a perfect push! Girl Power!

  112. Happy women’s day. I haven’t heard these bands before. But I enjoyed the music and Ranetki Girls is still playing in the background

  113. very nice sharing as I dont know most of the music bands here. Love them all cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  114. Every week this blog introduces me to new music i’d never heard!

  115. I’m not a fan of this style, but I will definitely appreciate it for what it is.

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