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The Dawn of a Brand New Day with This Battle of the Songs

What kind of words or phrases do you associate with New Years’?

New, brand, brand new, brand new day, renewal, refresh, relive, dawn, early, inspiring, inspiration, start, new start, resolution, new year, new you.

Today’s Battle of the Songs features songs that mention the concept of brand new. Whether it is a brand new day or a brand new start, one of these songs (or perhaps all) below will inspire you to live 2019 to the fullest.

Sting’s “Brand New Day”

Sting is one of many artists that have been in life since I was a baby. You see, my mother would play Genesis, The Police or The Beatles (or, if it was the summer of 1995, the soundtrack to Batman Forever) in the car when I was growing up. She sometimes played the solo career of Sting, especially when Ten Summoner’s Tales came out.

Unlike my sister, who vehemently hates my mom’s music, I grew to become a fan of my parent’s music. I actually took my mom to see The Police when they had their reunion about twelve years ago. I was the only 18-year-old there, but it was a magical time as I got to see three legends in my mom’s music collection on stage. (My mom also egged me on to hug Sting’s son, but that is another story)

I remember when the album Brand New Day came out. I was finishing up my elementary and heading towards middle school. I remember “Desert Rose” being played EVERYWHERE, like Enya’s “Only Time.” “Desert Rose” is a great song, but my heart leaned towards title track more.

The lyrics for “Brand New Day” are so inspiring. Lyrics like these below, found in the second verse, are so powerful:

It could happen to you, just like it happened to me
There’s simply no immunity, there’s no guarantee
I say love is such a force if you find yourself in it, babe
Need sometime for reflection you say
Baby, wait a minute, wait a minute

Sting – Brand New Day


That is some powerful stuff right there. We all need this kind of inspiration in our life! And the best part is that you could interpret the lyrics in any way possible. Yes, Sting did intend these lyrics to be about two lovers. But, love doesn’t have to be between two people. It can be about anything. For example, “you’re the beach and I’m a wave ” could mean about me and my passions. Or, ” I’m the train and you’re the station” could mean my love for music. The interpretations are endless!

Lastly, the other thing I love is the musicality. I absolutely love the harmonica solo in the opening; it reminds of Stevie Wonder a bit. Another part that I like is the beginning of the second verse where the song’s key goes from E Major to its relative minor, C♯ minor, for a few seconds, primarily featured in the strings.

“Brand New Day” is such a powerful, uplifting, and inspiring song for anyone who is looking for a little kick of inspiration for their 2019 goals!

Little Glee Monster’s “My Brand New Day”

Little Glee Monster is a Japanese pop group that prides in their vocal talents. They have done some wonderfully acapella renditions of their own songs as well as covers of popular tunes. Here is a sample of their vocal abilities when they performed on a Japanese TV show about two years ago:

Amazing right? This was filmed two years ago, so they have grown as artists much more since then.

“My Brand New Day” is the b-side for the group’s newest single “Natsu ni Natte Utae” Sing When It Becomes Summer. It will also be featured on their newest album FLAVA, which will be released this week. Like Sting’s song,
“My Brand New Day” is upbeat, maybe a little more, and uplifting as the theme of the lyrics is about not giving up and striving to overcome barriers one faces daily.

Little Glee Monster is a talented group that enjoys what they do and are amazing. And their song, “My Brand New Day”, is an uplifting and uptempo tune that can brighten up any morning.

(Let me know if you cannot see this video.)

What Will It Be?

Now it is your turn to vote! Who will be the victor of the first-ever “Battle of the Songs”? Tell me in the comments below! Also, tell me why you choose a particular version! I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

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Quickly, before I end this post, let me announce the results for the last Battle of the Songs. It is late as Christmas is now finished but here are the results.

The winner is…..

Trans-Siberian Orchestra with Savatage

Here are the results, for anyone who is wondering:

Thanks, everyone for voting!

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