Battle of the Songs: What is Your Go-To Autumn Song?

Battle of the Songs: What is Your Go-To Autumn Song?

It’s been a long time since I did a Battle of the Songs segment. When was the last time? Was it at the beginning of July? I think so. Nevertheless, I am back and ready to bring on the battles. This time, it’s about autumn songs!

The theme for this Battle of the Songs is a bit seasonal. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we will be entering into a new season next week: autumn. Between all the seasons, I love autumn and spring the best as they have their beautiful scenic views. Spring here in Japan has the gorgeous cherry blossoms. I really enjoy stepping outside in the mornings and looking at them. But also, fall has its own beauty with the vibrant autumn colors.

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The Gorgeous Scenic Views of Autumn

The hustle and bustle of city life here in Nagoya can be tiring or perhaps overwhelming sometimes. There can be times where you cannot see anything involving nature as you have work or commitments that leave you little time to go anywhere. Also, there might be not enough nature nearby to truly take a day and relax with it. However, with my schedule, I am going to have a four day weekend next month. I will be able to leave the city and take a breather with nature.

Kamikochi: Autumn Colors

True, I could stay in the city to enjoy nature in the parks. However, there are a lot of wonderful places to see autumn colors in Japan. Mostly in the mountain regions like Nagano Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, and others. One of my favorite places is in Kamikochi, Nagano Prefecture.

Part of the Chubu Sangaku National Park, Kamikochi is a popular resort that is along the Azusa River and in the middle of volcanoes and mountains: Nishihotakadake, Okuhotakadake, Maehotakadake, and Yakedake. It is only open to the public from the beginning of April to early mid-November. Kamikochi is free to enter, however, you have to take a special bus or taxi to enter as the area doesn’t allow cars in order to keep the area’s natural beauty. And of course, there are places to stay within the Kamikochi, whether you prefer a hotel or camping. 

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Autumn Foliage Wonderland: Kamikochi

I went to Kamikochi in October 2015 with a bunch of friends. I lived in Nagano for about two years from 2012 to 2014, but never had the chance to go to Kamikochi until I moved to Nagoya. Pretty ironic? Nevertheless, my friends and I went for a day trip, so we woke up very early, rode in a friend’s car, parked it and took a taxi inside. As autumn was underway, the nature all around us was changing to beautiful hues of yellow, red, and orange. It was a bit cold, as we were in the mountain region, but it was a sight to see. Words cannot truly express the beauty of Kamikochi! I recommend going to Kamikochi to anyone is planning to go to Japan.

Leisurely Taking a Car Ride in Gorgeous Autumn Foliage

If you cannot go to Kamikochi, no worries! You can still enjoy the beautiful autumn scenes anywhere around the world. You might take a stroll around or even take a leisurely car ride to enjoy them. And, what makes it even more extraordinary is having music to accompany those views. This Battle of the Songs is all about songs for that perfect autumn view.


What do you imagine when you hear the words “fall” or “autumn”? Is it the beautiful autumn colors? Is it the taste of autumn treats that involve pumpkin spice or chestnuts? Is it the crisp mornings with a hint of frost touching outside’s greenery? 

OFF COURSE’s 1981 song “I LOVE YOU” embodies the third feeling mentioned above: the crisp mornings with a hint of frost touching outside’s greenery. You can hear it in the first beat where the piano comes in slowly with a prolonged synthesized note. Within the first 30 seconds, the vocals come in with a subtle mood with a simple percussion set. My favorite part of the song isn’t in the beginning, but at the end with the hook after the bridge (where they used an actual radio announcement of the death of John Lennon) with such gusto and power.

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The lyrics also hint an autumn-like feel with September being mentioned in the pre-chorus:

Washed away, Washed away
Towards me.
Isn’t it painful,
your white skin
Ah, when September quickly comes,

What’s wrong?
I feel anxious in my changing spirit
You make me happy
Ah, when September quickly comes,

No one can replace you
I hope you stay here
Ah, when September quickly comes,

The lyrics are very simple as there is not much of a chorus or even verses. However,  “I LOVE YOU” is a beautiful song with it’s slow tempo, Kazumasa Oda’s mesmerizing and soothing vocals, and the calm, autumn-like melody. 

Simon & Garfunkel – “Leaves That Are Green”

OFF COURSE is labeled as a folk-rock band (Japan is obsessed with folk music, since the 70s), so I looked for an artist or song that was in a similar vein as OFF COURSE. Voila! I came across Simon & Garfunkel and the song “Leaves That Are Green”. But please, listen to OFF COURSE’s song too and judge each song evenly (because I know there will be people who will vote for “Leaves That Are Green” without listening to OFF COURSE because they know who is Simon & Garfunkel).

“Leaves That Are Green” appears on the 1966 album Sound of Silence. It is a typical late 60s folk-rock song with the upbeat tempo and features an interesting melodic line on a The Fender Rhodes keyboard (correct if I am wrong). Also, you know it is a typical Simon & Garfunkel song when you listen to the harmonies during the chorus and the main instrument is a folk melody. “Leaves That Are Green” is an upbeat autumn song for any occasion, whether you are listening while strolling in the park, full of autumn foliage, or taking that scenic car ride.

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Who Will It Be?

Now it is your turn to vote! Who will be the victor of the first-ever “Battle of the Songs”? Tell me in the comments below! Also, tell me why you choose a particular version! I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

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  1. Amy,

    I’m trying to get some rounds made this morning before I scoot out the door for my eye appointment. Anywho, I might have asked you but what took you to Japan? You are an American living abroad, right or am I just confused? 🙂

    The colors in the mountains of Japan are beautiful. I hope we have a lovely autumn this year. It’s been a few years that we’ve had a really good one. I’m a Simon & Garfunkel fan but this morning, I’m digging the new2me song, ‘I Love You’, so Off Course gets my vote. 😉 Have a boogietastic week, dearie!

    1. I am an American in Japan (Cue “Englishman in New York” but with “OOooh, I am an American in Japan”). I have been here for seven years. Time flies fast. But, I was into Japanese culture when I was young. When I was in preschool, there was Sailor Moon and Power Rangers. Then I really got into the Japanese music scene when I was in junior high. And then, I loved the language in college and even studied kendo.

      Thanks for your vote. Check out the results on September 30!

    1. Thanks for your vote. Check out the results on September 30!

    1. Thanks for your vote. Check out the results on September 30!

  2. I’m looking forward to the changing colors that fall will bring. Simon and Garfunkel is a great pick for this list.

    1. Thanks for your vote. Check out the results on September 30!

      1. The song is so beautiful..! I love the lyrics of it. So heart warming, thanks for sharing.. 😘

        1. Thanks for stopping by! Which one do you like?

  3. The song by Off Course was really relaxing and ethereal. That, combined with the fact that I can’t stand Simon & Garfunkel, is why Off Course gets my vote.

    1. Oh really? Why can you not stand them?

  4. I love autumn. And autumn is soon coming here in Paris. I will save this post for future music reference. Thanks for this 😊

    1. You are welcome! ❤️ Please share some beautiful autumn scenery in Paris! I want to see!

  5. Hey, I can’t wait for the autumn season as well, I lover evth about it ! and I just realized that i don’t have a favorite fall song !!(will work on it Lol)
    – The handy journal-

    1. Thanks for your vote. Check out the results on September 30!

  6. These are great songs my new friend. You have done a real great job putting them together for sure. I really love autumn, don’t you? It’s so beautiful this time of year. Simon & Garfunkel is in a great time of my past. Young and in high-school what a great time! Beautiful surroundings and beautiful tunes! Thanks so much for joining us at Monday’s Music Moves Me. It’s a great time to get together with friends and listen to beauty of the mind! Hugs and have a great week! XmasDolly a.k.a. Marie

    1. Thanks Marie, autumn is a beautiful season! Hopefully, we can enjoy a beautiful season this year. It is coming late here in Japan as it is still very hot outside. Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Haha, I feel so young now I knew you were in high school when Simon and Garfunkel was popular!

  7. I don’t have seasons for songs but right now I’ve got the newest Sting CD in my car and listening to that over and over.

    1. Sting has a new album?> I have to check that out! I looooooove Sting!

  8. Fall is probably my favorite season. I love the feel of the crisp, cool air and the crunch of the leaves beneath my feet while hiking through all the pretty colors!

    1. Love reading your experience. I love the crisp cool air too!

  9. Nothing in particular but I just listened to a 90s song literally minutes ago and it brought time back haha! More of a moody one not a seasonal one.

  10. I put together a September playlist, but I didn’t make it too fall like. You did a great job really thinking about these songs.

    1. Oooh, where can I find your playlist?

  11. My choice has to be Simon and Garfunkel just because….. they are amazing! They have so many wonderful songs, what a wonderful way to remember them, through an autumn song challenge.

    1. Thanks for your vote. Check out the results on September 30!

  12. Oh these are such great songs!!

  13. These songs are all so cool, I can’t just pick one.

  14. Great song! It fits perfectly well with the spirit of Autumn.

  15. Drake’s newest playlist is what I’m listening to. But my vote is for Simon And Garfunkel!

  16. I’m a pumpkin spice fan all the way!!

    1. What kind of food or beverage do you enjoy the most that have this flavor?

  17. Oh my goodness, this place looks beautiful! Although I’ve never been to Kamikochi before myself, I would love to make my way over in the near future. Thanks for sharing all of this! 🙂

    1. It is certainly beautiful. Please visit when you come to Japan!

  18. You’ve got quite a cool (no pun intended) collection of the Fall music. Love it all! I Love You is the one I’ve never heard. Thank you for its intro.

    1. Thanks for your vote. Check out the results on September 30!

  19. We don’t have autumn here so I really wish to see one in another country. Thanks for reminding me about this awesome season.

  20. I love the colors of autumn it makes me feel everything changes and change is a good thing. My vote goes to Simon & Garfunkel.

    1. Thanks for your vote. Check out the results on September 30!

  21. You know I never thought of an autumn summer song. We always just talk about what is the best summer song, I think “November” by Wyclef John would be it.

    1. I will check this out! Thank you for the recommendation! ❤️

  22. Love autumn and love the songs. Well to vote its Simon and Garfunkel.

    1. Thanks for your vote. Check out the results on September 30!

    2. Thanks for your vote. Check out the results on September 30! ❤️

  23. Love these ideas for my fall playlist!

  24. I love the fall, but mostly for football season, the World Series, and Halloween.
    I think of college marching bands playing my favorite fight songs, and yes, Simon and Garfunkel is always a good choice…and even Disturbed’s cover of “Sound of Silence” might fit here as well.

    1. I love Disturbed’s cover of “Sound of Silence”. It so haunting yet beautiful!

  25. Those are some amazing songs. I don’t usually have playlist or songs during specific seasons but I’m down to listening to new music.

  26. These are such great ideas for any fall playlist! Love the rhythms

  27. Both songs are great, but I’m leaning towards the first one. It has a soothing sound (to me) and makes me think of cozy fall evenings.

    1. What a beautiful feeling that fall brings.
      Thanks for stopping by! Ne sure to check out the results tomorrow!

  28. We don’t have seasons here in the Philippines, but hearing you describe it makes me wanna visit and exprience it myself. I don’t have a great taste in music, but im casting my vote for Simon and Garfunkel as well. Haha

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out the results tomorrow!

      (BTW, I thought you had seasons in the Philippines, not in the traditional sense, but seasons like the monsoon season and etc)

  29. Wow nice sound track. Am a music lover and I prefer more of cool songs to others

    1. Glad you liked it! Thanks for stopping by!

  30. The autumn songs are my favorite.

    Just love the collection.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! What was your favorite song?

  31. I really hope that you enjoy your four day weekend that’s on the horizon! I’ve never been in Japan in autumn but I can imagine just how beautiful it is.

    1. Hahaha, thanks! I hope you can visit here someday!

  32. My vote goes to Simon and Garfunkel. I love the upbeat tune and their voices blend together perfectly. This song would be so nice to listen to while driving across the countryside in early Fall.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It is a great song for that autumn car ride! Be sure to check out the results tomorrow!

  33. I vote for Simon & Garfunkel. Theirs sounds like something’s happening., or about to happen. . ..if that makes any sense.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out the results tomorrow!

  34. Such a great playlist for the fall foliage tour! I can’t wait to see all the leaves and take a ride!

    1. Me too! I love fall colors! So beautiful!

  35. I love the idea lol!!! Fall is my fav season…I vote of Simon, love the beat and their voices.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out the results tomorrow!

  36. Mine is definitely Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground by The White Stripes!

    1. I loved The White Stripes when I was in junior high/high school! I have to check this out!

  37. Well, we don’t have autumn in Florida, but I do miss 4 seasons!

    1. Really? Do you have any other seasons in Florida?

  38. I like Green Day – Wake me up when September ends, It sort of agrees with my Autumn mood.

    1. You’re welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

  39. I am voting for Simon and Garfunkel

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out the results tomorrow!

  40. Absolutely, Simon and Garfunkel for me.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out the results tomorrow!

  41. Cherry blossoms come in my mind when I think of Japan. Now I know autumn is beautiful there too. 🙂

    1. Ahaha, Japan has a lot of natural beauties. Have you seen cherry blossoms in Japan?

  42. Loved the collection really. Some of them could cheer u up anytime🥰😍😍😍😍

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out the results tomorrow!

  43. I love Autumn since heat isn’t really my friend, I don’t know why I never thought of music but I will check them out and find one that I like.

    1. Autumn is cooling down and soothing us from that summer heat! Refreshing in a sense!

  44. Autumn is so beautiful in Japan; I love the layers of color witnessed in the landscapes…simply magical. I would just choose ‘I love You’- I just love autumn in Japan.

    1. It is such a beautiful season! Have you experienced autumn in Japan?

  45. I must say very beautiful songs. You have great taste in music.

  46. My very first thought when I read the title was Green Day’s Wake Me Up When September Ends. Although I’ve never really had a song that gets me in the mood for Fall. Which is surprising because this is my all-time favorite season! With that said my vote goes to Simon and Garfunkel.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! “Wake Me Up When September Ends” is most certainly a great fall song! Be sure to check out the results tomorrow!

  47. The Mamas & The Papas – California Dreamin’ 🍂🍁🍃🍂

    1. That is a classic and beautiful song! I looooooooooooove that song!

  48. I’ve never experienced for the autumn season but I would love too. Japan is my dreamland how lucky are you Lol! I will surely listen to these songs because I love Japanese culture. did you already listen to Aimyon songs? She’s nice I love her songs!

    1. I hope you get to experience autumn here in Japan. I have heard of Aimyon, and like her songs! She is super popular right now.

  49. I’ve never really associated a song to autumn. I do love the season though with the beautifully coloured leaves.

  50. I vote for Simon and Garfunkel.

  51. I went through a whole phase when I was younger loving Simon and Garfunkel so I would have to pick them!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! What is your favorite Simon and Garfunkel song? Be sure to check out the results tomorrow!

  52. I am going for Simon and Garfunkel. going to add that to my playlist. Hearing it for the first time and love it.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out the results tomorrow!

  53. My father likes the song Leaves That Are Green! So definitely Simon and Garfunkel!! And to be honest, I consider myself a Japan freak. I was lucky to finally see the Sakura this year (Osaka) and I swear… I’m going back!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the sakura! Did you see them at Osaka Castle? Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out the results tomorrow!

  54. Autumn is my favourite season too!! My vote goes to Simon & Garfunkel – “Leaves That Are Green” 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It is a beautiful season! Be sure to check out the results tomorrow!

  55. It’s my first time hearing both, Frank Sinatra’s September song is a classic for autumn. I love you on the list above sounds like it would be a great addition to my playlist.

    1. I have heard of Frank Sinatra’s September and it is really beautiful. Anything from Frank is a classic!

  56. I live in the Northeast United States, and we pride ourselves on our fall, but I will say, the first two pictures (especially) were so beatiful – the first one was like a painting. “I Love You” evokes some of the same feelings in me than my first pick for tomorrow, “More Than This” by Roxy Music. Yet, I will be picking “Leaves that are Green” because of the imagery of aging and coming into the autumn of your life. I am a senior citizen and that imagery speaks to me more than ever.

    1. What part of the Northeast US? There are a lot of beautiful views, especially in mountain areas! Glad you like both songs! Be sure to check out the results tomorrow

  57. Loved it. The first one is remarkable. Great post. Keep it up.

  58. Taking a car ride through autumn foliage sounds amazing, wow.

  59. I don’t think I have a go to Autumn song! The only time I usually listen to anything outside of my normal rock and such is during the holidays.

    1. Really? What is your favorite thing about autumn!

  60. Anything Simon and Garfunkel is perfect for fall. They’re one of my absolute favorites.

    1. Thanks for voting! Be sure to check out the results tomorrow!

  61. Love these songs, and a leisurely car ride in gorgeous Autumn foliage sounds amazing!!

    cute & little

    1. Glad you liked it! Thanks for stopping by!

  62. i never really thought of “fall” songs before! I liked the ones you picked!

    1. Glad you liked it! Thanks for stopping by!

  63. Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day is my fall song.

  64. All of these songs are great for the Autumn! Its great idea coming up with different songs that fit with different seasons.

    1. You’re welcome! What is your favorite thing about autumn? Thanks for stopping by!

  65. This is such a fun article… music is my life, and I love different songs for different seasons!

    1. You’re welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

  66. Years ago when I went to Japan, I went during the spring time. Spring in Japan has the gorgeous cherry blossoms. OMG, so amazing. I enjoyed my days in Japan during that time.

    1. I am glad you got to enjoy cherry blossoms in Japan! It is a beautiful sight”

  67. I love autumn! I don’t think I have an autumn song, but I love going out and seeing all the colors.

    1. It is a beautiful season! What is your fasvorite autumn season?

  68. Fall is by far my fav season!!! I love the songs you selected and the lyrics are awesome…Thank you.

    1. Glad you liked it! What is your favorite song from the Playlist

  69. I love summer so it has been though for me to think about anything Autumn so far. I think it’s awesome how you associate the season with music

  70. I love Simon and Garfunkel BUT my favorite fall song is Wake me up when September Ends by Green Day!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! That Green Day song is a classic for autumn! Be sure to check out the results tomorrow!

  71. You know I don’t know … I have so many songs for the summer, but if I had to think about autumn … maybe Wake Me Up When September Ends …

  72. Honestly, my go-to song this fall is anything that is playing on Pandora! I let it guide me!

    1. I wish we had Pandora here in Japan. ;( It is a great service!

  73. I have plenty of songs from past falls that just bring me back to those previous season. It’s amazing how songs can bring us back to different times.

  74. This is a great question, I actually hadn’t thought of it! I can’t really say I have an autumn song, but I do get pretty excited for winter holiday songs!

    1. Me too! What is your favorite winter holiday songs?

  75. I have only good things to say about this time of year. So much beauty!

    1. What is your favorite thing about autumn?

  76. I’m a big Simon and Garfunkel fan so I would have to go with their song. I’ve always loved their music and this song is great for fall.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out the results tomorrow!

  77. Definitely Simon & Garfunkel Sounds of Silence, but I absolutely adore the updated version of the song by Disturbed, you should check that out!

    1. That is a beautiful and haunting cover by Disturbed. I love that version a lot!

  78. I love the season of fall and everything that goes along with it. I don’t think I have a fall song. Of this list, I do like the Simon and Garfunkel song.

  79. I don’t listen to music too much, but it was good to look at your voting options. Can’t wait to see the results! 🙂

    1. Be sure to check out the results tomorrow!

  80. Leaves that are Green by Simon and Garfunkel is one of my favorites. I absolutely love that song.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out the results tomorrow!

  81. As any fan of Taylor Swift will know, her album “Red” is most associated with fall as many aspects of the season is mentioned throughout multiple songs on it. Her song “All Too Well” – a fan favourite – in particular instantly makes me think of fall as soon as it comes on!

    1. Really? I have to check out that album now. I am more a country Taylor fan than the current Taylor. But, I make sure to check out “Red”.

  82. I didn’t even realize there were that many songs about autumn! Interesting!!

    1. What is your favorite thing about autumn?

  83. Not a season experienced here in my side of the world. But i see that all the mentioned are good and with nice melody and lyrics to go which make a good song..

  84. This is very interesting that I don’t understand the lyrics but would vote for the I LOVE YOU song.

    1. I posted a translation to the lyrics in English below the video. But I am curious, why did you choose I LOVE YOU?

  85. Autumn is totally my favorite season. I love the colors and smells. The wind the food!

    1. It is the best season. What is your favorite autumn food?

  86. Definitely Simon & Garfunkel!

    1. Thanks for your vote! Be sure to check it out tomorrow!

  87. One of my favorite season is autumn the colors of the leaves and smell of the winds gives me a lot of relaxing feeling.
    I haven’t heard of these artists and even their songs before but I think Simon and Garfunkel are the best.

    1. I never thought about the smell of the wind! I need to see if I can smell it this season. Thanks for your vote, make sure to check out the results tomorrow!

  88. I love autumn and I have so many fave songs I ca’ name them specifically. Oh, and I love Simon & Garfunkel songs- my all time fave!

    1. Autumn is a beautiful season! Be sure to check out the results tomorrow!

  89. We don’t have Autumn where we are so I don’t have a theme song. Anyway, I play different songs every day.

    1. Thanks for playing a song every day!

  90. i love the lyrics! they match fall/autumn so well! i personally have other songs in mind but i would to see which song wins!

  91. Thank you for introducing me to I love you! What a beautiful song. Sounds of Silence is a favorite of all times!

  92. These all are beautiful songs.I love autumn leaves too.Beautiful colours and a good way to enjoy the nature….

  93. I am laughing bc I never really thought about my go-to song or music for fall. But I def will take a good playlist for a ride through fall foliage.

  94. I’m gonna pick The leaves that are green. It’s soothing to the ears and it’s the tune that I enjoy listening to.

  95. Love watching Simon at British Got talante !

  96. I believe this is one of the most important info for me. And i’m glad reading your article. But should remark on few common issues, The website style is great, the articles is in point of fact nice : D. Good activity, cheers

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