You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: Why Is Bazemore’s “Tell Me More” Such a Delightful Psychedelic Rock Tune

The Daily Feature: Why Is Bazemore’s “Tell Me More” Such a Delightful Psychedelic Rock Tune

Today’s Daily Feature is “Tell More More” by the American Psychedelic Rock artist Bazemore. The song is a callback to the 60s or the better know as the “age of Psychedelic Rock”. This vibey track features laidback melodies, driving bass and drums parts, and washed-out vocals. The song starts out with a mellow guitar strumming laidback chords. The vocals may be washed out, but I love how the vocals are laid, especially the backing chords with those gorgeous layers. The melody that is mainly presented in the vocals is very relaxing yet ear-pleasing. I really enjoyed them!

The lyrics can be interpreted in different ways, according to Bazemore, as the perspective of the song is based on the listener. “The listener is able to hear it as they want to and interpret the meaning for themselves,” says the artist, “[It can be]  “Tell me, before I forget” or “Tell me before; I forget.” “Tell me more, then I forget” “Tell me more than I forget.”

“Tell Me More” by Bazemore is such a delightful Psychedelic Rock tune with its gorgeous vocal tracks and mellow instrumentation. It is part of Bazemore’s newest self-titled album, which I included in this post. Make sure to listen to “Tell Me More” by Bazemore as well as the new album and tell me what you think in the comments!

Also, check out the artist’s self-titled album down below. What is your favorite track? Let me know in the comments!

Make sure to check out Bazemore at the following sites:

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Why Is Bazemore's "Tell Me More" Such a Delightful Psychedelic Rock Tune

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  1. Celebrate Woman

    I need to listen more of them. Something truly pleasant in the music they create.

  2. Melanie

    Wow I love being able to find and experience new music! Great review!

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