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Talking to Beads of Courage About Their Incredible Charity Single

I am back with another interview, this time with the band Beads of Courage to highlight a very vital charity of the same name. Beads of Courage is a family-based charity that helps young people with chronic illnesses. The musicians all over the UK came together to release this song, which was one of the last tracks that Brian Travers of UB40 worked on before he passed. Continue to read the inspirational story of Beads of Courage UK and what is this track is all about. If you could, please make a contribution to vital charity to support future endeavors.

Hey! Can you tell me a little bit about Beads of Courage? Why was this band was formed?

This band was formed to create a song to highlight the support and work that UK charity Beads of Courage provide to over 16,000 children every day here in the UK

Could you tell us a little about Brian Travers and why is he so important to the band?

Brian long-term friend of Richard Harding was introduced to the charity whilst recovering from his Brain Tumour. He heard early on about the support the charity gives and felt it important to support them in any way he could.

 Beads of Courage

What is Beads of Courage UK all about?

Beads of Courage is a small family-run charity with a big heart and impact here in the UK. Co-founded by 3 families that each had a child diagnosed with cancer, the Wests’, the Watts, and the Drummonds.

These parents wanted to give support to children diagnosed with cancer that they felt they could’ve received themselves but didn’t. Initially, they introduced awareness through the signs and symptoms of all childhood cancers through an awareness campaign.

However, they quickly introduced the Beads of Courage to give hope, support, and encouragement to the 4,500 children diagnosed with cancer each year in the UK.

How can people from within the UK but also around the world support this organization?

Funds are extremely scarce due to the restrictions placed on events over the last couple of years. Beads of Courage UK’s fundraising abilities have been decimated. We no longer recycle clothing and struggle to have to pull up banners in airports and major shopping centres, again due to government regulations. This has meant that as a small charity with no government grants we have had to rely on things like this song in order to raise our public profile and hopefully inspire some to fundraise or do events on our behalf.]

Tell me what the single “Beads Of Courage” is all about?

The single is a positive upbeat soul-inspired message of hope, support, and encouragement. The words uplift, and give the listener the opportunity to dive into the realms of make-believe for a few minutes as their body and mind move along in unison to the message.

Who was all involved in creating this track? How was it bringing everyone together, especially during these times?

There was a mighty effort coordinated by Mark Kent of Eternal Lakes Nature reserve, who managed to bring everyone in. The choirs, the videography, the unicorn, the songwriter Blair, the bass guitar, the sax player Richard. Mark did an amazing job pulling everyone into this vision to support Beads of Courage UK.

What kind of sounds, textures, or words do you want to highlight in “Beads Of Courage”?

Hope, support, and encouragement are the founding words for this song and charity.

Tell us about the music video and what is so important about it?

This song is about the positive reinforcement impact that the Beads of Courage provide to over 16,000 children every day in the UK. Yasmin nervously awaiting treatment strikes up a conversation with Lois another child who is also waiting for her cancer treatment. In the exchange of words, Lois tells Yasmin that when she grows up she wants to be a dancer. As Yasmin lays on the treatment table the doctor reassures her that everything will be ok.

As Yasmin drifts off to sleep she enters a magical dream world where her doctor is the lead singer, her father is the saxophone player and Lois is a grown-up dancer. At the end of the song, which is full of positive words, an upbeat tune, and a subliminal message about hope, support, and encouragement. Grown-up Lois’ hands dream Yasmin a special courage bead, and as Yasmin comes round from the procedure in the consulting room she opens her hand and reveals the special bead as placed by dream Lois.

What do you want listeners to listen for in this song?

We would love the listeners to feel the message of love and support that drives our charity to ensure that one day every single child that could benefit from the Beads of Courage will have the opportunity to do so.

Any final words for the readers?

Thank you for taking the time to read and we hope that you enjoy listening to our song as much as we enjoyed writing and recording it.

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