You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: Enjoying Electronic Funk With “No Words” By Beau Audio

The Daily Feature: Enjoying Electronic Funk With “No Words” By Beau Audio

Today’s Daily Feature is “No Words” by British Funk artist Beau Audio. The tune starts with an electronic piano playing a groovy melody with a bold timbre. Not long after, the piano is joined with warm female vocals that sing a wordless melody with various scat singing techniques. Then throughout, a variety of instruments join in. You can hear segments of an alto saxophone, a trumpet, and an electronic guitar weaving in and out.

Though primarily an instrumental piece, “No Words” is worthwhile with its warm vocals and its electronic vibes. I just love how the funky electronic melody pans out in the beginning because it bends in unexpected ways. The vocals add a sort of musical depth. They are the ones that set the mood with their tones, but also steer tune with their unique melodic lines. Yet, the instrumentation adds an element of surprise as listeners wouldn’t expect them. They are a nice addition to “No Words”.

If you are up to some groovy, sensational electronic funk, then you have to listen to Beau Audio’s “No Word” today!

Make sure to check out Beau Audio’s “No Words” down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

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 Enjoying Electronic Funk With "No Words" By Beau Audio

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