Why 2022 Is the Year to Get an Internship in Seoul, South Korea With Beyond Academy

Ahh, summer! It is the season of new beginnings as many people are on a new path in life, a new job, or moving to a new location. In a majority of North Hemisphere countries, summer is the time when school is out of success. Students might enjoy a trip to the beach or start on their journey of finding the perfect job.

Speaking of finding the perfect job, did you know that internships could help you with that? What is no better than to find your dream career through internships. And 2022 is the perfect year to go global with internships as the international borders are opening up and accepting new talent from around the world once more. If you are someone who is looking to do an internship internationally, let be 2022 be the year to start one and eventually help you find that dream career you always wanted.

How about doing an internship in Seoul, Korea: a global metropolis of endless opportunities that await talented workers? Let’s take a look at why you have to take an internship in South Korea right now!

Why an Internship?

Imagine that you want to work in a field like engineering. You went to college for four years, taking courses and working hard towards that degree. You learned a lot in these classes and studied many textbooks on that subject. But, you never had a chance to really test out what you learned in the lecture halls physically. That is where internships come in. An internship is a job in a definite organization that helps you gain the skills, requirements, and/or qualifications that you need for a full-time job and/or career. Internships are not permanent positions, but they can lead to a full-time position in that same job after completion.

Internships are usually done by either high school and/or college students, depending on each country’s laws, when school is out of session. This period when school is out is the perfect time for students to try something new or gain experience with the knowledge they learned over the past year in a career that they want to pursue. I remember when I was in my high school, students were able to work at explicit jobs like at an auto shop or a restaurant, students working side-by-side with professionals to learn those specific skills.

But, the most critical skill that internships offer is networking. Networking is THE KEY to getting a career in this day and age. Networking is where you get to know different people in the industry. And the reason why this is key is that one has to know someone to help anyone get employed. For example, if someone wants to work as an engineer at Hyundai, it is better to know someone who works in Hyundai and network with them. This would help that person get a better chance of getting the job.

Interning is very effective in networking as you get to know and interact with many people in the industry. And those who are hiring will see an intern in action during a person’s internship. But also knowing that person personally enough to evaluate if they can hire them. You have to network in this job economy. What better way to do that than through internships?

Getting Internship With Beyond Academy in Seoul, Korea

It has been established that getting an internship is vital for anyone’s future career. Yet, anyone looking to intern in 2022 should do it overseas. Living and working overseas helps one be more aware of the world around them by experiencing different cultures, including work culture, and seeing things in a different light. I know this pretty well as I am an American living in Japan. Ever since I came to work in Japan for about ten years, my worldview has changed as I gained experiences, knowledge, and skills in this country that I never knew before.

Countries are looking for skilled talent to come and work for their companies. As the borders are re-opening in 2022, many countries (including South Korea and Japan) are hungry for skilled talents to come over and work in companies such as Hyundai and Samsung and offer lucrative benefits such as long-time visas, competitive salaries, and support. The world is becoming truly international once more when it comes to the job market, so 2022 is the best time to take a chance at interning overseas!

And what no better way to experience that than with International Internships Seoul with Beyond Academy. Seoul is a global metropolis and major business hub with a variety of jobs open to global talent. With Beyond Academy, you can get an internship in 18 different industries including fashion, engineering, and marketing in internationally known companies and disruptive start-ups. The program offers immersive workshops, career coaching and support, CV support, curator online courses and tools, and a calendar of professional networking events. They offer 24/7 support, orientation, welcome and bi-weekly community dinners, local events, and day trips so participants can feel right at home and enjoy life in Seoul.

Beyond Academy’s International Internships Seoul is a supportive program that will help interns grow their skills and experiences in a global setting. The program has the tools, events, people, and a wide array of internship jobs to help future talent get their dream job. If you are looking to intern this year, you have to check out Beyond Academy’s International Internships Seoul today!

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