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Bite The Boxer Releases Soothing Chillwave Hit “Like A Ghost”

British alt-pop/lo-fi-pop artist Bite The Boxer has released something that is perfect for your summer weekends. “Like A Ghost” is a soothing pop tune that creates a dreamy soundscape by the blend of alt-pop, synthwave, lo-fi, and indie-pop. Listeners can hear the lush sounds from the hush popish vocals to the synth riffs floating in the background with a guitar quietly strumming along. The mellow soundscape is filled with inquisitive sounds of different colors and textures to compose a soothing tune. Just don’t forget those powerful instrumental solos with the guitar and synth during the break as they bring a different angle to Bite The Boxer’s “Like A Ghost”.

Check out “Like A Ghost” down below. Let me know what you like about the song down in the comments.

About the Artist: Bite The Boxer

What started off as an anonymous synthwave project in early 2020, as a way of sharpening his music production skills during the lockdown, Bite The Boxer has transformed into a multi-genre, single-person, DIY production project spanning alt-pop, synthwave, cyberpunk, ambient, chillwave, lo-fi. Debut album The ’86 Sound was released in August 2020, followed by a glut of singles and the breakout E, A Stream Becomes A River, which was released on 15th October 2021.

Make sure to check out Bite The Boxer at the following:

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Bite The Boxer Releases Soothing Chillwave Hit "Like A Ghost"

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