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Bleu Jeans Bleu’s “Mangeras​-​tu ma patate douce” is a Cute Thanksgiving Song for 2019

🦃 Happy Thanksgiving!! 🦃

Tomorrow is American Thanksgiving! Although I can’t celebrate it fully here in Japan, I choose Bleu Jeans Bleu’s “Mangeras​-​tu ma patate douce” as my pick for this year’s Thanksgiving song.

Japan usually doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving at all. There is a “thankful” day here in Japan on November 23. But, that is more of a Labor Day than a Thanksgiving. Japanese people only hear about the American holiday through English language schools or by an American. I will eat a Thanksgiving dinner this year with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and other food items. The dinner will be at an American restaurant here in Nagoya. It’s because I don’t have an oven for a turkey. Japanese kitchens don’t have huge ovens as American ones do!

To celebrate Thanksgiving, I picked the song “Mangeras​-​tu ma patate douce” by the French Canadian band Bleu Jean Bleu. It a super cute song over the main staple of Thanksgiving dinner: the sweet potato.


Will You Eat My Sweet Potato?

“Mangeras​-​tu ma patate douce” or “Will You Eat My Sweet Potato” is from the band’s first album, Haute couture Gold. When I first looked at the English translation of the lyrics, I was a bit afraid of posting the song on my blog. I thought that the song was about something sexual. But, I was wrong after I confirmed the meaning in the song’s lyrics with a French-speaking friend. It wasn’t about sex, it was about something a little more innocent: having the first dinner with someone you love.

Judging on the rough translation of the lyrics below, it seems that the song is about a young man who is preparing his meal with his beloved. He is a bit nervous because he doesn’t know what she/he loves in terms of food. Will his beloved love the dishes he prepares? Or is he/she a vegetarian? Is the silverware he prepare enough to impress the person he loves?

Yet, the melody of “Mangeras​-​tu ma patate douce” doesn’t indicate any tones of worry or being frantic. Instead, It is a slow rock that has some country twinge added, especially during the midsection. The song is mostly lead by the downbeats of the percussion set as the vocals lead the melody with a soft acoustic guitar playing along. It isn’t till the chorus that the guitar becomes electrified with an alternative rock style. This change in styles from soft rock to alternative a nice change as it keeps the tune from becoming boring.

What do you think of “Mangeras​-​tu ma patate douce”? Let me know in the comments after you listen to the song below!

The Lyrics For Bleu Jeans Bleu’s “Mangeras​-​tu ma patate douce”

These are the English translation for the lyrics to “Mangeras​-​tu ma patate douce”. Since I don’t speak Canadian French, I had to rely on a translator. If you spot any mistakes, let me know in the comments below!

I made a nice set up, put a nice table
Knife on the left, fork on the right
I am capab
By tempering the sticks
A thought made me put the bricks
A doubt, stumble of road
Gave me the dog
Maybe you would be vegetarian

Oh, if ever, baby, I was wrong
Will you deign to taste my side?
Oh, if ever, baby, my beef gives you the jitters,
Will you eat my sweet potato?

The programs suggest, as an accompaniment
Mashed potatoes, excellent starch
But your health matters to me just like mine
I made curl a lump of romaine lettuce
I spend my most beautiful silver set
By not knowing your habits and your diet
I put a little of everything in the plate
By telling me that everything is going to be correc

But if ever, baby, I was wrong
Do you deign to taste my side?
Oh, if ever, baby, my beef gives you the jitters
Will you eat my sweet potato?

Lyrics Source:

About the Artist: Blue Jeans Bleu

Bleu Jeans Bleu

Bleu Jeans Bleu is a French Canadian band from Montreal. The members are Claude Cobra, Wayne Wrangler, Lou Lee, Jean Levis, and Guy Guess. Their music is a combination of
Country, soul, and alternative. They also feature other genres like samba, disco, and funk-rock. They released their first album, entitled Haute couture Gold, in 2013. Their latest album Perfecto was released this year.

You can follow the band on these social media sites:

Facebook / Instagram / Youtube

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  1. HollysHome

    One of my best friend’s is Japanese. She doesn’t quite get Thanksgiving. I think it’s fun that you chose a song just for Thanksgiving. Maybe I will too?

  2. Kate Loves Travel

    Wow, a song about sweet potato! We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK either so tomorrow is just a normal day for us…

  3. Katie

    This is super cute!

  4. Katy Liang

    So interesting that Japan has a holiday with a similar name!

  5. Stephanie

    From the translation it sounds like a great Thanksgiving song. I’m so ready for the delicious food tomorrow. I never thought about not having Thanksgiving if we were in another country.

  6. chad

    That is so cool! I love the song and especially the lyrics, amazing.

  7. Flossie McCowald

    Oh, gosh, too funny! I have actually lived in Québec and have a lot of fave artists from my time there, but this is one group I’m not familiar with – so thanks for the tip!

  8. Marina

    Believe me I don’t know the band or the song. Would love to visit Japan one day x

  9. Erin

    I speak very basic french I learned in school, and this is such a cute song. I see why you would use it to celebrate to.

  10. Joanna

    That is indeed such a cute song, with very nice lyrics. I wonder what they mean thought by eating their sweet potato.

  11. Play2WinApps

    sounds like a great song and a fun way for you to join in on thanksgiving even though you are not in america

  12. Fransic Verso

    You are lucky for being in japan which I never been there and you can still somehow celebrate it. Nice recipe!

  13. Christa

    This is just too fun! Sweet potatoes are my favorite part of Thanksgiving.

  14. I love the meaning behind this song! My partner and I have been together for 6+ years and we both LOVE food, so I’m sad I don’t remember our first meal together – although I DO remember the first time he cooked for me! – and I love that someone wrote a song about such a sweet moment in a relationship.

  15. Serena

    Haha there’s a song for everything eh! However I do love sweet potatoes! Great post!

  16. Farah Al Zadjaly

    I think I remember this song once at a thanksgiving meal in Dubai… 🙂 Its nice to see the lyrics now.

  17. Aashirvad Kumar


    It’s pretty good. I like the way you express things and there are many things which help me in exploring new things.


  18. Roman

    Will you eat my sweet potato?! Priceless! Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. Ray

    When I read the translation it sounds like a great Thanksgiving song! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving surrounded by family and people you love!

  20. Blairvillanueva

    I’m not familiar with this song. But you are right, Japan doesn’t celebrate most western or American traditions coz it is Japan. However, they have tons of festivals to celebrate!

  21. Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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