The Daily Feature: What to Listen for in Blonde Diamond’s “Red Flags”

Today’s Daily Feature is “Red Flags” by Vancouver-based indie-pop band Blonde Diamond. The song was created to break the silence about abusive relationships that many are afraid to speak up about. It was based on vocalist Alexis’s personal experience in being such a thing. She first saw the romance, then saw the reality of an abusive and emotionally manipulative relationship over time. ” I wanted to write this song not just as a form of healing for my own experience,” Alexis spoke about the song, “but also as a message to others that you CAN walk away. That you’re not alone. And that it’s easy to get swept up and lose perspective when you’re in the eye of the storm.”

“Red Flags” features the band’s signature sound that includes energetic drums, sparkly keys, dreamy guitars, slinky bass, and intimate vocals. Yet, there are little things here and there within that make this song a must0listen. The bass lines, that intriguing melody in the pre-chorus, the catchy hooks in the chorus, and that delicious dark vibe. Packed with an important message, “Red Flags” features a lush musical soundscape with sweet and savourly blended oh so perfectly.