Boogie Woogie with AKB48 This Halloween!

Post autIn recent years, Halloween products have started to show up around the end of July or early August in the US. These items appear right next to back-to-school supplies. The super-popular Jpop idol group  feels the same way! This group wants everyone to get in the mood early with their new song “Halloween Night”. Will it live up to the hyper of their super popular hit “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”? Read on to find out!

My Opinion on Super Popular AKB48

I always had a love/hate relationship with AKB48. I had disliked the super idol group when they made their debut in 2006. I, like many fans, have compared AKB48 with another super popular Jpop idol group. Fans of both groups would debate on which group was the best one. No one was allowed to be fans of both groups. It was one or the other.

To tell you the truth, I really loved the girls in Morning Musume. ever since 2004. I do believe that they are more talented (in terms of singing, personality, dancing, and cuteness) than AKB48. Yet, I gradually began to listen to songs performed by AKB48 thanks to Youtube, the TV, and Spotify. Over time, my hard heart softened as I began to like some of their songs like (which had my former favorite member Tomomi Itano).

“Halloween Night”: A Boogie Woogie Song For AKB48

“Halloween Night” features one of my favorite members from the group: Rino Sashihara. The reason why I like her is that she is a huge fan of other idol groups, especially Hello! Project. She also wants to create harmony and love between the other idol groups, unlike fans who want to start the “whose is better” war. I also like Minami Takahashi, the gorgeous Yuki Kashiwagi, Sakura Miyawaki, and the unique Sayaka Yamamoto during the song.

According to, “Halloween Night” is a sequel to the 2013 mega-popular hit “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”. Both songs feature Rino Sashihara as the lead singer and a 70s-style disco sound. You can hear this distinct sound from the high-pitched guitar scale runs in the introductions. It is also featured during the chorus. And, the chopped rhythms in “Halloween Night” hark back to the disco rhythms. “Halloween Night” reminds of a tune done by or Donna Summers.

Similar To Another Tune?

Many fans on the internet have said that “Halloween Night” reminds them of Jun Harada’s  (My Teacher is a Fever). This was the theme to the 70s Japanese drama Necchuu Jidai. I can hear a bit of a resemblance as both songs shared the same rhythms in the first few measures. However, after that, “Boku no Sensei wa Fever” and “Halloween Night” are totally different songs with their own unique melodies. “Boku no Sensei wa Fever” is more of a disco song with Japanese melodies incorporated in it. While “Halloween Night” is more like an American disco song with inspirations from Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Final Thoughts

Even though “Halloween Night” is a great song, I don’t think it lives up to the expectation of “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”. It lacks the “oomph”, the super positive lyrics, the catchy melodies, and the memorable dance moves that the 2013 mega-hit had. Despite this, I still love “Halloween Night”. It’s becoming one of my new favorites as I play this song repeatedly.

Take a listen of “Halloween Night” in the video below and tell me what you think of the song in the comments before!