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The Dreamy Mixture of Modern and Retro in Breakfast for Dinner’s “Say”

What is on your playlist right now? Anything with dreamy vibes and addictive melodies? There is one song you have to check out. That song is “Say” by New York-based Dream Pop band Breakfast for Dinner. “Say” is an elusive tune that features a mixture of modern, fresh sounds and retro ones. How so? Why is this song is such a must-listen? Let’s find out more down below!

A Mixture of New and Old

Breakfast for Dinner

“Say” is a mixture of musical sounds that are both modern and retro. The retro vibes are from the 80s feel that surrounds the track, from the dreamy synth riffs to the electrifying guitar riffs. Listeners can easily identify these 80s sounds within the song from the first note of the intro. It is like you just walked into the 80s with those glistening synth textures. Yet, those sweet synth riffs actually give a relaxing feeling of calamity due to their dreamy mood. This alleviating mood helps to set the premise of the song’s atmosphere with the retro instrumentation. It gives off nostalgia but in a soothing way.

The modern sound is in the swirling guitars, lilting drums, and lulling sun-drenched vocals. This present-day tone was influenced by misty indie pop/dream pop bands like The 1975 and Joan. Breakfast for Dinner’s approach to bringing a fresh take by including their influences in “Say” is a great idea. It aids listeners to get into “the feels” of the band’s song by identifying a familiar sound they have heard before. Yet, the fresh sound gives Breakfast for Dinner to hone into their own sound, which is crucial to hear in “Say”.

One more thing that listeners have to listen to is the message that is embedded in the lyrics. “Say” talks about not wanting to hold your partner back in a relationship. “I think when you care about someone else’s needs so much, and you aren’t mindful, you can accidentally put your emotions in the backseat,” the band said, “And you can find yourself feeling selfish, or even embarrassed, for expressing your own.” “Say” is a confession of these feelings while illustrating the eagerness to see the other person thrive. Because you want them to keep growing, and you know they deserve more.

The song is vulnerable in the sense that it expresses the preference of physical closeness, but also the choice to let it go for the possibility of the other person being happier— and the unknown that comes along with that.

Breakfast For Dinner

Final Thoughts

“Say” by Breakfast for Dinner is a delicious must-listen with a mixture of both modern and retro sounds that hook listeners young and old. The track features mesmerizing synth textures that reminisce listeners of the 80s music scene. They glisten right along with each note. Yet, listeners have to pay attention to the modern sounds in the guitar riffs, vocals, and drum beats as they help to shape the band’s unique sound. Finally, listeners will relate to the song’s lyrics. Both share similar feelings about not wanting to hold a partner back in a relationship. Overall, Breakfast for Dinner’s newest single is a dreamy delight that features a marvelous soundscape that listeners cannot miss out on!

Make sure to listen to Breakfast for Dinner’s “Say” down below. let me know what you think in the comments.

About the Artist: Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast for Dinner

An underground indie-pop outfit, based out of Buffalo NY. Sounds include glistening synth textures accompanied by reverb-drenched lead lines resembling Pale Waves and Nightly. A true sound that was made to put you into good spirits. As of February 2019, Breakfast for Dinner has released music alongside the Independent underground Niagara Falls, NY-based label, Love Canal Entertainment.

Make sure to check out Breakfast for Dinner at the following:

Instagram | Spotify | Twitter | Bandcamp | Youtube | Facebook

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The Dreamy Mixture of Modern and Retro in Breakfast for Dinner's "Say"

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    I don’t know much about this band, but their style and sounds is really interesting.

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    This is one of my favorite genre. Thanks for sharing another beautiful post.

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    Say reminds me of a few good songs that my sister used to listen to. Oh, and Imogen Heap. I love it!

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    Love this song! Thanks so much for introducing me to this band, will check out more of their songs (and save this song to my playlist)!

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