You are currently viewing 2020 Holiday Feature: “Just One Night” by American Singer-Songwriter Brian Mackey

2020 Holiday Feature: “Just One Night” by American Singer-Songwriter Brian Mackey

Two more days till Christmas! Are you getting pumped? Although we might be social distancing during the holidays, which means limited contact and no parties, we can still enjoy the holiday season with music! Yesterday I mentioned “Christmas Eve” by English Pop Singer-Songwriter Charlie Max. Today’s song is American folk-rock singer-songwriter Brian Mackey’s “Just One Night”. Check it out down below and let me know what you think in the comments! (And don’t forget to check my Holiday Playlist at the end of this post for a big playlist of amazing music for your Christmas!)

About the Artist: Brian Mackey

Brian Mackey

Singer-Songwriter, Brian Mackey, voices what often goes unsaid with warmth and vulnerability that is reminiscent yet new. He’s often been told, that he has a sound that combines a healthy balance of Pop, Folk, Rock, and Americana with a voice that is in the likes of the late Jim Croce. Originally from the northern Florida panhandle, Brian was raised on a diet of 90’s alt-rock and 70’s folk music. Picking up vibes from positively hopeless cases from the darkest places, he’s created a sound uniquely his own.

From a very early age, the youngest of three had an ear for music. His grandmother played piano, sitting in at local clubs, and his mother dabbled in song writing. There was nothing Brian liked more than music. “I used to ‘steal’ albums from my brothers and parents. I remember listening to Queen’s “Night at the Opera” over and over and over. I never got sick of it, never got sick of listening to the radio or hearing new music. I liked everything, it didn’t matter what it was as long as the musicians played instruments!”

While schoolwork didn’t really grab Brian, the attention he got from being good at music did. “When I was 7, my music teacher asked me to sing the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ for the class. Everyone was so complimentary that it left me inspired and confident. I then went on to sing in church, plays and the school choir.”

Having learned piano from his grandmother, and guitar from just a few lessons, Brian was really eager to challenge himself by playing music he heard on the radio rather than what was assigned during lessons. “I would find excuses to stay home from school so I could sit in my room and play the guitar. Something inside me was confident that I was on the right path. I didn’t follow the road that I was encouraged to take, but at the same time, the direction I was heading in felt natural to me.”

Brian tooled around with some bands in Florida, where he admits the warm weather and party atmosphere made it easy to score gigs. Wanting to experience four seasons, he moved around the country and lived in a Volvo 240 wagon – washing dishes by day, bar gigging by night. He landed in New York, where he continued to play in bands until he had an epiphany: “It dawned on me that I would be better off –and would grow more as an artist – if I wrote my own songs and composed my own music. I wanted to live to my full potential and felt like being a solo artist was the best way for me to do that.”

That fateful decision opened many doors for Brian, some leading to great things, some leading to frustration, but always ending with a learning experience that helped him develop. One of the first in a series of steps to improve came when Brian flew to Nashville for a meeting with producer Sam Ashworth (The Civil Wars, Switchfoot, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith), where they recorded “Painted Red.” This track ended up on Brian’s first EP. Ever since then, Brian Mackey has released many EPs and albums as well as his music appears on various media.

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2020 Holiday Feature: "Just One Night" by American Singer-Songwriter Brian Mackey

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