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How is Broadtree’s “Breath of Fresh Air” An Inspiration During These Times?

Canadian pop-country duo Broadtree is back! The duo was featured on ai love music this past spring with their album Feeling Bad. Feeling Better. And now, they are back with their newest single “Breath of Fresh Air”. How does the song personify COVID? In what way does the song bring a sense of joy to everyone affected by this pandemic? Let’s find out by taking a deeper look down below.

But Today I’m Breathing Easy


“Breath of Fresh Air” is Broadtree’s song about COVID in a different way. While writing the song, the duo didn’t want it to scream “this is a song about the pandemic”. Instead, they wanted to personify the virus. “We personified COVID as the one inflicting that sort of pain before we’re finally free as the story of the song is told,” said Armand Antony. And, they were surprised at how well the personification of COVID reflects any kind of situation keeping anyone down in life.

However, Broadtree didn’t make it into a sad song about COVID. Instead, they made one that could celebrate the excitement of looking ahead beyond the pandemic “The song is meant to be an explosion of joy – the thrill of new beginnings coming from a place where you worried you may never be free. We really wanted the focus to be on the escape and reclaiming a part of yourself you were afraid of losing forever,” Nicole McCafferty explained.

You can hear this positivity and excitement in the upbeat tempo featured in “Breath of Fresh Air”. Even the melody and rhythms ooze with excitement in their own unique way. The melodies feature an uplifting and happy vibe throughout. While the rhythm features distinctive pacing that builds excitement as if this was the moment we were waiting for. Of course, don’t forget to listen for McCafferty’s vocals as their melodious tone wonderfully shapes the happy, uplifting mood as well.

Broadtree’s newest song is such an inspiration to listen to. It features inspiration and positivity within its lyrics and melodies. It is a fascinating tune that will encaptivate listeners with its lively mood and catchy hooks. But, it will inspire me to look ahead to the future. You have to listen to “Breath of Fresh Air” to listen for yourself!

Make sure to check out “Breath of Fresh Air” down below and let me know what you think!

About the Artist; Broadtree

Broadtree is a Canadian pop-country duo that features Armand Antony and Nicole McCafferty. Both are theatre performers who have been involved with music and drama for a long time. Being involved with different theatre productions, the two performers’ paths eventually crossed when they met at one of these productions.

Then, in 2020, Armand decided to record some music and invited Nicole to sing on a track. When they performed at a show for the single, the two discovered that they had something. “We knew that there was something special, we knew there was something we wanted to continue,” Armand explained. Because of COVID-19 and being currently unemployed actors, Armand and Nicole created Broadtree to be able to discover something new.

Nicole and Armand first started off doing different covers and a Christmas show. They even released an EP with a couple of covers. Then at the end of December, Broadtree decided that they would release some original material. And it was one of the best decisions, the duo said, as each said they worked really well together.

Broadtree’s musical influences are mostly country, but they are influenced by other musical genres and acts. When Nicole was growing up, she often listened to country, but also musical theatre and big musical acts like Barbra Streisand as that was what her mother listened to. As for Armand, he was mostly a classic rock fan and 80’s rock fan when he was growing up.

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How is Broadtree's "Breath of Fresh Air" An Inspiration During These Times?

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