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Explore the Depth of Heartbreak with Broadtree’s “Inevitable”

Canadian pop-country duo Broadtree released their newest single “Inevitable” just recently. It is a tune that details the story of two lifelong friends who shares a special bond that others will not understand or experience. But in an instant, everything changes. Now, a flood of “how”s and “what if”s comes into one’s mindset to try to find an answer to this newly created void. The lyrics explore these perimeters with the topics of curiosity, love, and heartbreak. Maybe what feels meant to be maybe just nothing more than “What if?”.

The duo does a fantastic job of musically expressing these feelings of heartbreak, love, and curiosity in this single. There is a down-to-earth feeling from both the vocals and instrumentation that brings forth so many raw yet honest emotions. The mid-tempo tempo pulls the song along with the acoustic instrumentation. There is an electric guitar that is featured in the break to add new depth, but the track is mostly acoustic to bring an emotional yet enjoyable layer. While the female and male vocals bring out the honesty of the song with their melodic, sober tones.

“Inevitable” is a gorgeous must-listen for its sincere storytelling approach to life after heartbreak both lyrically and musically. This newest single captivates listeners with its engaging musicality, topics, and lyrics. It will tug at the listener’s heartstrings with its vulnerability and captivating melodies.

Listen to Broadtree’s “Inevitable” down below. Let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist; Broadtree


Broadtree is a Canadian pop-country duo that features Armand Antony and Nicole McCafferty. Both are theatre performers who have been involved with music and drama for a long time. Being involved with different theatre productions, the two performers’ paths eventually crossed when they met at one of these productions.

Then, in 2020, Armand decided to record some music and invited Nicole to sing on a track. When they performed at a show for the single, the two discovered that they had something. “We knew that there was something special, we knew there was something we wanted to continue,” Armand explained. Because of COVID-19 and being currently unemployed actors, Armand and Nicole created Broadtree to be able to discover something new.

Nicole and Armand first started off doing different covers and a Christmas show. They even released an EP with a couple of covers. Then at the end of December, Broadtree decided that they would release some original material. And it was one of the best decisions, the duo said, as each said they worked really well together.

Broadtree’s musical influences are mostly country, but they are influenced by other musical genres and acts. When Nicole was growing up, she often listened to country, but also musical theatre and big musical acts like Barbra Streisand as that was what her mother listened to. As for Armand, he was mostly a classic rock fan and 80’s rock fan when he was growing up.

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Explore the Depth of Heartbreak with Broadtree's "Inevitable"

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  1. natalielovesbeauty

    I love to support Canadian artists! Love this song, their voices mesh so well together.

  2. Joyce K.

    I’m always looking for new songs to listen to. This is definitely something I’m going to try out!!

  3. Reading about their song has got me intrigued. God knows i could related to the topic haha

  4. Renee

    Such a sweet tune and nice lyrics!

  5. Fransic verso

    This is awesome! The music and lyrics are just amazing. And since I don’t focus too much on where from the singers. It feel that I don”t listen to a lot of Canadian singers.

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