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Talking to UK Upbeat Indies Trio Brosnan About the Meaning Behind “Being Alone”

I recently chatted with UK indie-rock/indie-pop trio Brosnan about their recently released song “Being Alone” and being part of the Three Minute Heroes project. Check out the interview to see what was the meaning behind “Being Alone” and how does that tie into the Three Minute Heroes project. Check out the interview below (as well as the album and song) and let me know what you think!

First of all, please introduce yourselves. How did the band come to be?

We are three-piece upbeat indie group Brosnan from Hull in the UK! We first played together after Rory had agreed to headline a gig in the Manchester Northern Quarter and didn’t even have a band to play the gig with!

We all found ourselves back in our hometown of Hull having finished university. Jake & Jonny had already played together as the rhythm section in their band The Sellars, and Jake & Rory had been friends since primary school, we all got together to jam some songs and play the gig. 4 years later, we’re going stronger than ever.

What are your musical influences?

We have an ever-growing mix of influences spanning the past 7 decades & beyond. Our primary source of inspiration comes from the music we grew up hearing; bands from the British indie canon such as New Order, Pulp, and The Cure. The strong melodic lines in these bands influence our own style when writing music, which we combine with modern production styles of bands like Snail Mail and Wolf Alice.

How has 2020 been as an artist? Has there been anything positive this year?

As with everybody else, the pandemic has been having a huge impact on us. It’s been difficult to get together in one room to jam/rehearse and almost impossible to play live shows. Instead, we’ve used extra time during the UK lockdown as an opportunity to focus on writing and recording lots of new music.

One big positive for us this year was the video we filmed for our previous single ‘Octopus’ during the first UK lockdown in Spring. COVID restrictions prevented us from being in the same room to shoot our original video concept. Consequently, we devised a new video where we filmed footage of ourselves in our separate homes in front of green screens.

It was challenging to think diversely & creatively whilst sticking to the rules, but ultimately it forced us to come up with clever editing methods and it turned out brilliantly thanks to our drummer Jake who cut it all together!

Let’s talk about your latest single “Being Alone”. What is it about?

“Being Alone” was released as part of a local project called Three Minute Heroes run by brilliant local charity & record label The Warren Youth Project. Young people from our local area (Kingston Upon Hull) anonymously wrote lyrics about mental health which were then given to local bands like us to write accompanying music for.

The lyrics we selected are about feeling alone & marginalized on Valentine’s Day. After reading the lyrics we got together and quickly came up with the melody and backing track,  which was recorded & produced by the fantastic Pat Pretorious who helped us arrange the final recording.

This was also the first time we have ever written music entirely around prewritten & complete lyrics, which made the process a refreshing change to our usual method of writing lyrics at the end of the writing process.

According to your bio, Brosnan is a band that “exudes wistful overtones reminiscent of influences Pulp and New Order.”. How do you incorporate this sound in “Being Alone”?

I think the song in general has a kind of garage rock sound reminiscent of bands like Pulp and The Libertines which is expressed through the loud production and fast pace. The lyrics are very unhappy, but we thought they would work really well with an upbeat backing which is a very Pulp thing to do.

You describe “Being Alone” as a song with lyrics about “young people expressing their thoughts and feelings”. Could you explain more about this?

The project got young people from schools in the local area to write about any issues they have. We were given a list of all the writings and got to choose which one to use for our song. As it is anonymous it allows the young people to put down their thoughts without any fear of being judged. Also ithout any of the stigmas that can sometimes surround these issues which allows them to put down their honest thoughts and feelings.

We want young people to know that they are not alone in their feelings.

Let’s quickly talk about “LP Three Minute Heroes”, which “Being Alone” is part of. How was being part of this project and why did you decide to take part?

This is the second carnation of the project, with the first album being released a couple of years ago. We’re friends with some of the bands who appeared on the first project such as Serial Chiller who created the amazing song ‘Bed Mood’ (go check them out they’re well worth a listen)!

The project was run by The Warren Youth Project who is locally famous for helping so many & doing so much for young people in Hull (they have been a lifeline for so many in Hull this year during the pandemic). 3MH a terrific project for a great cause, and if we can help bring attention to the issues faced by young people then we would be foolish not to.

What do you want listeners to listen for in your music?

We like to make music that is catchy, has good melodies, and that people can listen to over and over. It all comes from us being great friends and having a good time together. We want our music to make people feel good, and we always try not to say anything specifically partisan or divisive; our music is for everybody! 

What are your future plans?

So we’ve used the pandemic as a chance to get a couple of new songs written and have gotten started on the recordings. We plan to release these in the coming year 2021. Hopefully next year we will be able to play live again so we are very excited about that!

Finally, any message for the readers of ai love music?

If you’ve read this far you might as well go and listen to us! Stay safe and look after each other.

About the Artist: Brosnan


Brosnan’s fusion of British indie and new wave informs their second-hand pop sound. With Jonny Rodrigues’ bubbly bass hooks, the onrush of raw vocals and melodic guitar riffs by lead singer/guitarist Rory Moses and drummer Jake Haylett’s slick, stomping grooves, they exude wistful overtones reminiscent of influences Pulp and New Order.

Make sure to check out Brosnan and the Three Minute Heroes project at the following sites:

Official Site | Instagram | Youtube | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

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Talking to UK Upbeat Indies Trio Brosnan About the Meaning Behind "Being Alone"

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