You are currently viewing 60s’ rock tune “Bus Stop” with The Hollies and Graham Gouldman

60s’ rock tune “Bus Stop” with The Hollies and Graham Gouldman

One of my favorite oldies is “Bus Stop” by the Brtish rock band The Hollies. The single was released on June 17, 1966. It reached #5 on the UK and #1 on the US charts. It was the first single by the band to reach #1 in the States. 

The Writer of “Bus Stop”: Graham Gouldman

Graham Gouldman who wrote "Bus Stop"

Graham Gouldman wrote “Bus Stop”. He is well-known as a member of the art-rock band 10cc. He first started off in two bands: The Whirlwinds and the Mockingbirds. The latter band was more well-known as they appeared on the BBC’s Top of the Pops as a warm-up band. Funny thing is that Gouldman recalled a time where he was on the show with The Yardbirds: “There was one strange moment when the Yardbirds appeared on the show doing ‘For Your Love’, which was a song that I’d written. Everyone clamored around them – and there I was just part of an anonymous group. I felt strange that night, hearing them play my song.”[1]

But Gouldman wasn’t only a bandmate, he was also a songwriter. He wrote for his band 10cc, but also Herman’s Hermits, The Yardbirds, and The Hollies. Today’s song, “Bus Stop”, was even written by him.

The Hollies’ “Bus Stop”

An interesting fact is that “Bus Stop” is listed as a pop-rock tune but also a raga rock tune. Musicians define raga rock as a type of rock genre that has Indian musical influences. A lot of people credit The Beatles as the first musicians to incorporate raga rock into their music. But actually, it was The Yardbirds that created the genre with the 1965 song “Heart Full of Soul”. With “Bus Stop”, you can hear the Indian musical influence throughout the song, especially during the bridge where the guitar sounds like a sitar. 

The Hollies who performed "Bus Stop"

Gouldman got the idea about the song’s lyrics when he came home via the bus one day. He credited his father, playwright Hyme Gouldman, as the author for the opening lines:

“I had the title and I came home one day and he (Hyme) said ‘I’ve started something on that Bus Stop idea you had, and I’m going to play it for you. He’d written Bus stop, wet day, she’s there, I say please share my umbrella and it’s like when you get a really great part of a lyric or, I also had this nice riff as well, and when you have such a great start to a song its kind of like the rest is easy. It’s like finding your way onto a road and when you get onto the right route, you just follow it.”[2]

The Lyrics of “Bus Stop”

Bus stop, wet day
She’s there, I say
Please share my umbrella

Bus stops, bus goes
She stays, love grows
Under my umbrella

All that summer we enjoyed it
Wind and rain and shine
That umbrella we employed it
By August she was mine

Every morning I would see her
Waiting at the stop
Sometimes she’d shop
And she would show me what she’d bought

Other people stared
As if we were both quite insane
Someday my name and hers
Are going to be the same

That’s the way the whole thing started
Silly but it’s true
Thinking of our sweet romance
Beginning in a Queue

Came the sun
The ice was melting
No more sheltering now
Nice to think that that umbrella
Led me to avow

Every morning I would see her
Waiting at the stop
Sometimes she’d shop
And she would show me what she’d bought

Other people stared
As if we were both quite insane
Someday my name and hers
Are going to be the same

Came the sun
The ice was melting
No more sheltering now
Nice to think that that umbrella
Led me to a vow

The Covers of “Bus Stop”

I have been listening to the original version since I was a kid because my mom is into 60s rock. But I found cover versions of “Bus Stop” about eleven years ago. It was when I discovered a version done by Japanese singer Mikiko Noda on the 1988 album Taiyou no Higashi, Tsuki no Nishi (East of the Sun, West of the Moon). Then I found out about other clovers, including these:

Herman’s Hermits’ version (1966)

Brazilian band Golden Boy with their version (1967)

Candies’ version (1974)

The 80s’ dance-pop version by Japanese pop Yoko Oginome (1988)

A really good English language cover by Jrock band PICASSO (2001)

American Country artist Sylvia’s version (2002)

Filipino artists Francis Magalona and Ely Buendia’s Cover (2010)

A hard rock version by Höffmänn (2018)

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60s' rock tune "Bus Stop" with The Hollies and Graham Gouldman


[1] George Tremlett (1976). The 10cc Story. Futura.


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    This is the first time I hear this song. I like that it is quite upbeat and happy. It does sound a little bit like the Beatles tunes, so I get what you mean by the raga rock.

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    I used to be a die-hard rock fan and that made me learn how to play the guitar and drum sets. Ha-ha. Anyway, listening to Bus Stop brings my memory back to that time.

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    Hearing the Bus stop song and the covers for the first time ever. Gouldman is a really good songwriter. I personally didn’t get different vibes from the covers, they just seemed as an imitation to me though.

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    This is great. I love how wholesome the lyrics are. Their image reminds me of the Monkees

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