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Follow Your Own Vibe With C|PEÑA’s “RUTINA”

Summer is just around the corner in the North Hemisphere. It is the season of beach visits, car rides with the windows open and just spending time outside. For me, it is going to work with great tunes on a sunny day or enjoy an array of tunes while I enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful days with my window open.

One song perfect for the upcoming summer season is “RUTINA” by American Latin Pop/Hip-Hop artist C|PENA. It isn’t exactly crafted as a summer song, but it does have the vibes of one, especially one to enjoy anywhere from the office to the outdoors. Why? Let’s explore the song more in detail down below.

Make Your Dreams Come True

My ethos is to help make a positive change in the world. I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of a song in people’s hearts, and I believe that through music we can all make an impact, music is a currency for change, for happiness, for self-reflection. With “RUTINA” I wanted to accomplish just that. When life gets messy and complicated, and when our daily routine can get a little too heavy to carry, sometimes we want to run away, and we wonder what if, what if I follow my instincts and pursue what is right for me. 


C|PEÑA’s “RUTINA” is a song that reflects on a spectrum of feelings. It is a song that showcases encouragement, love, desire, adventure, breaking free from being trapped, enjoyment, and empowerment. The song brilliantly interweaves English and Spanish lyrics to convey that feeling that many feelings of being much more. Follow your dreams. Explore new possibilities. Both C|PEÑA, and SWAIN explore these feelings in their own ways: C|PEÑA with his skillful musicality of songwriting and SWAIN with his slick rap verses. The lyrical content featured in “RUTINA” is so inspiring and uplifting that it will inspire anyone to just be themselves.

“RUTINA” also brilliantly features a rich interweave of Colombian Cumbia, Hip Hop, and Latin Pop. Listeners can hear the unforgettable melodies of Colombian Cumbia and Latin Pop in C|PEÑA’s verses and choruses. The chorus features honeyed vocals with sweet, catchy riffs. Listeners will be singing along to those. There is also an easy-going vibe going on in the verses with how the melodies are composed and performed. Yet, the smooth and spellbinding rap verses performed by SWAIN are a great addition to “RUTINA” as they fit right in with perfect sync with a familiar vibe.

Both C|PEÑA and SWAIN do an astonishing job with “RUTINA” for it is inspiring yet catchy. The tune has that perfect summery vibe with an energic flair, chilled soundscape, irresistible rap verses, and catchy melodies. The combination of Hip-Hop, Colombian Cumbia, and Latin Pop is enticing as their synergy is flawless. But, it is the message that is found in the song that is also important as it will inspire others to go after their dreams. Such a boost for this year!

Make sure to check out C|PENA’s “RUTINA” down below. Let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: C|PEÑA

C|PEÑA is a Latin Pop/Hip-Hop artist from Tampa, Florida. C|PEÑA is the songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist of his songs. Both working for the same company, one day, when we were in the lunch break, we started to talk about music and check each other’s youtube channels, after that we decided to record something together. The band is influenced by an array of musical genres including Colombian Cumbia like Carlos Vives and Toto LaMomposina, Hip Hop and Latin Pop.

C|PENA has partnered with the Non-Profit Against Malaria Foundation to raise money to distribute anti-mosquito nets in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, and Kasai Province, Congo.

Make sure to check out C|PEÑA at the following:

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