You are currently viewing Berlin-Based Electronic Artist Can Guru? Releases Inspiring Single “Winner Today”

Berlin-Based Electronic Artist Can Guru? Releases Inspiring Single “Winner Today”

Belgium-born, Berlin-based Electronic Music artist Can Guru? recently chatted with ai love music about the release of his newest single “Winner Today” as well as his musical influences in both classic and electronic genres. With music running through his veins, it was always a huge part of his life, from as young as Can Guru? can remember. In the late nineties, Can Guru? moved to Manchester to study Sound Engineering at Salford University and since then has been involved with many bands as a performer, sound engineer, and blossoming music producer. His love for electronic music was nurtured in the rich and eclectic Manchester party music scene.

Make sure to find out below what is so inspiring about “Winner Today” by Can Guru? and why it features tribal-esque vocal chants. Take a listen to the new single down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

For those who don’t know you, could you give us a few words bout yourself?

Hi, my name is Colin Crichton (aka Can Guru?). I am an artist currently living in Berlin, Germany. 

Can Guru?

You grew up in a classic music environment and now working with electronic music. How is it that going and anything different from classical and electronic music?

Yes, that’s right. It’s going well. Classical music was my grounding and throughout the years I’ve always been interested in discovering new sounds, bands, artists, and producers.  I guess as years went by, I got more and more into music production and that led me to learn how to use various music production software. All this really opened many doors into the exciting world of electronic music.

My classical music upbringing has had a lot of influence on my thought process when it comes to writing music. Indirectly speaking, those early influences can be heard in my productions.

What artists or genres get you inspired when you create?

I am a big fan of Damon Albarn and particularly his virtual band Gorillaz.  I also like bands such as The Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, and also Hip-Hop artists like Kendrick Lamar and Drake to name but a few.

I listen to many genres of music ranging from Alt-Hip-Hop to Alt-Electro-Pop, Alternative Dance, and Trip-Hop these days…

Let’s talk about your latest track “Winner Today”. What is it about?

The song is about the ups and downs of winning one day and losing it all the next but never giving up on your dreams and ambitions. Always getting back up after you fall down.

How did this tune come to be? What inspired it?

The lyrics to this song came to me after an intensive bike ride in the woodlands in Berlin. I had a fall on a stormy day and grazed my knee, but regardless, I jumped back on my bike and carried on cycling, enduring the gradual pain building up in my leg.  When I got home later that day, I guess the fall triggered a creative impulse for me to write lyrics about resilience and it inspired me to write also about the constant ups and downs we have to deal with as human beings in our personal lives…

You mentioned in the press release that “Winner Today” features a darker tone. What does that tone mean and why do you include it?

I think the darker tone comes mainly from the music production. The tribal-esque vocal chant from the start of the song and also the piano ostinato sequence gives it tension which builds up throughout the song. I also think that the lower-pitched vocals in some parts emanate a dark twist. Almost like a “devil’s voice” coming from the depths below. 

The reason for me using these darker tones throughout this production process was because of my keen interest in experimenting with new sonorities and techniques. As a Music Producer, I am always pushing myself to expand on my skills and this can often be a trial and error process. In this case, I am really happy with the final outcome of the song.

There is so much in the song that packs a punch, so to speak. How was producing “Winner Today” and what was important to the song?

The production for this song happened in 2 different cities. I started writing the music for this song a few years back when I was living in Manchester. I wanted the music to carry through with a heavy hip-Hop beat and I wanted the song to sound big and epic.

It was only a few years later that the lyrics came to me in Berlin. I wanted the lyrical content to draw the attention of the listener straight away. Almost like a kind of “Call to Action”.

A shot from the music video of "Winner Today" by Can Guru?

What is the key thing you want listeners to listen to in your new song?

I hope it will inspire people to follow their dreams and ambitions and help them get over the hurdles they will come across on the way. I also hope it could inspire people to get healthy by doing sports, meditating, or doing whatever else they do to get back on track to help them ride through their toughest moments.

Got any plans for the future?

Yes, actually I’ve got lots of plans. I am currently preparing the release of new singles and a 5 track E.P.   I also would like to schedule a European/ U.K tour at some point soon. I am also looking into designing my own streetwear using images from the original artwork I have produced.

Any musical words of wisdom for the readers?

I think that inspiration often comes in waves. Sometimes I feel really inspired and creative and other times I don’t at all.  I guess that it is important to accept that some days will be better than others. One way that works quite well I think for rejuvenating creative flows is to do something completely different than music. 

Spending some time in nature, catching up with friends, doing sports are all things that can help set you back into your creative flow.  

Make sure to check out Can Guru? at the following sites:

Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Soundcloud | Apple Music | Amazon Music |Bandcamp | Spotify | Instagram

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Berlin-Based Electronic Artist Can Guru? Releases Inspiring Single "Winner Today"

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