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Talking to the Inspiring Canadian Pop-Rock Girl Group Girl Pow-R

One of the most inspiring artists that I have recently interviewed was the Canadian girl pop-rock band Girl Pow-R. The Squad, which a subset of this amazing group, recently spoke to ai love music via Zoom about their inspirations, their own causes, and the release of their newest remixes. Continue to read on to find out why these girls are so amazing!

What is Girl Pow-R?

Girl Pow-R

Girl Pow-R is an all-girl band from ages 12 to 18. They create and sing their own original music. The girls also play instruments, as well as dance! Girl Pow-R is based in Toronto, but its members are from across Ontario, from Windsor to Niagara Falls to Collingwood/Barrie to Oshawa. The group feels that they are role models through their music. That is because all their songs that they sing have positive and fun messages in them, and that is what they want to spread to young girls. One of the band’s musical inspirations is Alessia Cara because, like Girl Pow-R, she spreads positivity with her songs.

Girl Pow-R was nominated for the 2020 JUNO Awards for ‘Album of the Year’ in the Children’s category. They are the first-ever group of young people to be nominated for a JUNO award in that category. “It was so exciting and crazy. The band I am in was nominated for a Juno, that was crazy. It was really exciting to see us on TV,” member Emma spoke about how she felt about Girl Pow-R’s nomination. Even though Emma wasn’t part of the album that was nominated, she said she was proud and excited for her fellow bandmates who were part of the album.

The members who talked to ai love music were part of a subset group called The Squad. The sub-group consists of four members: Emma, Ida-Maria, Arielle, and Cindy. Each girl had their own story on how and why they join the group, but also why is Girl Pow-R so important to them:

Cindy: “I actually found out about Girl Pow-R when I was in the room, and I saw that there was an audition for girls who like to sing, dance, and are passionate for social causes. I auditioned and it was so much fun. I cried in the washroom when I made it. And ever since then, it meant the world to me that I made it. I have been so passionate, so driven, and I am excited to see what I do with them!”

Arielle: “I decided to try out for Girl Pow-R because I have the passion in all what Girl Pow-R does: singing, dancing, playing musical instrument (which, for me, is playing the piano), and we all have social causes.”

Ida-Maria: “I decided to join Girl Pow-R because I always followed the group since before I joined the group. I love Girl Pow-R and everything that we stand for. I love how we perform in so many different cities. I just love how when we are performing, we can give a positive message in all our original songs. It is inspiring to give girls motivation and advice on all our social causes. We really want to inspire the world and make it a better place.

My unique contribution to the group is definitely stage presence. I love to perform and, like the rest of the girls, I love to see the audience have an amazing time: singing, dancing, and clapping along to our original songs which makes us really, really happy. We just love spreading that positive stage presence and makes them very happy. And at the end of each performance, we give a prize to the people. It just makes their day! I just like seeing them smiling faces and them having fun!”

Emma: “I was basically following one of the previous members and I saw they were holding auditions. I saw Girl Pow-R perform where I live. And the auditions were fun, it was cool meeting new people.”

Girl Pow-R’s Social Causes

The Squad (Girl Pow-R)

This passion to help others and inspire the world has driven each and every member of Girl Pow-R to do more. Each member has actively participate in a social cause:

Emma: “My social cause Food4Kids which has various programs. One program is Red Backpack, which is giving food to kids at school whose teachers notice that they aren’t eating a lot or they don’t have much compared to others. The other program is in the summer, which me and my mother volunteers for, where we deliver food to homes every week throughout July and August. It is really good because food is important to learn at school and for us to be kids.”

Arielle: “My social cause is the Heart and Stroke Foundation. I am really passionate about this cause because my grandfather actually had heart attack and passed away from this. I really wanted to choose this social cause because it was something close to my heart.”

Cindy: “My social cause is the We Movement. It allows us kids to make the change in our schools, or communities, or even in the world. I ran the weekly club at my school and we raised over $500 for Rafiki bracelets. These are bracelets that can help people in third world countries and it help different sectors, like poverty, food, education, and so on. I really love my social cause!”

Ida-Maria: “My social cause is Generalized Anxiety Disorder. And I realize that during COVID, a lot of people have suffered a lot with this disorder because they can’t be with anyone and they feel like they are really isolated.

And, what I want to do with my social cause is to remind not only girls, but everyone, that it is ok to feel like this way. It is normal and common to feel like this way. Just know that there is someone ready to listen to you out there. And, I always talk about how my Instagram DM is always open and I always love to answer everyone’s DMs. I love giving advice on this disorder because I actually have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and it has been really, really hard for me. But, I want to remind people that you will get better and everything will be ok.”

Additionally, Girl Pow-R is asking people to contribute to the #GirlPowRment #Wall to build strength, confidence and resilience in everyone. “I hope that the #GirlPowRment #Wall of strength starts a conversation about encouraging young girls to feel confident and pursue their dreams. I believe Girl Pow-R can make a difference,” says Carina.[1]

Their Latest Releases

Cover art for "Fun All Day" remix by Girl Pow-R/The Squad

The Squad recently released two remix singles: “Fun All Day” and “Friends Click”. Each song has a fun and positive message to them. “Friends Click” is the moment when you first click with you friends and the blond you share. Meanwhile, “Fun All Day” is having fun all day with your friends and spending time with them.

“Since a lot of remixes and pop/R&B songs are becoming remix songs, we decided to take our two more fun and upbeat songs and turn them into a remix,” member Ida-Maria explained to ai love about the process of remixing and recording the remixes, “We did this during quarantine. So, we took turns and went one by one and recorded in the recording studio. We made sure that we were taking all the safety precautions. I think it [“Fun All Day”] sounds so good and we are happy with the final product.”

The girls hope that listeners of all ages can enjoy their upbeat songs, but also listen for their positive messages. These messages can apply to anyone as the girls want to spread that positive message around the world and help people. But also, hopefully that people can find their own confidence through these songs by staying true to themselves and not forgetting who they are. Never let anyone let you down! Just go for it! You can do anything you set your mind to!

Make sure to check out the tunes by The Squad and Girl Pow-R down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

JUNO-nominated Girl Pow-R has recently released a trap remix of their song entitled Fun All Day, which reflects the magic between you and your best friend. You each don’t need to feel alone because you’re always there for each other. And as you spend more time together and get to know each other even more, you realize that the bond between you makes life wonderful, allowing you to take a chance and chase your dreams. There is always so much you can do together — you can conquer the world, and you can have fun all day, wherever you go and whatever you do!
“Friends Click” is being released as a trap remix of Girl Pow-R’s original song. The song is all about that magic chemistry that happens between you and your good friends, like the girls in Girl Pow-R.  You don’t need 100 friends, just one. And, when you find that one, and you click, the rest is history!

Make sure to check out Girl Pow-R at these sites:

Official Website | Spotify | Instagram | Youtube | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok

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Talking to the Inspiring Canadian Pop-Rock Girl Group Girl Pow-R



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  20. Rochelle

    I love girls music band! Not too much out out there but I really love seeing different personalities and opinions.

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