Are You Going to Scarborough Fair?

For this week's #SongLyricsSunday, it is all about herbs: Cinnamon/Mint/Parsley/Pepper/Rosemary/Sage/Salt/Thyme. The perfect song for this prompt is Simon & Garfunkel's rendition of the traditional ballad "Scarborough Fair". Beside a fitting…


A Battle of the Bands For My Mama

The songs I featured were from bands that were super popular in the 90s. Ironically, the two songs were released in the same year: 1997. The first song is "Mama" by the world-famous girl group The Spice Girls. The other song is "A Song For My Mama" by the most popular R&B groups of the 90s: Boyz II Men. So, listen to both of the songs and vote for your favorite in the comments below!


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