You are currently viewing Enjoying the Soothing Tones of Cedar Compher’s Newest Single “If”

Enjoying the Soothing Tones of Cedar Compher’s Newest Single “If”

Today was the coldest day in Nagoya this season as the morning temperature was 28°F/-2.1°C. Brrrr! But, I didn’t fret. I bundled up, made warm tea, and listen to the soothing sounds of American singer-songwriter Cedar Compher’s newest single “If”. Its soothing sounds, which are infused with blues, rock, folk, and pop, make any cold morning warmer and brighter! Why so? Read on to find out!

Make sure to check out Cedar Compher’s “If” down below and let me know what you think of the single in the comments!

Going Inside The Music

It’s been a long time coming: I wrote this 4 years ago while I was playing guitar in a reggae band; once I found the main guitar riff the rest flowed out with very little effort. This was one of the songs that gave me confidence in calling myself a singer/songwriter, and it’s very gratifying to be doing my own thing now and giving these songs a chance to shine

Cedar Compher

What makes Compher’s newest tune a perfect soothering tune is the vocals and instrumentation. From the first beat, the guitar strums a mellow, good-feeling melody that is played in a higher range. There are bluesy keyboards playing alongside the guitar in the verses, while a popish sub melody is played by a piano in the chorus. Adding to the mix is Compher’s soothering folk vocals that are accompanied by a female backing vocal. The two vocals together are perfectly match as they create a calming atmosphere.

“If” by Cedar Compher is such a calming and relaxing tune that will make your day brighter and warmer. It is a well-composed song with the variety of genres featured in every little morsel of the tune. It is also well-composed with the instrumentation and vocals as the melodies and vocal tones really give off a calming present. Yet, my favorite part of the song is the ending with the bluesy piano as it is a perfect way to end the song with its spirited song. With much spirit, talent, and calming vibes, “If” should be on your playlist today!

Check out Cedar Compher’s song below! What do you like about it?

About the Artist: Cedar Compher

Cedar Compher

Cedar Compher blends rock, pop, folk, and blues into 3-minute gems designed to move the head and touch the heart. Growing up, his parents were professional musicians who supported the family by playing gigs across the Pacific Northwest. He played mostly piano until age 13 when his dad asked him if he would like to skip school and spend the day shopping for an electric guitar. He has since performed and recorded as a lead guitarist with a number of bands, from his home state of WA down to his current home in LA.

In late 2018, Cedar Compher made the decision to focus his efforts on a solo career based around his own songs, and has since been performing and building relationships in the LA singer/songwriter scene. Plans for 2021 include the release of several singles and a (pending) tour of the West Coast, as he works to hone his sound and find his audience.

Make sure to check our Cedar Compher at the following sites:

Official Website | Spotify | Apple Music | Facebook | Instagram

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Enjoying the Soothing Tones of Cedar Compher's Newest Single "If"

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  1. Stephanie

    I absolutely hate the cold and despise cold mornings like that. Bundled up with good music and a warm cup of tea sounds like a great way to pass the morning!

  2. Neely

    I haven’t heard this before. I really liked it though.

  3. Joline

    His vibe kinda reminds me of Jack Johnson who I love, so I’m totally into this! PS: we’re at -11C today. Can’t wait for summer!

  4. Mosaics Art

    Super like the single, it has a very catchy tune. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Graham Crosby

    Not heard the track or the artist before, but you’re right about how claiming it is!

  6. Monidipa

    Cold morning, lovely music, and warm coffee is absolute bliss to me, Cedar Compher’s music sounds good, will check out for more!

  7. Knycx Journeying

    Thank you for the soothing music and it does help me relax, would love to hear more different tunes and please keep them coming! – Knycx Journeying

    1. Rochelle

      I haven’t heard of the artist or the song, the video wasn’t playing for me so I had to manually search on YouTube, I like the sound of his voice and the vibe to it.

  8. Renata

    I haven’t heard (of) this artist before. However, this soothing music is so relaxing and peaceful. Especially in these times, this kind of music helps to keep my spirits up.

  9. Alita

    I haven’t heard the song but It seems really nice. I will add to my playlist 🙂

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