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Celebrate Friday With These 10 Hot Tracks

TGIF! It’s finally Friday! Any plans tonight? Any cool music to listen to? Well, here are ten tracks that you should be listening to RIGHT NOW! They are from different parts of the world and have a variety of musical genres! Check them out and make sure to share this post and/or let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

Friday Tunes!

“City Morgue” by Ehiorobo

American Alt-Indie R&B artist Ehiorobo hopes to inspire listeners to keep their minds open with their latest single “City Morgue”. The track is about trying to keep old spaces open within one’s mind without allowing them to haunt you with sour memories or feelings of loss. It is something different as the track is a blend of unique sound and melodies. However, listen for the track’s expansive sound traverse as it features the artist’s chameleonic ability to glide across different genres like R&B, rap, jazz, and noise-punk.

“If Love Is All It Takes” by Glassio

Indie Pop artist Glassio hopes to share the burnout feeling that everyone was feeling at the end of 2020 with the single “If Love Is All It Takes”. “I wanted to work on something that could address that feeling and be an emblem of hope to people who feel like they are stuck in the same place in life, no matter how much of their heart they put into a given situation.” Glassio soars to melodic heavens with his euphonious tones is sung against mellow synthesized instrumentation. It is a soothing track with ideas that everyone can relate to!

“For Avery, In June” by Rebecca McCartney

Artist Rebecca McCartney has just released the relaxing and melodic tune “For Avery, In June” . It is a gentle remember to call that special friend you haven’t talked in a while. It was written for a friend who has been knocked down by relationships so many times. Filled with sweet-sounding melodies from the vocals but also from the canorous sounds of the acoustic guitar strumming. McCartney’s vocals are the main star, but there is a delightful addition of soothing male vocals that help to bring balance to the vocal lines. Don’t forget to listen to the very end as there is a soulful surprise.

“youth” by Aria Rai

Aria Rai wants to remind listeners of the dangers of abusive relationships with her passionate lyrics in “youth. It is about the after-effects of an emotionally manipulative relationship. The damage is still there long after the abuser is gone. The track features Aria Rai’s smoky but vibrant vocals over mid-tempo op instrumentation. The true star is the vocals as they don’t hold back, displaying a variety of emotions to the fullest. You don’t want to miss this one!

“Time” by Tablefox

New Zealand rock band Tablefox recently released the single “Time” from their album Battles. The tune is an immaculate summer anthem for a time when everyone can use a little color and optimism. A track that features big sounds from the vocals to the instrumentation. There isn’t a dull moment as melodic rock goodness spills out from each note. I would recommend this to any rock fan because it is a well-written track with big energy and a lot of delicious rock sounds.

“The Last Song I’ll Write About You” by The Gincident

The Gincident hopes to bring some country-swing with their latest track “The Last Song I’ll Write About You”. It has a very poignant message: “enough is enough,” stop obsessing about what might have been, and start living again. Although the lyrics are all about heartbreak, the band delivers in a way to deliver the lyrics with their dark sense of humor. Yet to set the words to a swinging tempo. I love how especially each instrument has a chance to shine, especially with the dixie trumpet solo and the sassy fiddle solo. This has to be on your must-listen playlist this Friday!

“Caribbeana” by Wondamagik x Ogranya

Make “Caribbeana” by Nigerian Afrobeat artists Wondamagik and Ogranya be your chilled groove this Friday night. This track features mellow synthesized instrumentation with drumkits and steel drums providing the backbone of the beat. Listeners have to check out the chorus as it is the focal point of the song. It has an addictive melody that is sung by the mellow tenor vocals. But it is supported by baritone “ahhs” and dynamic instrumentation. Chill with”Caribbeana” on this Friday!

“Blood On My Sleeves” by 808DNA

American artist 808DNA crafts a genre-bending soundscape with their newest single “Blood On My Sleeves”. The artist gives listeners a peek into his “emotional” brain with the lyrics, sounds, and textures featured in the song. “Blood On My Sleeves” features warm yet tensed textures in the instrumentation. It is accompanied by honest and soulful vocals. Listeners have to listen carefully for the artist’s intricated production with a compelling and modern sound design. It is quote a breath0taking listen as “Blood On My Sleeves” delivers a gorgeous soundscape filled with an array of sounds and textures.

“Chemicals” by WE R OK

American Indie Rock band WE R OK is back, this time with the single “Chemicals”. This track touches on the undeniable imbalances that they live with day to day and helps bring to light the coping mechanisms they use to help them get by. “Chemicals” features melodic vocals that are on top of energic pop-rock instrumentation. I really like the breaks with the unique melodies from a synthesizer WE R OK’s newest rack is a melodic, energic tune that makes your Friday night more lively.

“Det Cart Sid” by Witch Doctor

American rock artist Witch Doctor hopes listeners can relate to the themes found in their newest single “Det Cart Sid”. “The lyrics are a direct result of processing the ways my depression had affected both me and the people around me, while simultaneously trying to find my way as an adult in the real world”. The sound featured in the track is inspired by post-rock, shoegaze, neo-psychedelia, and noise music. Vibrant colors are featured in the melodic, smooth vocals. The instrumentation features haunting tones, done in a unique style of going from light sounds to heavy ones. It is such a beautiful rock tune!

Which song is your favorite?

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10 Songs to Listen to on This Friday Night!

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