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Battle of the Songs: Celebrating This Independence

🇺🇸 🗽 Happy Independence Day! 🗽🇺🇸

Also, Happy late Canada Day to all my Canadian readers. I celebrated Canada Day a couple of years ago by talking about Jane Child. This week is not just about the Independence Days of Canada and the United States, other countries are celebrating too. Friday is Algeria’s and Cape Verde’s Independence Day, Comoros’s and Malawi’s is on Saturday, Belarus was yesterday, Burundi’s was Monday, Argentina’s and The Bahamas’s are next week, as well as France’s, Kiribati’s, and Belgium’s are coming up this month. There are other countries that will celebrate independence this month!

To celebrate Independence Day, we are taking look at two songs that mention “Independence” for this Battle of the Song. Now, these songs might not be patriotic or talk about a country’s own independence. The two songs featured talk about the concept of independence as in a person’s independence or figurative meaning of the word.

Let’s look at the songs!

Manhattan Transfer – “This Independence”

Kicking off this Battle of this song is the 1983 song “This Independence” by jazz vocal group The Manhattan Transfer. This group has been going strong for the past 50 years (this year marks their 50th anniversary). They have explored many different genres besides jazz, like a cappella, swing, R&B, pop, and others.

“This Independence” is from the group’s 1983 album Bodies and Souls, which was their first foray into R&B. Although not as memorable as their first track “Spice of Life” (which features Stevie Wonders), “This Independence” is my favorite track off the album along with “Soldier of Fortune”. The premise of “This Independence” sounds a bit dark when you listen to the somewhat baffling lyrics. However, that doesn’t mean you skip this song.

Instead, you should listen for the vocals, a feature that The Manhattan Transfer is known for. My favorite part is the chorus because it features a great call and response. The members sing a powerful call that is followed by a response from the song’s main vocalist, Tim Hauser, usually singing a higher pitched melody line. You should also check out the scat singing by Cheryl Bentyne during the interlude.

Saski – “Independent”

I discovered the other song for this Battle on Spotify when I was looking for songs with “Independent” in the lyrics or title. I never heard of Saski before. According to her official website, she is a singer from New Zealand who has a unique musical style that blends electronic pop and folk together. Saski currently lives in the US, where she has been releasing music since 2015.

“Independent” doesn’t reflect the idea of a country’s independence. Instead, it talks about a person’s independence from a former lover. You can hear hints of a past relationship in the lyrics as the main character tell their ex-lover that is time to break out from the chains of a former relationship and be free, thus gaining their own independence.

This song is soothing and easy to listen as it features an ambivalent musical mood. This sound is enriched by Saski’s bright and clear vocals throughout the song. Because of the vocals and it’s musical mood, “Independent” is a perfect song for the weekend, during work, or when you are relaxing.

What Will It Be?

Now it is your turn to vote! Who will be the victor of the first-ever “Battle of the Songs”? Tell me in the comments below! Also, tell me why you choose a particular version! I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

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But, Wait!

Before you click off this page, here are the results of the last Battle of the Songs: The Decisive Battle During Rainy Season With These Prince-penned Songs.]

The winner is….

Morris Day and The Time!

Congrats to them! Here is the breakdown of the votes, for anyone who is curious:

Don’t forget to vote for the current Battle of the Songs: The Manhattan Transfer or Saski? Also, I am extending the current Name Me a Song till next week. Tell me a song about summer if you haven’t already.

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  1. I personally like Saski’s song “Independent”! I haven’t heard either songs before – or either artists – but I love the message of untying yourself from past struggles and becoming free and more independent ☺️

  2. Joanna

    I do like Saski’s song. I never heard of her either but you are right, her sound is so unique and makes you listen to it.

  3. Cavansir

    Nice songs. Saw your post in BLOG COMMENT EXCHANGE. Feel free to visit also my blog:

  4. Shnooks

    I really loved independent by Saski 😍 though it’s the first time I hear this song but I just loved it the beat the lyrics 😍 everything is perfect ❤

  5. I really loves Saski’s song! I should spend more time browsing Spotify and looking for new artists.

  6. Christa

    I’ve never heard Saski before. I love the idea of celebrating individual independence. U

  7. Tech jay

    With the information’s here, I think I love this song and I’m downloading right away

  8. Elizabeth O

    Saski’s vocals are beautiful and soothing. A perfect tune to listen when I want to relax.

  9. Streamed TV Fan

    I hadn’t heard either of these songs. Will have to look them up on Spotify.

  10. Neil Alvin

    First time to hear Saski and I think I like it.

  11. Magen

    I think I like the saski version better but unfortunately I’m not really a big fan of either of them. Just not my favorite type of music but it’s great getting to hear different types of music !

  12. Quin Cl

    I like both of them but Saski sounds unique, and her voice fits to the song.

  13. Haroon Ejaz

    I loved your choice of songs for battle of songs! Happy independence day Americans!

  14. Arlee Bird

    I’m not familiar with either song, but I have listened to The Transfer for decades and have always liked their music. This song really has an 80’s sound that takes me back.

    Give my vote to Manhattan Transfer.


  15. Hoang vi Fessenden

    I always love your music posts so fun

  16. Jenn ~ onehoppymomma

    Independent is definitely my favorite of these!

  17. Constance K

    This Independence’ will do it for me I’ve never heard of Saski had to google her

  18. Bindu Thomas

    I think its a tie for me. I loved the concept for both the songs.

  19. Alexine

    I’ll go for Saski , I think it’s a great song! love it.

  20. Shoppers Gossip

    Nice song.. and great music. Thanks

  21. Hailey

    Great tunes! thanks for sharing 🙂

  22. Hackytips

    Every time you introduce me new songs. I need to check these now.

  23. Alana

    For me, definitely Manhattan Transfer – first, for its 1980’s sound (of this particular song) and second, because I’m not that much into that genre of music. But isn’t that what Battles of the Bands (or songs) is all about – sampling new music?

  24. songbird1329

    These songs are new to me. Thanks.

  25. John Holton

    You know me… I’ll always choose Manhattan Transfer.

  26. Luna S

    I haven’t heard either of these before now! They both are interesting songs, always neat to hear a new tune. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Cathy Kennedy


    Thanks for joining the 4M dance floor. Both songs are pAwesome picks but I think I’d have to give my vote to Manhatten Transfer for nostalgic reasons. Sashi has a lovely vibe and I appreciate the introduction. Have a boogietastic week, my friend!

  28. Driller's Place

    50 years!!! It’s hard to believe that Manhattan Transfer has been around that long. Their sound stays fresh and relevant. While many groups rely on their hits from 50 years ago, MT keeps putting out new music and exploring new genres.

  29. Ameliee

    Loved the choice of songs, thanks for putting this together!

  30. Tracy Albiero

    I must say I have never heard either of these songs. Happy independence day!

  31. Whitney

    As a music lover, I really appreciate this. I also learned something new to add to my collection. Great for the summer.

  32. Pauline

    Nice song I was not familiar with this artist. I love music and I have times when I only listen to one kind of music at a time. I know it’s weird. When I miss France i listen to French Artist. Most of the time I listen to Country Music or to Rock. And right now I am into Kpop. One band, particularly BTS. My sister is a big fan, is an ARMY and she made me listen to it and I loved it. But I am always happy to discover new music or artists.

  33. Stephanie

    Having never heard of either artist or song, I would have to go with Saski. It has a great message and it was the one that caught my attention.

  34. Adriana

    So many great song choices. They’re all so good.

  35. Amanda J

    How fun! Hope you had a great Independence day!

  36. Kate Loves Travel

    Happy Independence Day! I don’t know either of the songs or artists but of the two, I preferred Saski’s Independent…

  37. Ritu Sharma

    HAppy independence day!!! I never heard any of the song, Thanks for sharing.

  38. Norma Nikutowski

    I am not familiar with the song. I would go with Saski. I love music and it depends on my mood what I choose to listen.

  39. Chad

    I have never heard either but I like I personally like Saski’s song. The tune is awesome and the lyrics are great.

  40. Lindsay Veremis

    What a clever way to dig deeper into music and artistry! You really got us thinking about independence in a broader way – just as these artists did. Love the Saski song!

  41. Lavern Moore

    I wish I could join in the celebration of my country’s Independence Day. Unfortunately my people were slaves then and could not take part. Nonetheless, I am a fan of Jane Child especially her song, I don’t want to fall in love.

  42. Angela Tolsma

    I love that you got themed songs for independence. I celebrate both Canada day and July 4th.

  43. Suzanne

    What a fun segment! I’ve never heard either song, but I really liked the Saski one.

  44. That Dog Momma

    I wasnt familiar with either of the songs but I will google them now. Thanks for sharing!

  45. Flossie McCowald

    Our internet has been behaving badly lately, so I cannot play these songs right now (not loading :(. ) BUT I love the idea of this particular independence-themed battle of the bands! 🙂

  46. Catherine Santiago Jose

    Honestly, I haven’t heard of these songs and even these artists before but I will choose song of Saksi because it got my attention.

  47. Jasmine Watts

    These are new songs for me. I’ll definitely check this further!

  48. twinspirational

    I haven’t heard of these songs until this. Inhave listen to it, and it’s both good. But I like Saski more.

  49. Brandy

    Great post- I personally dont listen to any music but I am sure these are great songs

  50. Erika Tiara

    I haven’t heard any of it but I already really put an interest to all of them. I love listening to new songs!

  51. Dalene Ekirapa

    I go with Saski! The singer’s voice is everything for such a perfect melody! It’s soothing and definitely my type of song. It’s nice that’s it’s a good song for dedication to Independence Day.

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