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Changin’ My Life’s “New Future”: Looking Towards That a Bright Future

Cover art for Changin’ My Life’s “New Future”

Happy #SongLyricsSunday! Today’s prompt is about weddings, finding a song that features something new, something old, something, something borrowed, and something blue. When I saw this, I thought about using a song from the anime series Wedding Peach, one of my favorites about young girls fighting in attire inspired by weddings. Even though the series features the four items (as weapons too), they aren’t mentioned in the series’ songs.

Then I thought about songs by Toshiki Kadomatsu and U-ka saegusa IN db that are titled “June Bride”. However, those songs are more like ballads, and since it is a sunny and beautiful day here, I wanted something with more power and a bit more upbeat mood. I might use these songs in an upcoming battle soon!

The song I picked is “New Future” by the Japanese pop band Changin’ My Life. There is a lot you can take away from this song, so let’s take a deeper look into it!

Your Destiny From Tomorrow


“New Future” was featured as the b-side for the 2002 single “Myself” (which will celebrate its 19th birthday this week). It was released by the band Changin’ My Life, which was composed of vocalist myco, keyboardist Noritaka Henmi, and guitarist Tanabe. The tune was used as the first ending for the bittersweet anime Full Moon wo Sagashite (Search for the Full Moon), in which myco voiced as the main character. If you haven’t seen it, you have to see it but don’t forget the tissues as the show will make you cry!

You can interpret the lyrics that myco wrote in different ways. The way I see it is like the promises you make when you are newly married. For example, the line “Together forever, if I’m with you I can overcome any hardship” is something that you can imagine newlyweds would say. There is a lot of promise, determination, and positive support breaking inside the lyrics.

Another interpretation that you can make, which can be a bit literal, is the determination of the main character in Full Moon wo Sagashite. A sickly girl who has and is suppose to die very soon, she is granted a chance by two Shinigamis to live her dream as a professional singer. The message that comes from “New Future” could be inspired by the character’s determination to never giving up her dreams. But, also her gratitude for the support she has been given by many.

Whatever integration you previewed from this song, “NEW FUTURE” is a powerful song with motivating lyrics and powerful, uplifting melodies! What do you think of “NEW FUTURE”? Make sure to listen down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

Lyrics for “NEW FUTURE”

Here are the English translation of the lyrics, thanks to Jpopasia:

Just one thing doesn’t change
That dream I painted
How did I appear as I am now?
In my young eyes back then
Hey, look up at it, it’s such a vast night sky
So that soon, so that you understand
You will shine at your best soon, so hurry
Look for the Full Moon

Let’s sing a song!
Together forever, everything I can do for you right now
Day by day
Your destiny until now, from tomorrow,
Clutch your hopes to your chest
Let’s sing a song!
Together forever, if I’m with you I can overcome any hardship
More and more,
More and more and more, I want to be closer, please stay right here
Many thanks for you!

Wonderous chance meetings
As long as they keep happening
We have evermore precious things
All those days full of chance mischief
Now I can laugh and love them

That’s right, I always yearned for the wide stage
Now, I’m no longer alone
Everyone is full of smiles
Because this is where I am

Let’s sing a song
Tonight, rather than the spotlight, it’s me that will shine now
Day by day
Those passionate looks and cheers shine upon my streaming sweat
Let’s sing a song
Tonight I want to believe there are never ending burning thoughts
More and more
More and more and more, I want to scream this song,
This dream will never end

Let’s sing a song! (Let’s sing a song)
Repeat, and repeat (Repeat~, yeah)
Let’s sing a song! (I wanna sing the song)
Repeat, and repeat, repeat
All through your place and more
This is a song for you

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