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Lifting Spirits Up With Charissa’s “People Like You”

Canadian Roots artist Charissa has recently released her newest single “People Like You”. Music was a constant in her home growing up, and after singing along to hits by Queen, Allison Krauss, Whitney Houston, Stevie Nicks, and Blue Rodeo before she hit double digits, her parents decided to enroll Charissa in vocal lessons where she further developed her passion for music and later started to learn to play the guitar.

The singer recently talked to ai love music via email about her artistry, her inspirations, and the behind-the-scenes of her latest single. What inspired Charissa to write this single? Find the answer down below. While reading, make sure to listen to the single. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Hey! First of all, please tell us about yourself!

I am a singer-songwriter from Burlington, Ontario. I’m 25 years old. I am a dreamer, I like to smile and laugh a lot.


How did you get into music? What has that journey been like?

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved music and wanted to be a singer. My journey really began at twelve years old when I taught myself how to play some chords on an old Spanish guitar I found in my grandpa’s basement. From then on I started to write my own music and would play anywhere I could at local coffee shops, school talent shows, and charity events. I released music independently and recently signed my first record deal with Coalition Music.

  1. What artists and genres inspire you?

My biggest inspiration is Stevie Nicks for her all-around dynamics as an artist. The whimsical lyrics and powerful vocals blow me away.

It is 2022! What is something you want to focus on or challenge yourself in this year?

A)During the pandemic I created a home studio to have my own creative space to feel less like I was at home all day every day. I really want to dive into the recording world and learn how to record my own demos and get good enough to one day be able to release something completely produced by myself.

Let’s talk about “People Like You”. What is it about?

“People Like You” is about lifting someone up during a hard time and reminding them of all the good they do and their worth when they can’t see it for themselves.

What inspired you to write it?

I wrote this song in honour of my friend when I found out that he had passed. He was a bright, kind and genuine person.

It is a beautiful song! Why was it important to take a thoughtful, meditative approach to this song?

A)Thank you. I think because I really wanted to honour my friend and to try and bring more love and positivity to the world during a really dark time.


Your bio says you are a storyteller. How do you craft the story and weave it into the lyrics?

A)As songwriters we are storytellers who sing our truth and sometimes from our personal experiences, or hearing a phrase from someone that sparks an idea. Most days I start with a melody that pops into my head. Then I look at the big picture of why I’m writing it and what I want to say. I’ll think of the beginning and end, my feelings and then follow the basic songwriting formula to piece it all together.

What do you want listeners to listen for in your music?

A)I hope they get lost in the melodies and lyrics. I hope people can relate to the lyrics and feel something within those few minutes.

Any future plans?

A)I’m most looking forward to releasing more music in the spring and getting back on stage performing live!

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