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The Daily Feature: What Makes Chasing Mallory’s “Reason” a Must Listen?

Today’s Daily Feature is “Reason” by UK Hard Rock band Chasing Mallory. It is a striking blend of the 80s atmospheric rock sound with modern rock one. Chasing Mallory’s newest single is a must-listen as it features ear-pleasing melodies within the wide rock landscape. Everything about it makes a perfect rock tune: the emotional vocals, the blazing guitar riffs, and the subtle yet ear-pleasing progression. If you are a fan of bands like Nickelback, Creed, or 3 Doors Down, then you will absolutely love “Reason.” And if you aren’t, you still have to listen to it because it is a well-written hard rock tune.

Make sure to listen to “Reason” down below. Let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Chasing Mallory

Chasing Mallory are a five Piece Rock Band from Shrewsbury, England. The band formed in 2021 during the 3rd Lockdown after Singer Ash and Guitarist Danny started sending demos to each other after getting frustrated of not being able to perform music in front of people. The pair were joined by Jay Patterson (Drums), David Thacker (Bass), and Oli Smith (Guitar) that transformed their once quiet acoustic sound into loud, energetic rock music.

The next step for Chasing Mallory is to build an audience through releasing single after single and then take the music out on the road once people feel comfortable attending gigs.

Make sure to check out Chasing Mallory at the following:

Official Site | Spotify | Instagram | Facebook

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The Daily Feature: What Makes Chasing Mallory's "Reason" a Must Listen?

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