You are currently viewing Check Out the June 2020 Hot Tracks Playlist [Part I]

Check Out the June 2020 Hot Tracks Playlist [Part I]

Happy June everyone! How is everyone doing? It feels like the start of a new year as kids went back to school today, people went back to work, and fireworks were set off in various parts of Japan to cheer everyone up.

There is a lot of cool content coming your way on ai love music. To kick June off, I am featuring a new series for this blog. It is called the Hot Tracks Playlist. Every month, I will feature a playlist with new tracks that you have to hear. They are featured on Spotify unless noted.

Throughout the month, I will featured every artist and their song on this blog. If you like the artist or song, I strongly follow them on their individual social media sites. Show some love for good music!

And of course, please let me know what is your favorite song on the playlist in the comments below!

June 2020 Hot Tracks Playlist

Here it is! Check out the playlist for June 2020 Hot Tracks:

Since there are many artists on this playlist, I am going to feature each artist in a series of four posts. Check out the first ten down below!

Make sure to checkout the rest of the June 2020 Hot Tracklist series: Part II, Part III, and Part IV.

“Magic and Heroes” by Renaissance Woman (From the album Accidental Wine)

Renaissance Woman, based out of Los Angeles, is a feminist artist who likes to play with femininity and masculinity in her work. She is self-produced and has been playing the piano and writing music for 13 years. Her sound combines her roots in classical music, dream pop, folk, and hints of hip hop.

According to the artist: “Accidental Wine focuses on grappling with my own identity. It is a celebration of being a woman, combined with the sadness of feeling like so much more than just that. It reflects on past memories, my need to be seen, my need to let go, and my need to not forget who I am after moving to a new city. Our lives are so small, the places that define our lives are so small, yet there is a feeling that something bigger defines us or has connected us all along.”

Make sure to follow Renaissance Woman at the following sites:

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“Floating Away” by Ash

Ash a lively, seven piece pop/R&B band. Songwriter Ash McMillan was born in Northern England, and is now based in NYC. The band was formed while all seven members were studying at the Conservatory of Music at Purchase College in New York, and now perform her original music about the pains and joys of everyday life.

“Floating Away” is about recovering from sexual assault. While the song still fits with the band’s usual upbeat tempo and funky sound, the lyrics are very honest. According to the songwriter, the lyrics about the feeling of loss and the grief that came during recovery.

Make sure to follow Ash at the following sites:

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“Why Cry?” by Georgia Lee

For Fans Of: Amy Winehouse, Cher & Christina Aguilera

Georgia Lee

Focusing on the story behind the song, ‘Why Cry?’ was inspired by Georgia’s own experiences, specifically relating to the process of healing after testing times. Writing music dealing with this subject matter has been cathartic; providing an opportunity for, what may be considered to be, self-therapy.

Discussing this further, Georgia reveals: “I was writing about the coping mechanisms that we are all drawn to during the tribulations that occur throughout our lives. Quite often we seem to do anything to avoid the uneasiness of personal confrontation. It also acknowledges that personal recovery is an individual experience that takes time”.

Georgia also explores ideas of confidence and maintaining good mental health: “I’ve been learning to be comfortable with myself, owning and releasing my emotions regardless of how other people may perceive this. Essentially, I’ve been letting go of the temptation to second-guess myself and others.”

“Kapitel 25” and “Kapitel 30” by Jan Wagner (from the album Kapitel)

Kapitel is the second half of a book, it begins where Nummern ends. The tension and the pressure that I was dealing with back then had mostly dissolved along the way. You can still feel the reverberation of the “explosion” in the new material, but you are now floating through this strangely calming emptiness. This music is the moment of silence that follows a huge bang. It’s this millisecond of “nothingness” that Kapitel is about.

Jan Wagner

Jan Wagner makes acutely emotional, autobiographical music. What makes his approach different from other artists in his lane is that he willingly strips his work of context. Hence, the generic album and song titles. His debut was entitled Nummern (Numbers), the forthcoming record is called Kapitel (Chapters). The reason for this is simple and pragmatic: to leave space for the listeners to interpret the music freely and allow them to place their own experiences at its emotional centre.

“Drone” by Gruber (from the album Exile)

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“The Avenues” by Love Trapezium

Love Trapezium

“The Avenues” is a scathing response to bigotry. Rapper HTML Jones raps condescendingly over an unhinged CBeebies-Jpegmafia-type-beat, addressing an ex-childhood friend who has fallen down the alt-right rabbit hole. Drawing on the strength of his immigrant background, Jones mocks the cowardice of faceless internet racists. Singer Ed complements Jones’
abrasive choruses with smooth indie-folk-inspired verses, singing soulfully about the mindset of the addressee in a more contemplative fashion.

Make sure to follow Love Trapezium at the following sites:

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“Alien Felines From Beyond The Galaxy” by Supergombo


Fuel-tanks bursting with afro-funk, Supergombo navigates fearlessly through these unchartered territories. Polyrhythmic percussion thrusters weave a devastating groove that blasts a path through the asteroid fields, destroying the largest with killer drum breaks and deflecting the rest with their deep bass vibrations.

Soft landings and brutal blast-offs, hyperspace joystick at full-throttle, mission SigiTolo lead Supergombo to explore verdant and hostile planets, moonscapes perfect for meditation and surreal worlds where technology rules over human lifeforms, reducing them to simple electronic components. Illuminated by its shimmering keyboards, the Supergombo odyssey embarks on a cinematic and retro-futuristic quest.

Make sure to follow Supergombo at the following sites:

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Check Out the June 2020 Hot Tracks Playlist

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