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How Can We Relate to Chelsey Coy’s “Tidal Wave”?

What are you listening to right now? One song that has recently caught my attention is “Tidal Wave” by American Alternative pop/Indie pop artist Chelsey Coy. This song was inspired by Coy’s real-life journey with depression. “Tidal Wave” deals with the struggle with mental health. It is a perfect song for this week as September 10-16 is Mental Health Awareness Week here in Japan (with a similar week coming up next month in the States). How can anyone relate this tune in today’s world? Keep on reading to find out!

Two Steps Back, One Step Forward

 Chelsey Coy
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What makes Chelsey Coy’s “Tidal Wave” so relatable is the message nestled in the lyrics. As mentioned above, Coy struggled with depression for many years, and “Tidal Wave” was born from those feelings. It was important for her to tell her story of how it feels to be overwhelmed by sadness. To feel like you’re drowning in your emotions. To feel helpless. You can hear it so well in the lyrics with the metaphor of being pulled by a tidal wave and possibly drowning. And I can’t be saved. Sinkin’ to my grave.

With the current events surrounding our own personal worlds, “Tidal Wave” seems like a poignant tune that everyone can relate to. Have you struggled with depression or feelings of overwhelmed and anxiety since the start of the COVID pandemic? Have you felt like your emotions just have swept you into a dangerous sea of emotions that you feel like you can’t escape? You can find similar emotions and experiences in Coy’s newest single.

Chelsey Coy teamed up with producer/songwriter Pete White to compose a dark pop song. They wanted something similar to the works of Billie Eilish. A thick acoustic piano is played on top of a dark synthesizer to create a mellow, slow verse. Coy sings in a unique style as she raps the verses but then brings energy to full force with her powerful timbre in the chorus.

It is here, in the chorus, where Coy’s raw energy and emotion burst and are fully displayed. This is because of her vocals but also with the instrumentation done by White. How the song crescendos is brilliant! Don’t forget to check out the end as the singer beautifully soars to notes we dare to reach.

Final Thoughts

“Tidal Wave” by Chelsey Coy is an empowering song that will resonant with many listeners. The song features inspiring content from Coy’s own personal struggles. But also, it presents brilliantly written metaphors about how being pulled by a tidal wave is like a battle with depression. The song’s producer brilliantly crafted “Tidal Wave” into a dark pop song that slowly crescendos and then bursts with a variety of emotions. Finally, Coy’s powerful vocals help to serve as a beacon to the tune’s emotions and melodies with their own unique vocal lines. “Tidal Wave” is a must-listen for any listener today!

Make sure to check out “Tidal Wave” by Chelsey Coy down below and let me know what you think!

If you or someone you know is suicidal or in emotional distress, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in the US, find a local NHS urgent mental health helpline in the UK, TELL Japan in Japan, or with various organizations around the world.

About the Artist: Chelsey Coy

Chelsea Coy

As the lead singer of the Americana band, Single Girl, Married Girl, Chelsey Coy has been writing songs for many years. Armed with her banjo and her voice, she began to pen songs that weren’t exactly right for her band, but she thought still deserved to find a place in this world. She continues to write multiple songs per week and enjoys collaborating and co-writing with people all over the world! Her song “New Love” can be heard on Season 1, episode 15 of All Rise on CBS, and her new song “Brush It Off” from her pop/r&b project called CH£X can be heard on Season 10, episode 15 of Teen Moms 2.

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How Can We Relate to Chelsey Coy's "Tidal Wave"?

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