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Chill on This Friday Night With These 10 Hot Tracks

TGIF! It’s finally Friday! Any plans tonight? Any cool music to listen to? Well, here are ten tracks that you should be listening to RIGHT NOW! They are from different parts of the world and have a variety of musical genres! Check them out and make sure to share this post and/or let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

Friday Tunes!

“Adios” by Roman Candles

American band Roman Candles emulates the 90s rock scene with their newest track Adios. A mellow rock tune, it features acoustic guitars, deep vocals, and rad synthesizer lines. The song feature feel-good vibes from the melodies. Listeners should listen to the very ending as the vocals change from mellow volumes to fierce ones as emotions are poured out.

“Buzzin” by Reliable Child

Pittsburgh artist Reliable Child brings a live sound to his newest track “Buzzin”. Featuring a chilled acoustic atmosphere, “Buzzin” is a great listen for its vibes, ear-pleasing melodies, and melodic progressions. It features a nice blend of acoustic instruments (piano, acoustic guitar, drum kit, and harmonica) and euphonious vocals. It is a pleasant listen for this Friday night.

“Its Only Money” by The Dalmatians

Australian folk-rock band The Dalmatians ask this question in their latest release: How much money do we really need? “As humans, we often lose touch with what really matters. In this case, the world is being consumed for better and better living standards.” This message is nestled tightly in the track with its pessimistic tones meeting with feel0good rock sounds. “Its Only Money” features a fresh rock sound with rich tones in the instrumentation and vocals that will be enjoyed this Friday night.

“Between Us 2” by Maya Clars

“You need to be brave even if you cannot, you need to be strong when you are not able to do it anymore.” This is the message featured in American electropop artist Maya Clars’ “Between Us 2”. It starts off with unique melodies in the instrumentation that intrigues listeners. What is this song all about? Then the song switches up as subtle yet smoky vocals lead listeners on a mystifying musical trail. “Between Us 2” is a must-listen for its haunting instrumentation and melodious vocals.

“Nice Not to Care” by Hard Yes

American Indie Rock band Hard yes features new musical textures in their newest single “Nice Not to Care”. It features a hypothetical story about someone whose partner leaves them because they are not stable and don’t make enough money. The song features dual textures of acoustic and guitar textures. How it came out is very nice as each sound, even different from each other, compliments each other. On top of the instrumentation is a soothing voice that sings with mellowness. It is a very nice rock tune!

“With You Now” by No Star

Chicago-based Indie Rock band No Star draws a line from 80’s pop to 90s alt-rock to aughts-era indie with their newest track “With You Now”. Their tune feels fresh with their unique melodies featured in the gorgeous acoustic guitar riffs and soft vocals. However, that acoustic feel doesn’t last long as the song transforms midway into an alt-rock tune with electric guitars blazing right along. “With You Now” seems familiar with similar melodic progressions and sounds that were used in the 90s and 00s, but it is all fresh as No Star displays its own musicality with gusto.

“Here I Am” by Willo

French Indie Folk singer-songwriter Willo features beautiful acoustic work in the song “Here I Am”. It is a metaphorical journey through time based on how women can mark every important step in a man’s life. Willo weaves this precious story in “Here I Am” with the intricated acoustic strumming, soulful vocal performance, and shimmy female backing vocals. Listeners cannot miss out on the delicate guitar tones as they are simply gorgeous!

“Serenity Within Chaos” by Fire Whale

“Every year since I was a kid I’d return to the same mountain creek where I would sit and reflect on where I was at in life, which was usually lost and wondering if I was going in the right direction. This song is about that, and learning to adapt like the water to the different stages that time and life brought.”

American rock band Fire Whale brings a profound message to their newest track “Serenity Within Chaos”. And, the song is just like it is worded. It features serene rock tones in the laidback guitar riffs and melodic vocals during the verses. Yet, the song roars to life with sonically alt-rock riffs that blaze during the breaks. Fire Whale shares a bit of his vulnerability with the lyrics touches on the personal feelings of existentialism as well as hope.” Serenity Within Chaos” is a truly savory alt-rock sound as it features the right blend of intense and serene.


American vaporwave artist DESIGNER JEANS hopes you can chill and travel back through time with their latest single “HAIRSALON”. The track screams the neon vibes of the ’80s with its sultry bass and drums, tropical satin synth lines, and bits of tape hiss. Thick, saturated lo-fi vaporwave jams are interlaced with a lot of chop n’ screw editing that sends the listeners on a VHS pop journey. Let DESIGNER JEANS make your Friday night chilled with “HAIRSALON”.

“Take Your Shot” by Micah Thunder

Independent Pop Rock artist Micah Thunder features heart-warmed musicality in his newest single “Take Your Shot”. This is a call to take chances and dare greatly. Thunder’s newest track is a mellow one with chilled guitar riffs and down-to-earth vocals. Ear-pleasing melodies help to take the listeners on an unforgettable journey. Listeners should check out the bridge at 2:18 as it is a game-changer that shouldn’t be missed!

Which song is your favorite?

Let me know in the comments!

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Chill on This Friday Night With These 10 Hot Tracks

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