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Toronto-Based Pop Artist Christee Palace Talks About Her Latest Single “#1 Girl”

Toronto-based pop artist Christee Palace recently talked to ai love music about her musical upbringings, inspiration, and the release of her new single “#1 Girl”. Born and raised in Windsor, ON, Christee Palace had a musical upbringing, taking influence from her family of musicians including her father, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer, and teacher Pete Palazzolo. She gained Canada-wide success with her debut EP Alive Today and singles Out Of Time” and “Light It Up” which both charted on Canada’s Most Active Indie Charts. 

Continue to read on to find out the important message that Christee Palace emphasizes in this song. Also, make sure to listen to “#1 Girl” by Christee Palace down below, and let me know what you think in the comments!

First of all, please introduce yourself! 

My name is Christee Palace, nice to meet ya! I’m a pop singer and songwriter based in Toronto. 🙂  

How did you get into music and how has your music career progressed since then?

I’ve been singing, playing piano, and writing songs for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a musical family and it has just always been around me. Throughout the years I took more and more opportunities to showcase what I can do, and eventually decided to move to Toronto. I’ve accomplished some pretty great things since being here!  

Christee Palace

What musical genres or artists influence you? 

The pop and rock genres are my favourite (and they are exactly where I fit as an  artist!) I have always loved the pop-rockers of music. Avril Lavigne was my biggest inspiration growing up for songwriting and overall sound as an artist. I loved artists like Kelly Clarkson, Hayley Williams, Demi Lovato, P!nk… really all the pop-rockers with an edge, and with the power, vocals to match. 🙂  

Let’s talk about “#1 Girl”. What is it about?  

#1 Girl is about putting YOURSELF first. It’s about knowing what you deserve and walking away from a situation that makes you feel like you are constantly second best. 

What inspired you to write the song? 

The song was initially about a guy I was seeing at the time who always made me feel like I was second best. I thought about all the young girls who are probably going through the same thing that is taking it to heart and allowing it to damage their self-worth. I really wanted this song to be a girl-power anthem, and inspire young girls to build their self-confidence and self-love early. It’s so important!  

What was the songwriting process like? What came easy to you: the melody, the  lyrics, or something? 

The process always comes easily to me, especially if it’s a subject that I am super  passionate about, or has affected me greatly. In this case it was the lyrics that came  first— the whole concept of “I ain’t your #1 girl”. Once the lyrics started pouring out,  the edgy and bold guitar riff came to mind. Everything sort of fell into place after that.  

What was the most important thing that you wanted to feature in “#1 Girl”?

I wanted to highlight the importance of walking away from someone who doesn’t treat you the way that you should be. I wanted it to be a song that helps people through a  situation where maybe they do not have the confidence to walk away.  

Christee Palace

If I could go back in time and tell my 15 year old self one piece of advice, it would be to love myself unconditionally, and put myself first— self-worth will eliminate those who don’t. I wrote this song after feeling totally played by someone, and I remember thinking that person’s behaviour reminded me so much of high school. Then I thought.. young girls need to know their worth – especially in high school. That age can be a confusing time because you are figuring out who you are and building your character. You can so easily be damaged,”

I wanted to create a self-love anthem for ALL girls who may need it. I want girls (especially in high school) to build their confidence early and give them the strength to put themselves first.”

Christee Palace

What do you want listeners to listen to in your music? 

I just want to inspire strong people who live their truth. I hope that I am able to inspire 

somebody to be the best version of themselves and be confident doing it.  

What are your plans for the future? 

To continue building my fanbase, HOPEFULLY, tour soon (I can’t wait for live music to be back!!!) and to keep releasing music. It’s my favourite thing in the world.  

Lastly, do you have any messages for the readers of ai love music?

I am so incredibly excited for you to get to know me, and I hope you will give my music a chance. Follow me and connect… I’d love to know what you think of my stuff. 🙂  

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Toronto-Based Pop Artist Christee Palace Talks About Her Latest Single "#1 Girl"

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